in an anime world with a system Chapter 24: The Side Effects


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in the morning Irene woke up in her bed but she didn't find me beside her, she looked disappointed
'so he was laying to me too'

"Good morning" I was standing beside the window and when I saw her disappointed expression I felt happy
'at least she didn't hate'

"eh!!! you are still here, I thought you left" she looked at me with a surprised expression
"what you want me to go, then if that is your request I can't force my self on you anymore," I said as I pretended that I was going to jump through the window

"W-WAIT!!!!!! don't go" she freaked out and ran to me and caught my clothes
"what? don't you hate after what I did to you yesterday" I asked her with a confused expression

"d-didn't I told you yesterday to love me, when you do that I can forgive, what you did to me?" her face was red as she said that

"But I did that because I love you, or I wouldn't even want to touch you," I said while looking at her eyes trying to show her how honest I am

"now not the time I have to go see what the people of this kingdom," she said as she picked her clothes

"do you want to go to your people with that face, " I said to her as I pointed to her cheeks
"what do you mean, what's wrong about my face" she walked to the mirror to check her face

when she saw her face, her left cheek was cracking with scales of a dragon appearing on inside the crack

"KYAAAA!! w-what is this what is this scales" she touched the scales with her hands trembling, then she looked at me for an explanation since I wasn't surprised with her appearance she assumed that I know something about it

"well, for you see, this a side effect of dragon slayer magic, when you use the dragon slayer magic you will turn into a dragon since you made this magic in a hurry to defend your kingdom you didn't have enough time to observe the side effects of the magic since they don't appear immediately

" but we didn't even know it will have side effects" she responded to me in an embarrassed tone
"it's not a matter of you didn't know, all I am saying is if you hade the time you would have noticed the side effects" I patted her head

"but what I'm gonna do? I need to go to see my people to give them orders to rebuild the kingdom" she asked me for a solution

"for now you won't be a queen anymore, I will get someone else to take your place as a ruler for the kingdom, and you will go to the mountains to finish your transformation to a dragon with the surviving 5 dragons before we can get you your human form back , as a result you will gain the power of a dragon and you will still have the dragon slayer magic, in short you will more powerful than a dragon" I told her my solution

"I agree with you, but why do I feel like you have planned this before" she stated her doubt about my solution

"I came up with this plane yesterday when you were asleep" I responded to her

" well, that's the best solution for now, but is this person who will replace me trustworthy?"

"HUH!, anyone who is under me is trustworthy," I told her with a proud face

I went back to the mountains with Irene the dragons were sleeping an when they felt my presence they stood up on 4 legs

when Irene saw her old friend she was crying from happiness since she still had doubt from last night

i told belserion that she will transform into a dragon because of the dragon slayer magic and i told them to take good care of her


well, for now, let's go get my new servant
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