in an anime world with a system Chapter 25: first Minister


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"System where is he now,"I asked the system about the location of my new servant
ding!" he is in the island of Rozar"

the island o Rozar is one of the islands that are part of the dragnof kingdom and there is 7 of them

I flew in its direction it didn't take me long to reach it only 5 minutes

"now where is he? "I know that he is here in this place but the island is very big. I have to search the entire island just for one person

I turned back to my human form and landed on the ground very hard *crash*

"this is too much of a pain"

...after 5 hours

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? I SEARCHED THE FUCKING ISLAND 3 TIMES AND I DIDN'T FIND HIM WTF??!!??!" I screamed on top of my lungs that the beards was scared and ran away

"you are loud, why are you screaming??" a man wearing black stood up from the ground and spook to me

i-i-its him. it's ZEREF THE BLACK MAGICIAN!!!

Silver: "I was looking for you" I went right to the topic

Zeref:"looking for me? do you want to die??" he looked at me with a strange look

Silver:"No, but I need you to do something for me"

Zeref:"do something ... for you?! do you realize who are you talking to?"

Silver:" yes I do, that's why I'm here, to make a deal with you"

Zeref:" what kind of a deal?"

Silver:"I will cure your curse and you will work like a horse for me"

Zeref:"... hahaha!!! really I thought you are serious for a second... you...cure me!. if there was a cure to my curse I would have found it a really long time ago... if you told your joke you can leave, I don't want to hurt "

Silver:" well since you didn't believe my words then you will believe my actions" as I said that I threw at him a holly potion

Silver:" drink that, and you will see if what I said is a joke or not"

Zeref:"you are really annoying, I told there is no cure to my curse .why are you bothering me" he picked the potion and looked at her

Zeref:"what is this potion, I have never seen anything like it before" he was shocked about how the liquid inside the potion was shining and how pure it was

Silver:"I believe that you have seen all kind of potions in the world. so I can tell that you know that this potion is very different"

Zeref:"you... is what you said true ... c-can this potion heal me" looks like he started to believe me

Silver:"yes it can heal you but if you drank this potion you have to be my servant," I told him my condition again

Zref:"if it worked then I agree to be even your slave," he said that as he drank the potion

golden light and a black light shined from Zeref's body they looked as if they are fighting. soon the black light started to fade a little by little

Zeref: it's working it's working it's working" he looked excited as he was feeling the curse weakening until he didn't feel her no more

Zeref:"I can't feel it... I CAN'T FEEL IT " he was so emotional that tears started to fall on his cheeks while laughing

Silver:" do you agree to be my servant?"

Zeref:"I did make a deal with you ... then I agree to be your servant ONLY for 10 years"

Silver:"that was not our deal!" I was surprised but not that much since I kinda expect from him to just ignore the deal but to agree for 10 years that was unexpected

Zeref:"I lived isolated for a long time, I don't want to waste my time in serving another person"

Silver:" haaa, well whatever here take this pill it will prevent any hope for the curse to appear again" I gave him a "pill"

Zeref:" but I can't feel the curse anymore what the point of this pill" he looked at the pill with doubt

Silver:"I gave you a potion that can cure your curse and I knew that there is a chance for the curse to appear again. that's why I gave you this pill, only if you want the curse to appear again in the future"I made him believe that there is a chance for the curse to appear again

Zeref:"..." he hesitated for a moment and swallowed the pill

Silver:" now tell me, how much many years you will serve me?" I asked him with a smirk on my face

Zeref:"I will serve my master until I'm dead" he kneeled on one knee and pledged his forced loyalty

Siver:" Good. now let me tell you your mission. you will go with me to the Dragnof kingdom and you will be assigned as the First Minister of the now Queen and you will build the kingdom from ruins to the strongest kingdom in history . do you understand"

Zeref:"this servant will not disappoint his master"

Silver:"of course you will not"I gave you this mission since you were able to build a kingdom on your own

Silver:" for now take this 2 pills"I gave him the pills of "Eternal youth" and " longevity" since the curse he will not live forever and will start to age like all people and I don't want that

well now that I made Zeref as my servant my plan is completed all that was left is the "new queen"
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