Imperfect Desires Chapter 262: On A Date


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Xin Xiaoli who had gone upstairs to his room to take his call took a long breath before attending the call, "Hi, dad! How are you? How's your trip going with Uncle Yi?" He was trying to act normal at best as he could.

There was silence on the other end for a minute before he heard a deep voice, "I'm pretty good, son. Although our trip is not that fruitful, we're still having a good time. What about you? Since your brother has finally found his way back home, why don't you tell me what are you both up to?"

Xin Xiaoli was expecting that question. He was even expecting his father to be sarcastic about Ah-Si's sudden return back home as well. "Nothing much," he replied in a small voice completely unlike his normal one. He sounded intimidating to others but right now, he was like a child who got caught stealing candy.

"Oh," he heard his father's voice making a strange feeling to invade his heart. "I just had a brief discussion with An City's police commissioner. The context of your 'nothing much' sounds pretty interesting to me."

'He knows! How am I not even surprised?' wondered Xin Xiaoli to himself. After all, how could it be possible that something escaped Xin Zimen's attention? But before his father could question him, he wanted to come clean himself. "Dad, hear me out first. I know you have never asked anyone for a favor and I really am sorry for using your name like-"

His father's voice cut him off, "Son, I didn't call to question your actions. I just think you should have called me first. Dylan getting arrested and that too for causing an accident can set off a huge internal battle of power within Qiu Corporation. It's a sensitive topic and you know that as well." Xin Xiaoli's eyes widened as he realized that his father was right. "First, tell me if Dylan is alright?"

"Yes, he is fine," answered Xin Xiaoli. "He's not injured. The accident wasn't even that serious."

"That's good. Anyways, you don't have to worry about it. I have made all the necessary arrangements. The news of Dylan getting arrested won't be spread out. Tell him to be careful during this time, any simple act of his can backfire at this crucial time." 

Xin Xiaoli listened to his father's advice and nodded his head. Even he knew it was a sensitive topic. If anything went wrong then Dylan might never be able to inherit Qiu Corporation. In fact, he thought only Dylan wasn't taking this matter seriously. And to be honest, the person causing everyone this much worry, Dylan Qiu really wasn't concerned at all. After all, he never wanted to inherit anything from his father. In fact, in his opinion, his sister was the better candidate for taking on that role.

Xin Xiaoli's train of thoughts only stopped when he heard his father's voice again, "I believe you have already met my guest."

He raised his brow slightly before saying, "If you're talking about Ying then yes, I have met her."

"I hope you don't mind being cordial with her," said Xin Zimen in a serious voice.

"Dad, if you're still holding on to your dream of making her your daughter-in-law then-"

"Let me clear this up with you, son. She and I both have no such intentions," Xin Zimen's words made Xin Xiaoli frown. He couldn't believe that his father actually gave up on an idea he had been insisting on for years. But why did it sound so strange to him? Before he could question anything, he heard, "She won't bother you, I give my word to you. She's there as my guest, not yours. So, I hope you refrain from being your usual bitter self."

Xin Xiaoli was displeased by his father's words, "Dad, she had been my closest friend for years. Can you please stop talking like I hate her or something? I mean, yes, we had an argument but we really don't have any bad blood between us. I honestly don't mind her being here as long as you're not planning something in secret."

"No bad blood?" Xin Zimen scoffed at his son's words as he continued, "I wish I could believe you."

Xin Xiaoli didn't know what he meant and before he could ask, his father said his goodbye and hung up the call. Xin Xiaoli was still confused but he had no way to clear up his confusion unless he asked Yan Ying himself and that he didn't want to do. He was still feeling guilty for what he had done to her last time.

While upstairs, the atmosphere was really tensed, it was completely opposite downstairs where both Ah-Si and Dylan sat at the dining table with Yan Ying having a very lively late-night dinner.

"Si, why aren't you eating much?" inquired Yan Ying as she noticed that Ah-Si was barely eating anything. 

Ah-Si sighed out, "Before this guy called us for help," he was pointing at Dylan with his chopsticks as he went on, "I was having dinner with bro. So, I'm not really hungry."

Yan Ying shook her head and tsked at him, "I can't believe even at this age, you went out on a date with your brother instead of a gorgeous lady." Ah-Si didn't answer and she didn't push him either. Instead, she just teased him with a sad expression, "And there goes my wish to see my little brother's wife in this lifetime." She even pretended to wipe the non-existent tears dramatically making Ah-Si glare at her.

"Ying Jie, you're too much," said Ah-Si and Yan Ying only laughed at his reaction. 

Dylan was looking at the interaction between Ah-Si and Yan Ying for a while now and he could tell that Ah-Si seemed quite comfortable in her presence. Actually, so comfortable that he wouldn't even mind her teasing him.

He was really curious about Yan Ying since he had the least interactions with her throughout his life even though her name was something he had heard very often even in his own household. But before this day, he had never felt the urge to know her. Only now did he feel like he really wanted to figure out this competitor who stood between Xin Xiaoli and his sister, Qiu Meihui.

It wasn't difficult to know about her since she was the only daughter of the Yan family, he knew that information about her could be found anywhere. At least, the basics that he didn't know of. So, he pulled out his cell phone and searched her name on a search engine. 

As he clicked on a page that seemed to have her basic information, his eyes went wide in surprise.
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