In Another World with a Different System Chapter 20: Chapter 19


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"""Good morning Ryu!"""

"Oh? Did I wake up late?" (Ryu)

When I wake up, the three of them greeted me. I am very exhausted from the battle yesterday. Even though I have unlimited mana, I still get tired.

"Ryu? Today we will travel to the neighboring kingdom" (Erza)

"What was the name of the kingdom again?" (Ryu)

"Xitopia kingdom. It is the very first kingdom that became allies from ours, and also they focused on fighting. Even the princesses were trained to fight. The prince of the Xitopia kingdom died from a battle caused by monster outbreaks" (Erza)

"So Ryu? When do we depart? I`m excited!" (Momo)

"Jehanne? You decide" (Ryu)

"Okay dear! Let`s depart thirty minutes from now!" (Jehanne)

They prepared breakfast and did not eat. They waited for me to wake up? I should tell them that it isn't necessary to wait for me.

"Sorry guys to let you wait. Let`s eat?" (Ryu)


We immediately eat. The food Erza cooked is very delicious. Maybe she was trained for this. Also

Jehanne and Momo too. I don't need to learn how to cook because I have a system. I can learn right away if I want to.

"Erza, Jehanne, and Momo. I want to thank you again for everything" (Ryu)

"Eh?! Where did that come from?! You`re the one that is always taking care of us!" (Erza)

"Dear? Are you okay?" (Jehanne)

"Ryu needs a kiss right now!" (Momo)
It just came out of my mind. I really want to thank them every day for being with me.

{Hey?! What about me!}

Also you too system.

Without wasting any time, we immediately prepared and started to leave. Erza and Momo are inside the carriage while I and Jehanne are at the driver seat. I can see both of their faces pouting but

Jehanne teased them more and stick her tongue out to them. Jehanne leans towards me while grabbing my arms. I can feel her breasts, it makes my heart beats fast. I must endure it!

As we continue to travel. We pass lakes, forests, and villages. Using my travel magic, maybe we will arrive in Xitopia kingdom. But if I will use it more often, my fiancés well get exhausted. I don't even know why, and also the system doesn't know it either.

"We only traveled for three hours and It feels like we traveled for almost a whole day" (Jehanne)

I stopped my travel magic because my fiancés looked pale. I use cure magic to relieve their conditions and after that, we eat while talking.

"Ryu say ahh!!" (Momo)

Momo is feeding me, I want to stop her but by looking at her eyes. It`s like she wanted to say (Don`t you ever try to stop me). I have no choice but to receive the food in my mouth.

"Dear, if you will use your travel magic. We will arrive in Xitopia kingdom twenty minutes from now" (Jehanne)


I told them that we need to eat fast. We must hurry as soon as possible because monster outbreaks are still happening. I did not read the letter but Erza does.

"The king of Xitopia delivered a message yesterday. The king said that they are facing more monsters than ours, and also maybe there is a monster stronger than the dragon you faced Ryu" (Erza)

So she means that their kingdom is more struggling than ours. If I`ll use my travel magic, my fiancés will get a headache or maybe it`s called travel sickness.

"Ryu? Can you teach us to do magic?" (Momo)

"Soon I`ll teach it to you guys" (Ryu)

"(System? Can my fiancés learn magic?)"

{Yes! If all of them will reach level 100!}

So I should need to help them level up again. By killing the dragon my level boosted to 326. But my fiancés are still below a hundred. I also need to teach them to defend themselves, but not for now. Our focus is to reach Xitopia kingdom.

"Jehanne? How many minutes left if I will use my travel magic?" (Ryu)

"Maybe fifteen minutes from now without stopping" (Jehanne)

I nodded to what she said then quickly use travel magic, and also I decided to use self-control magic so that I don't need to drive the carriage. I hugged my fiancés while pouring cure magic at them. It`s the only way to travel fast. I can also use flying magic, but I don't want to attract more attention yet.

If people will see a carriage flying, it would be weird right?

We arrived in a plain area when we can see the kingdom clearly.

"It really had started" (Erza)

The fight is already happening. I can see corpses of soldiers but there were only a few. The monsters have more casualties but their numbers covered them.

By using my vision magic. I can see the king at the top of a wall, with some generals and maybe the young girls beside the king is his three daughters. Are the three of them triplets? All of them have white colored hair. With beautiful body features and pretty faces as well. Wearing a blue armored gown that is good for females. And also the way they stand is even very elegant. The only way that can differentiate them is their hairstyles. The left side has a ponytail hairstyle while the middle is just the same as straight rebonded while the right side is like a twin pony tail or something.

"Ryu? If you want to rush in we won`t stop you" (Erza)

"It`s okay if you leave us here. We will try our best to catch up!"(Momo)

"Dear. I can protect them, so please help the soldiers" (Jehanne)

I can`t leave them like this.

{Ryu? I can say you really are an idiot! I told you to check your skill tree! You can use teleport magic if you know the designated place that you want to teleport!}

"I was waiting for you to say that!" (Ryu)

"Dear? Are you okay? (Jehanne)

"Ryu? Who are you talking to?" (Momo)

I did not notice that I screamed that out loud. My plan, for now, is to rush at the castle walls and give the letter to the king. I already have the family medallion, it proves that I am an important person to the Ephoria kingdom. But If they will not believe me, I will teleport back to get my fiancés right away.

Erza is with me so that should be enough.

"I was just talking to myself. I want you guys to wait here okay?" (Ryu)

I hugged them then kissed their forehead.

"God Speed"

Using my skill, I rush quickly towards the castle walls. Now it`s my time to shine again!
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