In Another World with a Different System Chapter 21: Chapter 20


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"Father? Is this really the end of us?" (Elasha)
"We have to accept what will be our faith" (Roshia)
"If only we can cover more time for the survivors" (Selussa)
"My daughters. Stop getting emotional! You have done the best that you can do! What I want is all of you needs to survive!" (Mlartlar)
"Father! What are you trying to say! We will not leave you no matter what!" (Roshia)
"I`m very happy that my daughters grew up to be this brave. But our family name must survive!" (Mlartlar)
They talked as if it`s their last day. But if I were in their situation. I will surely think of the same way.
"I should dash quickly" (Ryu)
I rushed towards them while using God speed. My plan, for now, is to give the letter first before going to start rampaging. I forgot that I have flying magic. How stupid!
"Levitate! Walk towards the sky!"
After chanting the spell I rushed again towards them. I can see the king greeted his teeth while talking to his family. At the front gates, soldiers are starting to collapsed one by one.
"My king! Someone is approaching us from the sky!" (General 1)
"What?! Wait! Is that a monster!? No! It looks more like a human!" (Mlartlar)
"Father! Don't shoot! It`s not an enemy! Its aura is pure white!" (Roshia)
So one of the princesses can sense aura? There is no other explanation from it. As I slowly descend from the sky towards the castle walls. The king talked to me.
"Young man. You know that you have almost caused me a heart attack! Sigh… Never mind about that. You can also use flying magic. Impressive" (Mlartlar)
"Father it`s not the time to praise him! Ask him who he is! Why is he even wearing a mask in front of the king?" (Selussa)
"Okay about that. Young man? May I know who you are?" (Mlartlar)
"My name is Ryu Haruto, I am the messenger from Ephoria kingdom" (Ryu)
"Ephoria kingdom?! So it means that the reinforcements are here as well! Where are they?!"
"I am the only reinforcement they send" (Ryu)
"W-what?! Is this a joke?! (Roshia)
I know this will happen. I have no choice but to get Erza and the others.
"Your majesty and princesses. Wait here for a while" (Ryu)
As I chanted, a portal that is shape is like a circle appeared in front of us. The moment they see my portal. I can see shocked expressions from them.
"You can also use teleport magic?" (Elasha)
I nodded at her question then started to enter the portal.
"Ryu? How did it go?" (Erza)
"As expected. They will not believe me. Come with me guys. Only Erza can do this" (Ryu)
I quickly escorted them towards the portal. I was impressed that they did not react with my teleportation magic. Maybe they are used to it right now. We appeared in front of them, and the soldiers kneeled when they see Erza.
"King Mlartlar, My father send me here" (Erza)
"What is that old man doing?! Sending his own daughter in a battlefield that is almost finished! Is he trying to sacrifice her daughter?! (Mlartlar)
"No, Don`t miss understand it. But first, let me introduce to my friends. This is Momo and Jehanne. And also, my fiancé Ryu" (Erza)
The king and the princesses reacted the same way.
"H-how come you have a fiancé?! Is he from a noble family?!" (Mlartlar)
"No, We got engage last week and also even he is just an adventurer, he single-handedly save our kingdom" (Erza)
Ezra looked at me with love and admiration from her eyes. And also she proudly talked to them about me. It makes my heart calm and happy. Also, my feelings for her are growing more and more.
"Ryu? I told you not to wear a mask!" (Erza)
Erza approached me and shouted at me. The people around us were dumbfounded to what she did. And she is also right. I should stop wearing a mask. As I took off my mask. The people around me are shocked. System also said that the more I level up. The better my appearance will be. And also when I transported to this world. My appearance is already handsome. And now that my level rise more. My appearance is changing rapidly as well.
I apologized to the king for having an improper etiquette. I am not used to it when it comes to royalty. But at least, I apologized. As they see my face. It was always to be expected. You can see dumbfounded expressions from their faces.
"I want to reintroduce myself. My name is Ryu Haruto. These are my fiancés. Erza, Momo and Jehanne" (Ryu)
As I reintroduce myself and let them know that the beautiful girls with me are my fiancés, they were shocked again. Next time I will try to look for a way to avoid people from being shocked.
"Ehem! So that is the reason why you keep hiding your face!" (Mlartlar)
"Yes" (Ryu)
Actually, his right. The reason why I am trying to hide my face because it`s the only way not to receive more attention from the people. But now I realize that it`s better to show my appearance immediately if I`m doing this kind of job again.
"Let`s stop chatting for now father! The attacks are still happening!" (Elasha)
"Elasha? Why is the color of your cheeks became pink?" (Roshia)
"N-no! It`s just hot here!" (Elsha)
It`s better to start than to listen to some girly talks. If I have to use an AEO skill, it will affect the soldiers on the battlefield. So, I should use only single attack spells multiple times.
"Erza? I`m going to start now" (Ryu)
"Wait! We have to evacuate the soldiers on the battlefield first!" (Erza)
"No, It`s fine. I decided to use my single attack spells. So you don`t have to worry about them." (Ryu)
"O-okay. If you say so" (Erza)
"Princess Erza. What are you both talking about?" (Mlartlar)
"Nothing your majesty. Only to avoid friendly fire" (Erza)
Leaving the people with some questions that they want to ask. I quickly rushed in the battlefield.
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