In a Cultivation World With a System Chapter 2: Chapter Two - Increasing Strength


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[Embedding System to Host's soul.

Jun Feng thought he was hallucinating at first, but after seeing this countdown and feeling something change within him once it hit 100%, he instantly knew that this was his own bonus for transmigrating, just like in a novel.

[System has been fully integrated with the Host's soul. Commencing body scan...
Host has 3 ruptured organs, 28 broken bones, a shattered kneecap and partial brain damage.
Commencing one-time relief heal on Host.]

Jun Feng suddenly found himself covered in a pale white light, and he can feel his wounds healing at a constant rate, and even his thinking got faster as a result of his partial brain damage being healed. The white light soon dispersed and what appeared was a completely healthy Jun Feng. If not for the torn clothes and blood everywhere, you wouldn't have thought he was on the verge of death a short moment ago.

[All Host injuries have been healed. System has scanned Host's memories and gathered information about this world and has created a Status for Host to check his progress on. Please say 'Status' to review.]

"Status." Jun Feng does what the System said and a transparent screen appeared.

Name: Jun Feng
Age: 16
Cultivation: N/A
Cultivation Method: N/A
STR: 5
AGI: 4
INT: 7
VIT: 2
Skills: N/A
Points: 0
System Evaluation: Weak as shit]

Jun Feng doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at the evaluation, but he is indeed very weak. No wonder the original owner was bullied his whole life, he was too weak to even kill livestock.

"System, can you explain to me all of the functions that come with the System?" Jun Feng questions the System, hoping to gather useful information for himself. Not to be disappointed, the System's ice cold voice speaks.

[There are 3 functions to the System. The first is the Status, which you have already used. The second is a Store, which you can buy many things from, such as cultivation techniques, pills, weapons and so forth. The final function allows you to increase your cultivation by killing beasts and humans, but you still have to cultivate like everybody else would.]

"Wait, wasn't my dantian broken? How am I supposed to cultivate like that?" Jun Feng has an idea, but he doesn't know if it is correct. He really hopes is it though.

[Host's dantian was classified as an organ during the heal, and as such your dantian is no longer broken and you are capable of cultivating. What would the point of making you the Host of a System made for cultivators if you can't cultivate?"

Jun Feng could detect some disdain in the Systems ice cold voice, but just ignores it and inwardly cheers at the fact that his idea was correct, and the System did indeed heal his broken dantian, which will allow him to gain the necessary strength to live in this world.

[As Host has no cultivation and are the Systems first Host, you will be rewarded with a beginner package. Would Host like to open? Yes/No]

"Yes, open it." Jun Feng didn't hesitate to agree, because he knew it would be some good stuff for him.

[Host has gained the following: Increase in Cultivation to Stage 1 of Body Refining, Heaven Grade Cultivation Method - Saintly Demon Cultivation Technique, 1000 store points, Grade 5 sword and Sword Art - Ryuzachi]

Jun Feng honestly didn't expect this, as from the memories he got from this body, he knows that a Heaven Grade Cultivation Method is very, very rare, even on the stronger continents. On this continent, there are also only a few masters with a Grade 5 or above weapon.

"Is this the beginner package? Not some Godly package?" Jun Feng quietly asks the system, wondering if it gave him the wrong package, rather than the beginner package.

[System is not that stupid, Host. You are the very first Host, so the beginner package was further advanced than ones in the future would receive. You should rejoice that, rather than thinking it is wrong.]

Having gotten the hoped answer, Jun Feng is ecstatic as he would be able to increase his strength a lot faster than he would have from now on. He also officially started the cultivation path thanks to the System granting him a boost straight into the Body Refining stage, rather than him having to gather Qi to get there himself.

Making use of the sudden power increase he has from the cultivation increase, he walks around this forest in an attempt to find an area he could stay at safely, which he finds an abandoned cave, most likely from some beast.

Sitting down in the position he found from his new cultivation method, he starts to draw the Qi in the area towards him, slowly but surely absorbing it into his body. He enters a sort of trance for an unknown amount of time before he suddenly felt his dantian swell rapidly before stopping, which signifies his cultivation rose to Stage 2 of Body Refining.

Jun Feng starts getting up so he can get a feel of his strength, but before he could get up straight, he suddenly found everything around him go black and he collapses back onto the ground.
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