Imperfect Desires Chapter 292: Fun' In Funeral?


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The sound of the ringtone made Xiu roll over in bed. The sound caught her attention but she had no intention of picking it up. However, the caller was really insistent.


The ringtone was getting on her nerve now, so she felt around the bed with her hand while her eyes were still close to find her phone and disconnected the call without even bothering to open her eyes to see who was calling. 


The phone rang again making her groan in exasperation. She was really not liking whoever was trying to ruin her precious sleep. Was the world ending or something? Why was someone so impatient? If the other person is not picking it means, that person is not interested in talking to you. Why call again and again?

She accepted the call and grumbled into the speaker, \"What?!\"

\"Hello, dear friend!\" came an awfully cheery voice. And let's face it, it was way too early for Xiu to like this excited 'friend' greeting her out of nowhere. Especially when her cup of coffee had yet to go inside her system.

She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as she said, \"There is a hell in hello and an end in a friend. I'll be delighted to see you end up in that hell. It'd be wonderful!\"

\"Ouch! Isn't it early for such insults?\" came the reply as the caller feigned being hurt by her words. Not like she cared at all.

\"Exactly my point!\" She yawned in a very unladylike manner before adding, \"Dylan, it's a crime to wake me up on a Sunday morning. How dare you disturb my sleep?\"

\"You're sleeping? Is that why you didn't pick up my call?\" asked Dylan as he checked the time at his watch. It was half-past 11 already and it definitely wasn't an early morning. He was surprised to know that she was still sleeping. Although it was Sunday, he really didn't expect that she'd be sleeping till now.

Xiu rolled her eyes at his dumb question. \"No, no! I was busy having some unrealistic romantic fantasies. That's why it took me so long to answer the call.\" 

\"Ohh...\" replied Dylan definitely not getting the hint that she was purely being sarcastic with him.

\"Idiot! I was sleeping.\" 

\"Then say it like that. Don't play a word game with me, I'm not in the mood.\" Xiu frowned at his reply while he continued, \"Anyways, I thought you love Sundays.\"

\"I love Sundays? What gave you that impression?\" She sat up and leaned against the headboard while she stared at the time on the wall clock. It was really early for her considering that it was a Sunday.

\"Well, the other night you sang that... ♪Sunday morning rain is falling♪\"

\"Shut up! Don't torture my ears,\" she yelped out. 

\"Hey, I don't sing that bad.\" Dylan tried to reason.

\"Yeah, right!\" scoffed Xiu. \"You just sound like an untuned guitar.\" She took a pause to stretch her arms and continued, \"Next time, before assuming things like I like Sundays or stuff, try a magical thing called, 'ASKING'.\"

\"Fine, my bad!\" Dylan raised his hands in defeat even though she couldn't see him.

\"Good. Now tell me why are you acting like a villain in my love story?\" questioned Xiu and got down from the bed to open the curtains in her room. The bright light from outside made her squint her eyes instinctively.

\"Me? Villain? In your love story? When did I do such a thing? Don't accuse me!\"

Xiu facepalmed herself and stated, \"Dumbo! I and my sleep have an undying love for each other. Just now, you became the villain of our love story by waking me up!\"

Dylan's face twitched uncontrollably at her elaboration. Oh, how he wished to strangle her but still ended up laughing. Gosh, he couldn't be mad at her!

\"Whatever!\" He was really not willing to continue this topic. \"I have wasted my time already. So, let's get to business. Get ready and meet me at the Atlantis Hotel, we have a meeting to get to.\"

\"A meeting? Today? Have you lost the remaining few screws of your brain as well?\" There was no way she was going to work on Sunday. That's against the rules! Even her body is programmed to not work on Sundays!

\"Not yet. But if I had to deal with you like this, I'll surely have a nervous breakdown!\"

\"Look, Dylan! Yes, you're my boss I respect that but I'm not working on Sunday. No way! On Sundays, you can't boss me around.\"

\"You think I'm dying to work today? Obviously not. But Mr. Zubeck is gonna leave for France tonight. That's why he has called for this meeting today.\"

\"Your meeting, your problem. Fix it yourself!\"



\"Please, come. It's gonna be boring.\"

\"Oh, so you want me to suffer with you? Sorry, but I don't wanna be bored to death in those oldies.\"

Dylan sighed out heavily. \"It can never be boring with you around.\"

\"Is that a compliment?\" 

\"Yes,\" answered Dylan honestly. \"You and I can make fun come alive in a funeral much less a stupid meeting with oldies. I'm sure we can survive that meeting.\" There was silence at the other end and Dylan was biting his lips waiting for her reply. \"So, see you at the hotel?\"

\"No,\" replied Xiu straightforwardly dampening Dylan's mood. \"If you want me to come, pick me up yourself. I won't get a taxi around here. I won't ask Nora to drop me off as well. You need help, you get your ass here.\"

Dylan heaved a sigh of relief and replied happily, \"Okay. I'll be right there. Just text me the address.\"


\"Just a reminder, dress up nicely,\" said Dylan.

Xiu frowned a bit. \"What for? It's just a meeting.\"

\"Actually, it's a luncheon,\" said Dylan in a small voice.

\"What did you say?\"

\"You already agreed to come. Can't go back on your words. Okay, bye! See ya!\" He hung up the call without even waiting for Xiu to curse at him. 

Xiu looked at her phone screen with knitted brows. She ended up chuckling at his way of convincing her or more like deceiving her. But whatever. She had already agreed. There was no point in going back on her words. Besides, she was already awake and it would be a real pain to go back to sleep, she'd rather just go out then.

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