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It was the following morning that Kirou awoke in a bed. The strange thing was that he didn't immediately recognize the roof above his head as the one he's used to seeing. As he sat up in the bed, he heard some moans coming from beside him. Looking to his left, he noticed that there was a woman sleeping next to him, which prompted him to raise an eyebrow in response.

Kirou looked at the woman with a peculiar gaze before surveying the room around him. The room was simple and contained little to no decorations, besides a few family photos on the dresser. He also took note of the clothes messily lying on the floor next to the bed. Kirou then focused his gaze back on the woman sleeping next to him, taking in her naked form currently being covered by the bedsheets. Naturally, Kirou had an idea about what they did last night but he wasn't too sure what led up to it.

Due to this, Kirou was in no rush to get up but instead leaned back on the bed head, trying to go over his memories for the previous night. It was only after he did so for a few minutes that the memories seemed to return to him, prompting him to release a chuckle at the entire series of events.


It was around 3 am that the club-goers finally decided to call it a night. After spending another ten or so minutes, the Dragon Lounge was finally emptied and all the staff started cleaning up. Since Kirou had helped out at the bar while both Carlos and Jane were busy helping out in the VIP rooms earlier, he was technically considered part of the staff for the night and since he had nothing better to do at home, Kirou decided to help out all the way.

Like that, the staff spent the next half an hour cleaning up the club, by the end of which, the club was spotless as far as the eye could see. It was around this time that Carlos and Jane returned to the bar area and noticed that Kirou was still there and helped out with the cleaning.

Carlos approached the man and made a whistling sound while looking at the bar area before speaking, "Hmm, maybe I should just hire you to run the bar counter and be done with it. Looking at how spotless this place is and hearing from the others about how you handled the place, I'd be getting a bargain."

Jane examined the counter with sharp eyes for a moment before speaking, "Hey, Pops. I think this is even better than your work. I've never seen the countertop shine like this before."

"You brat. How dare you say that to me?" said Carlos in mock anger as he and Jane had their playful spat.

Kirou watched this take place for a minute or two with sad eyes before he spoke up, "Nah. I've already got a day job. Besides, I mainly helped out as I had nothing better to do at home."

"Well, think about it, lad. The offer will always be standing." When Carlos said this, he slipped an envelope in Kirou's pocket. Kirou had an idea what it was but decided to leave it be for now.

"I'll think about it. Anyways, I believe it's time I head home now." Kirou said this after putting away the last few glasses he was cleaning and went around back to change back into his original shirt for the night.


It was around ten minutes to four that Kirou exited the club's side entrance since the main entrance was already closed for the night. Just as he walked out, he noticed that someone was waiting for him at the door. He didn't need to think much before he recognized that the person was Jane.

"Morning, Jane. Is there anything I can do for a lady like you at this time of the morning?" asked Kirou in a somewhat gentlemanly voice.

"Good morning, Brother Xu. Would you be so kind as to escort me home? My apartment isn't far from here but it is dangerous for a woman to walk these streets alone at this time of the night. You wouldn't make a helpless woman like me walk home alone, right?" asked Jane, matching Kirou's gentlemanly voice with that of a helpless woman.

Kirou picked up on it but instead of calling her out, he just extended his hand towards her. Jane saw this and wrapped her arm around his as she started to lead him in a certain direction. Like that, both man and woman walked for a few minutes in silence along the unpopulated road.

As they walked, Kirou noticed that Jane has been glancing at him once in a while. After walking for another minute or two, as if impatient, Jane spoke, "Aren't you gonna question why I waited on you or why I asked you to escort me home, Brother Xu?"

Kirou only chuckled in response to her question before speaking, "I could, but I'm pretty sure I can already guess the answer." As Kirou said this, he had a small smile on his face.

Jane released a snort at Kirou's comment and was about to make a comeback but before she could do so, both realized that two very familiar persons were blocking their path. This prompted the duo to stop as they stared at the two men standing before them. Both Kirou and Jane recognized the two men as the ones who were harassing her at work earlier that night.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. If it isn't the slut of a bartender from the club and her boy toy," said the first guy with an ugly expression on her face.

"Bro, it seems that we were set up by that bastard Carlos. Let's mess up his daughter and her boy toy here to send him a message." As the second man said this, he pulled out a knife from his pocket. The first man also pulled out a knife and both men started to approach the duo.

Kirou watched as both men approach him and Jane with a raised eyebrow, only to hear Jane whispering to him, "Keep one of them busy while I take care of the other and then we'll finish the last one together."

"I thought you were supposed to be a helpless young woman?" Kirou chuckled as he whispered that question back in Jane's ear. This earned a slight blush forming on Jane's face.

