Immaculate Spirit Chapter 213


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Cancun, Mexico. 25/03/2013. 02:25.

"Come on Elisabeth! We've been partying for eight hours now, I need a shower!"

"Sis, it's Spring Break! We got to enjoy it considering how hard it was to convince dad to let us come here! Beside, you were not arguing an hour ago while you were kissing that latino guy!"

"You are the one to talk! I think half the men in the city drink cocktail on your body tonight! I would like to know what your boyfriend will be thinking about this if he were to know."

"Me and him decide to take a break from each other for some time in order to think about our respective place in the others life." Elisabeth answers with a fake serious tone of voice.

"Yeah, righhhhhttt." Her sisters answers while laughing. "A break that curiously took place a week before we arrived here."

"Sis, bringing your boyfriend in Spring Break it's a lot by bringing your own food while you go to a restaurant. It's simply unbecoming of a proper lady.���

"There is nothing proper about you!" She said, bumping in her sister shoulder before hugging her.

The two sisters keep arguing good naturedly between themselves while walking on the beach. Where Elisabeth was in her mid twenties with mid shoulder black hair and with brown eyes, her sister was in her early twenties with brown hair and green eyes. Despite theses difference, their face were so alike that they could pass for twins. The two of them were also extremely beautiful and where Elisabeth was wearing a short skirt and a bikini top, her sister had choose to wear a short shorts and a top that was leaving nothing to the imagination. The fact that the two of them were obviously drunk, did nothing to their charms.

"Elisabeth, we need to go! You know full well what will happen if our guardian angels cannot find us when we need to call uncle."

The two of them were from a prestigious family and their father was a wealthy and important man, that was why he took huge effort from them to be allowed to come here. Alas, they still had to agree to have two guardian angels specially pick by their uncle and they also needed to call each night after coming back from partying. If they were to miss only one of those calls, they will be forced to go back home and none of them wanted that.

"Yeah, yeah, I hate that we have to do that." She sight bitterly before starting to walk in the direction of the parking lot.

Arriving where their car was parked, they were surprised to find that none of two men in charge of protecting them were there.

"Where the hell are they?"

"Maybe they got tired of waiting and they start to look for us."

"Well, that's weird, one of them should have stayed here in case we were coming back while the other was looking for us, right?" Elisabeth said with doubt.

"Yeah, seems logic. No bother, they are going to be back eventually, we should buy something to eat, I'm famished! I feel I could eat…" She started to say before her right foot slipped on something and she almost fell over.

"Sis, you're alright over there?"

"Yes, yes, I just slipped on some…" She said, crouching down to look more attentively on what was on the ground when her mind suddenly blanked.

On the ground there was blood, a lot of blood and under their car she saw one of her guardian angels dead with his throat slit.

"Elisa…." She start to yell but unfortunately she was cut down when someone suddenly muzzled her with a hand in front of her mouth.

That's when she felt a pricking sensation in her neck and the world turn black. The last thing she saw before losing consciousness was her sister also falling on the ground, looking asleep. After that it was only darkness.


"Ah Nathaniel, I was looking for you." Robert said, finding his grandson in the garden sitting at a table with two books open in front of him. "What are you doing?"

"Oh hi grandpa, I'm trying to read these two books at the same time."

"Can't you be more normal please? I don't know, start sniffing glue, masturbate in your room, start sexting with one of your classmates. I swear, I'm starting to fear what your crazy mind is going to come up next."

"Please, like you would like a normal grandson." Nathaniel laughed.

"Maybe not normal normal but certainly not as abnormal as you are. Is this even possible to read two books at once?"

"Yes but it's really slow going and really taxing for the brain, ask me again in a month and I will tell you if it can be viable."

"Why do you keep doing that kind of thing? I know you strive on challenges but this is pushing it to the extreme."

"It's true that I love challenges but this time it's not about this. The truth is that I lack time to do what need to be done. Between my career as an actor, as a singer and my life as a law student, as a head of a business and my life as a son and grandson, I'm always running for time. Even the official side of my company take time away from me. I need to find a solution and if I can learn to do that, I could be half way to find one." Nathaniel explain.

"I understand that, trust me on this. I understand you have a lot to do all the time and if you can't do it anymore, you need help or you will end up burning out, I saw that happened a lot and I don't want it to happen to you. I saw that the official side of the business is going quite well, you could put someone in charge to take care of it, that could help you in the short term."

"I thought about this grandpa but this is too early for that, the company as only been up for months and I didn't find the right person for the job yet, I still need to wait. And we are doing fine only because you put a good word out for me, thanks by the way."

"Don't mention it, we are family and it's always easy to sell a good product."

"Thanks anyway. You came for something grandpa?" Nathaniel ask.

"Ah, yes I did. I receive an invitation for the annual Correspondents Dinner in Washington. So far, nothing unusual, I receive one of those every year but this year there something weird. Usually I would receive one in my name and the others would be for your grandmother but this year, the other invitation I receive was in your name." Robert said before giving him the invitation.

"Weird, I didn't ask for an invite." Nathaniel said, looking at the invitation thoughtfully. "What are you doing William?" He ask almost absentmindedly.

"I don't know but it seem to be a good opportunity for the two of you to meet without gathering any attention. Usually, we will not be going to this event, seeing Hollywood actors trying to understand politics is not really appealing for us but this time, we should go." Robert said.

"I agree and it would be the first time that we will go to an official event together grandpa, I almost can't wait!" Nathaniel said joyfully.

"Just try to not embarrass me in front of the crowd, there will be a lot of powerful and influential people over there."

"What fun will be in that?" Nathaniel asked to get on his grandfather nerves.

"Dear, you almost had a decent conversation here, please don't ruined this first moment." His grandmother chastised him while walking in his direction and tap him lightly on the head when she stopped near him.

"Sorry grandma, I'll be good. Hey, did you hear that?" Nathaniel asked, getting to his feet.

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