In An Cultivation World With A servant System Chapter 1: Reborn


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Cough! Cough! Cough!
On top of a Purple Heart wood bed with an antique style, laid a sickly youth who abruptly started coughing violently.
the youths lips were purplish black and his face pale white.There a young woman by his side with tears in her eyes. whispering to him"Luke you must hold on your grandma is coming she can save you you must hold on"soon an old madam came in and asked the woman "how is he?" the woman started crying and said mother you must save him he is my only son what will i do if i lose him?"
the old madam took a very nice looking pill and put it in the youths mouth and it dissolved completely and started to heal him.What they did not notice was the moment the young man started to heal a light cam from the clouds and entered his head.

Luke was a average youth.He was not particularly good at anything.One day he as walking home from school he heard a loud "honk" and every thing went black.

when Luke woke up he was in a room that looked like rooms in medieval times.He looked around the first thing he saw was a middle age woman.Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders.She had slender eyebrows.She had shiny, halo-white teeth.She had rapture-blue eyes.
his first thought was "who is she?where am i"why is my head hazy?"
soon memory's that dose not belong to him filled his head "I'm Luke Frost of the Frost family it is one of the richest family in Qi continent.Frost family is a merchant but with many people who practice martial arts and Luke Frost is the sole heir of the family and a playboy who only knows how to destroy woman.
He had a bet with Wu Jiang of the Wu family that any one who loses will drink poison provided by the other.Even though he was a play boy he would never dare shame his father so the predecessor of the body drank the poison and died.Which gave him the opportunity to be reincarnated in to his body.
Luke sighed and said"rest well ill take care of all your grievances"
it's as if a huge relief swept over his body his soul fully merged with the body
Luke looked at his mother that was crying next to him and called in a very soft voice" mother"
his mother took her head up and looked at him for a second then she hugged him and started crying"thank god your okay Luke what were you thinking making a bet like that.You could have died you know."she said hugging him tighter
"I'm sorry mother ill never do any thing like that Luke replied"I am sorry mom i promise ill never do any thing like that."
His mother looked at him and smiled then said "you better not or ill cut your allowance.Ill go make you something to eat you must be hungry."saying this she dashed out of the room.Luke was touched when he was on Earth his mother died after giving birth to him he grew up with his father so a mothers affection was very new to him.
soon he heard footsteps coming outside.The door opened and a man walked in he had the aura of a heroic general.This was Jack Frost Luke's father.Luke looked at him and softly said "father"
Jack looked at his son and his face was showing many expressions pride,anger,happiness.
he was happy because his son had the guts he was very disappointed in his son before because all he did was cause him trouble.
he looked at his son ad sighed then said "Luke don't ever do something like that you gave us a heart attack"then he went back the way he came from.Luke smiled at this cause he knows that his father was a person of few words but he really cared about him.
Luked looked out the window and thought now that i'm hear id need power ill talk to dad tomorrow
and find a way to get stronger i'm sure he can help me.
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