Jane adopted a sly smile on her face as she spoke through the blush, "That doesn't mean pops didn't teach me a thing or two about self-defense." As Jane said this, she pounced on the assailant nearest to her. When she got close, she grabbed the knife hand of the man before doing a simple over the shoulder throw, planting the man back first on the harsh pavement. This action both disarmed the man while leaving him in pain due to the harsh landing. Jane then followed this up by flipping the man over before grabbing one of the man's arms and twisting it until everyone could hear popping sounds.

The second man was surprised for a bit before he lunged towards Kirou with the intention of stabbing Kirou to death. Jane saw this and was worried about Kirou. Before she could get up or try to warn him, however, she was greeted to the sight of Kirou in action, which left her in a daze. Kirou had simultaneously grabbed the hand holding the knife at the wrist with one hand while elbowing the assailant with the other. Following this, he made a twist with his hand that caused a snapping sound to echo in the streets. This was the sound of Kirou breaking the assailant's wrist.

The pain only registered in the assailant's brain after a few seconds, which prompted him to howl so loud that others would be able to feel his agony if they were nearby. If asked which part of his body caused him to howl like that, the assailant wouldn't be able to answer as all he felt was excruciating pain. Feeling annoyed at the noise the screaming man was making, Kirou gave him a swift kick to the head, promptly knocking him out and returning silence to the quiet morning street.

Kirou then made his way over to Jane and her assailant, prompting her to awaken from her daze. She had never before seen a man whose actions were so swift and fluid that she had to question what her eyes saw. The assailant under her had it worse as he saw everything Kirou did from start to finish and now he was trembling with every step Kirou took closer to him. By the time Kirou got close to him, Jane had to back away from the assailant as a pool of liquid was forming under the man's body. Kirou only stared at this for a second for giving this man a kick to the head, knocking him out as well.

Kirou then dragged both unconscious men to a nearby alley where he dumped them unceremoniously over each other before walking out back to Jane's side. When he got close, Kirou extended his hand towards Jane in a gesture that said, 'Let's go.' Jane accepted the hand and like that, both walked away from the area without looking back.

As they walked, the duo maintained a silence as they were both lost in their respective thoughts. Jane was busy thinking about all that she had just witnessed, wondering just how many fights Kirou has had to have been in to be able to move so unflinchingly and how at ease he was in finishing off his opponents. She had a thought that he has probably killed before but she buried it as that wasn't really important at the moment.

Kirou, for his part, was thinking about if he had gone too easy on those men. Under normal circumstances, he would have just killed them and hide the bodies somewhere before removing all trace of him from the area but this time he was with someone. Kirou only held back as he has a favorable opinion towards Jane so he would rather avoid scaring the woman, if possible. Besides, those two men aren't worth staining his newly found relationship with Jane and her father, Carlos.

With their thoughts to keep them busy, both walked in silence for another ten or so minutes before they finally made it to Jane's apartment. After walking her to the door, Kirou finally spoke up, "Well, Young Miss. I have safely escorted you to your humble abode."

Hearing the words coming out of Kirou's mouth in the tone he used caused all the random thoughts in Jane's mind to vanish before started laughing. After a few seconds she of this she finally spoke, "Indeed you have, good Sir. Thank you for the escort."

"You are welcome, My Lady. With that, I must bid you adieu." Following those words, Kirou was about to turn around and leave but a hand pulling on his sleeve prevented that.

Kirou faced Jane and stared at her slightly blushing face as she spoke, "By chance, Brother Xu. Would you like to come in for some coffee." As she said this, the blush on her face became even more pronounced but with the darkness of the area, Kirou didn't notice.

Hearing her words, a peculiar glint entered his eyes but disappeared almost immediately, as if he himself wasn't so sure what was going on. After thinking for a second, Kirou responded to her, "Sure, Jane. I'd like some coffee."

Like that, both Kirou and Jane entered the apartment. The duo didn't even make it five feet before Jane pounced on Kirou, tackling him to the floor with their lips locked in a deep kiss.

*******Flashback End*******

Kirou remembered everything that transpired after that and couldn't stop the grin that formed on his face. This continued for another minute until he heard some moans beside him. When he looked over, he saw that Jane was waking up.

Rubbing her eyes while trying to sit up, the sheet covering her body slid off, exposing her naked body to Kirou who took his time to enjoy the view. In the time it took her to fully wake up and remember that she was sharing the bed with someone, Kirou had already gotten an eyeful and when he noticed that she was fully away, Kirou decided to speak up with a smirk on his face, "Good Morning, Sleeping Beauty."

Those words prompted all sleep within her system to vanish as she stared at the man currently smirking at her, completely forgetting that she was currently naked.

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