Imperfect Desires Chapter 41: Take A Breather


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While Xiu was busy cursing him for scaring her so badly, Darren was being entertained by her reaction. He took a water bottle from the car to calm down himself. However, it didn't take him long to remember that there was someone behind his little 'accident'.

He walked towards the front of the car and his brows slightly hooked up. This damage was... Dylan was definitely gonna puke blood. Darren shook his head at this thought.

"Is that your car?" Darren's question alerted Xiu as she looked over at him and felt like digging a grave for herself. Oh, right! She had already dug the grave. It was about time to bury herself in it now to hide her embarrassment.

"Well, about that..." Xiu started but lost the words to say. What could she possibly say? Right, she should try telling the truth. "It wasn't intentional. A cat jumped out of nowhere and spooked the hell out of me."

Her look of grievance and being wronged really made one want to look at her twice. But did Darren fell for it? No! Obviously, not! His only thought was, 'She really has a knack for acting. It's a pity, she isn't an actor.'

"I'm sorry for damaging your car," Xiu spoke again just to apologize. It was needed. "But my own car is also damaged." She didn't forget to point that out at all.

The expression on Darren's face didn't change much. "The car is my friend's and he certainly is going to be hopping mad like a wild rabbit." He could already picture Dylan's crestfallen look and dramatic performance.

"I'll pay for the damages. I can't shirk this responsibility." Xiu reluctantly voiced out. No one would know how much of a big deal it was for Xiu to say those words. That stingy girl was actually willingly offering money. And she was the person who'd rather not buy a pair of shoes for herself until she'd worn out the previous one.

"Do you know how expensive this sports car is?" Darren questioned plainly and while Xiu shook her head, he wasn't surprised at all. "It's a limited edition sports car. And only three of these models are made in the whole world. Can you estimate now?"

"Not really. But I know that the person who can buy this expensive car can certainly pay for the repair cost as well. Right?" Darren was stumped for words. She did not just say that so casually! But Xiu wasn't done yet as she said, "So, the situation is sorted. I should get going."

She was really gonna turn on her heels to run when Darren's fingers pinched her sleeve and tugged it back saying, "What's the hurry? Are you running like a little thief?"

"Hey! I'm no thief!" Xiu turned back with her puffed cheeks. "Did I say something wrong? A person who can buy this expensive car would definitely have the money to repair it as well."

"You'r not wrong. The one who bought the car does have the money for repairing as well." Darren agreed rather easily.

"So, what's the problem?" Xiu snapped at him for not letting her go.

"The problem is that, you're the one who damaged it. So, why should he be the one to pay for it's repairing?" Darren wiggled his brows at her questioningly.

Xiu straightened up and ran her mind at the speed of light to come up with a good argument. It was a matter of life and death now. Cough! A matter of pride and dignity.

"I'm not running away. Look, did I ask your friend to bring out his flamboyant fortune car so easily? He should know that accidents happen. He should hide this type of fortune car at home." 'Because people like me have bad luck. Have some pity for poor people like me.' Xiu didn't complete her sentence. It was not necessary.

'Fortune car?' Darren thought to himself. 'I've heard fortune cookies. When did fortune cars come?' He was truly learning something new from this clumsy girl. "Accidents does happen. But you can be defined as accident-prone." Poking her forehead with his index finger, he added, "And no matter how much you try to stay calm and collected, you would eventually end up hitting something that you shouldn't."

Xiu couldn't deny his words. She really was accident-prone now. But she still insisted on being right as she said, "Being accident-prone is not a bad thing. Accidents often lead to something bigger and better."

Darren nodded his head in agreement and added, "While the rest either leads to you a hospital bed or six-feet under the ground."

Xiu choked as his words made it to her ears. She was having a coughing fit because of the embarrassment. Urgh! This man! "This is why I call you hot spices. You're always breathing fire." Darren was surprised to know that the real reason behind his 'nickname' was his own tongue which often wasn't in his control. "Besides, technically speaking, being dead or injured is all about priorities."

Darren raised his brow at her in question as she explained, "Perhaps, when you ended up on the hospital, you weren't Grim Reaper's priority but when you eventually ended six-feet under the ground, that was when you're his priority."

This time, it was Darren's turn to choke on air. He truly was speechless. "You have to have the last word. Right?"

Xiu rolled her eyes all around as she nodded sheepishly. "It gives me fulfilling satisfaction." She was grinning like a fool before she composed herself seeing Darren's narrowed eyes. That pair of gray eyes was no joke. With a cough, she asked, "Can you give me an estimate of the total repair cost?"

Darren looked at her face with his hands over his chest while he leaned at the side of the hood. "More or less, 3 million. And I'm still not adding the cost for my mental health."

Xiu's breath hitched as she forgot whether she was to inhale or exhale at this point. It wasn't that she didn't have the money. But using it for repairment and that too, for someone else' car? This was torture for her miserly heart.

Her eyes turned watery like a deer. Those beautiful eyes were like whirlpools pulling someone towards them while tugging at someone's heartstrings. She really looked adorable like that.

Darren didn't know which ghost came over him but he said, "But I agree with you. I think the one who bought it should cover the damage cost as well. After all, it's the driver's fault for being careless with such an expensive car."

Xiu was really surprised and her eyes sparkled like a firefly that would lead the way through the night. "Really?" She was still in shock.

"Do you have any doubt?" He asked in return.

"No. I just never thought there are nice people in this world." Xiu answered with a heavy heart.

"I'm not being nice. Don't flatter yourself."

"Oh..." Xiu could only say that blandly since he was really sharp-tongued out to cut people.

"But as you said, the cat was at fault here. I can't put the whole responsibility on you. That's why, I won't ask for any damage cost from you."

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Xiu felt it was surreal that someone was exempting her from debt. Nonetheless, it meant a lot to her. Her 3 million were saved. Phew! She could finally take a breather!

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