Imperfect Desires Chapter 131: Battle Gear


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People often mistake style and fashion to be the same thing. But in fact, fashion and style are two very different things. For instance, fashion is like an armor that a woman can change every day. But style is an elegance that can't be eliminated.

Fashion is all about clothes but the style is all about the woman who makes that piece of clothing seem like a piece of art. Right now, Xiu was ransacking through her entire closet to find something to wear that could be both stylish and fashionable.

"I don't have anything to wear," she shouted and sat down on the floor in resignation.

Nora rolled her eyes at her and pulled her up saying, "What are you talking about? There are so many clothes."

Xiu looked at her weirdly as she said, "Nora, I have clothes. But I have no outfits. Can you feel me?"

Nora's brows wrinkled before she looked through Xiu's closet herself. She picked out a blue lace summer dress and showed it to Xiu who immediately snatched it from her hand and said, "Dear best friend, I don't wanna waste my precious dress on this boring day. I don't even know where we are going. So, no to this one."

"You're postponing a dress because you don't know the occasion?" Nora looked at Xiu strangely but the later stayed unruffled and looked rather nonchalant. "Xiu, a lady should always dress like she's about to meet her worst enemy."

"If I went by your reasoning, then I'll have to dress up in a black hoodie and mask. Even with a knife in hand, people won't recognize me." Nora slapped Xiu's head in exasperation. How could someone even think like that?

"If you'll stay silent believe me no one will call you mute. I assure you that silence won't be regretful either," said Nora as she glared at Xiu.

"I know that already. I never regretted my silence, it's always the words that make me think twice," Xiu sounded guilty.

"Xiu, shut up!" Nora finally managed to find another dress and passed it to her saying, "Don't even think about saying no. This is it!" Xiu silently took orders and went to change the clothes.

It was a knee-length summer dress with a slash neckline. The dress had a vintage A-Line silhouette with a floral print on the skirt and a plain blacktop. Xiu looked different than her usual self especially since Nora had styled her hair in soft curls that reached her mid-back now. 

"Perfect! You look beautiful in that," said Nora with a huge grin.

Xiu glanced at Nora while she was touching up her make-up and said, "I don't like your new boyfriend."

Nora held the mascara brush in her hand as she said, "You never liked any of my boyfriends. There is nothing new about that."

"It's not my fault that each of your boyfriends looks like a mistake," Xiu defended herself.

"Xiu, before a soulmate you have to go through a couple of mistakes."

Xiu facepalmed herself and said, "Would you like to tell me how many more mistakes are you planning to go through before looking for your soulmate?" Nora didn't reply to her. Xiu took a brief pause before saying, "I'll be the only person crying at your wedding."

"Aww! Will you be that upset?" 

Xiu snorted, "Darling, your wedding would a miracle in its own self. Obviously, I'd be crying if such a miracle really happened."

Nora wasn't really listening to her. She was lost in her own thoughts and Xiu had to shake her to get her attention. "Why are you zoning out on me? Are you also having therapy sessions with yourself?"

"Huh? What? Therapy sessions?" Nora asked in confusion and Xiu nodded in reply.

"Of course! Whenever I zone out, I'm actually having a therapy session in my head. It's pretty effective." Xiu elaborated herself.

"What do you say to yourself in that therapy session then?" asked Nora as she came and sat beside Xiu.

"Nothing much. I usually say... Dear problems, behave yourself. I've had enough for today." Nora raised her brows at Xiu in amusement while Xiu continued, "Or... I'd say, don't think you're rude. You are rude. But fuck it and don't think about it."

Xiu lifted her eyes to look at Nora and said, "But the right words for you would be... Don't think you're ugly. Yes, you are. But just don't think."

"You!" Nora tapped Xiu's head saying, "Aiyo, you and your ideas... Tsk. Tsk. I feel pity for Darren sometimes."

"He already knows that I'm a psycho case," Xiu stuck her tongue out at Nora to tease her.

"And he's still with you. Can you imagine finding another soul like him?" 

"Nah, I think he's one and only," replied Xiu without hesitation.

"Wow! Now, you're already taking your boyfriend's side. That's quick progress." Nora teased her playfully making her scowl.

As Nora wore her dress, Xiu couldn't help whistling as she said, "As always, you look hot."

Nora gave a dramatic flip of her hair and said, "I was born hot, baby."

She was wearing a halter dress in stunning summer hues. The little detail of slightly pleated front gave it a new twist. The tie sash around the waist was making Nora's already gorgeous figure to stand out even more. With rounded hem and keyhole back, it had a unique style. Of course, what Nora loved about her dress was the pockets.

The pockets were a life-saver for someone like her who always forgot her phone here and there. It would save her a lot of trouble.

Xiu had always called Nora wildly attractive not just because of the way she dressed but also because of the air of confidence around her. Xiu could say to be classy but Nora was wild. In all these years, Xiu couldn't just pick up that aura of a wild soul. Perhaps, that goddess inside of her was too stubborn to change.

As they wore their heels, Nora said, "Now, we are ready for the battle."

"What battle?" Xiu inquired but Nora only gave her a sly smirk in response.
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