I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 1457: Scoldings from all over Asia!


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The netizens were stunned!

"What do you mean?"

"What did you mean by that?"

"Zhang Ye?"



"Holy shit!"

"Surely not, right? How can that be?"


"Please tell me that it isn't what I'm thinking!"

"Motherfucker, it might exactly be what you're thinking!"

"Lord Buddha! Dear God!"

The comments on Weibo exploded!

The people blew up!

This Weibo post by Zhang Ye had set off a shockwave all across Asia!

At the beginning, when they saw that Weibo post, no one dared to make anything further of it. This was because it wasn't only them, but all of Asia's citizens whose first impressions were that the mastermind of those seven comics was a Japanese person. It had to be Japanese because Japan was the country of comics and animation. It was where this whole industry thrived the most in the entire world, while those seven cartoons had originated from Japan as well. Therefore, everyone's first thought was that the person must have been Japanese and so they had besieged them. Even when they saw this post by Zhang Ye, they still believed it to be a different matter.

Zhang Ye also started drawing comics?

And he coincidentally "castrated" his series as well?

If it were anyone else, any other celebrity, the people would not have possibly given it any further thought.

Even if other people went to make a movie, and you followed suit by making a movie, that in itself wouldn't really have much relevance with the other.

But it was different when it came to Zhang Ye. The things that this name represented were entirely different. When they remembered that this person was Zhang Ye, when they remembered his temperament, they took another look at his Weibo post and finally started trembling. One after another, everyone's eyes widened in shock as though they had seen a ghost!

Who was Zhang Ye?

A singer, a host, a director, a calligrapher, a novelist…

He was a freak of nature that practically knew everything!

If you said that other celebrities could draw comics? They definitely wouldn't believe it!

But if someone said that Zhang Ye could draw comics? No one would dare to not believe it!

This fellow could even fly a plane, so what was so unbelievable about him drawing comics?

And to add on, did Zhang Ye have the time to draw them?

He did! He really did! When the first chapter of One Piece was serialized, that was also the time Zhang Ye's wife fractured her leg. At that time, Zhang Ye dropped all of his work and took time off to stay at home as a caregiver. When those seven comics were "castrated," it coincided with the time his wife recovered and the first day of his return to the entertainment circle! Not only did the timing match, but it matched so well that it was scary. It was eerie how there wasn't even a difference of a day!

And wasn't Zhang Ye also known for his speed?

His wit? He was the fastest in Asia!

His talking speed? He was the fastest in Asia!

Zhang Ye's shocking display during the advertising messages in The Voice had left all the hosts in Asia in awe of him! And there was even the history of him spending an entire night recording 10 episodes of his talk show. This speed, this efficiency, this record, they were all still unbroken by anyone in Asia!

If it was claimed that Zhang Ye had the fastest hands in Asia?

If it was said that Zhang Ye's drawing speed was also the fastest in Asia?

There really was such a possibility, fuck!

Finally, moving on to Zhang Ye's temperament, was Zhang Ye capable of such a devious act and roguish behavior? Would he really dare to do something like that?

The answer was obvious!

He would!

This fellow would really fucking do something like that!

Further, this fellow had always been fond of committing such heinous acts. He couldn't be more happy doing them!

It was a match!

It was a match!

All of the conditions had been met!

So when the official Weibo of Zhang Ye's Studio made the next post, the people were not very surprised to see it!

The studio posted a picture.

It was the original manuscripts for One Piece, Naruto, and the other comics. The original manuscripts were basically the first drafts that originated from the author. They weren't edited and did not have any watermarks on them. It was just a clean manuscript that only the author and the publisher would have access to. Therefore, from this picture alone, it had confirmed more than what words could explain.

Zhang Ye's Studio hurriedly explained: "Teacher Zhang did not mean to do this on purpose. The main issue is the restriction order that's in place. All of Teacher Zhang's work in Japan and Korea has been severely affected by the strict enforcement of it. Since Teacher Zhang has revealed his identity, there is no way for him to continue drawing. On top of that, Teacher Zhang has just returned to work, so he will be very busy. There isn't any time or energy that he can spare to finish these seven works, so we seek everyone's kind understanding on this matter!"

However, those words were completely ineffective!

When the identity of that great eunuch was revealed, it became pointless to make any further explanations!

They had found the person in question!

They had finally found the mastermind!

In the schools!

In the offices!

The media!

The people!

The entertainment circle!

The comics world!

A shocking storm had been set off across Asia because of this Weibo post!

The news seemingly grew a pair of wings as it speedily made its rounds all over Asia!


In the editorial department of Shōnen Publishing.

Many editors came together and started cursing.

"Have we found out who it is yet?"

"We've checked with every cartoonist in Japan, but it's not any of them!"

"Where did this person come from?"

Then the deputy editor walked in angrily. "We've found out who it is!"

Kyoko Seto stood up immediately. "What? Who is it?"

The deputy editor clenched his teeth and said, "It's someone we've been scolding almost every day!"

A male editor was stunned. "That can't be. Someone we've been scolding every day? There's only Zhang Ye that we've scolded, nobody else—ah! Zhang Ye?"

"It's Zhang Ye?"

"Oh my God! How could it be him!?"

Kyoko Seto fainted!

The entire editorial department vomited blood at this!


Lee Anson's team.

"That Zhang fellow is back again."

"Yeah, I wonder what trouble he'll be starting this time."

"In any case, he can forget about coming to Korea. If he wants to make trouble, do it in China. We're not going to entertain his nonsense anymore!"

"Hai, I'm just frustrated over why One Piece has been canceled."

"Anson-oppa, you read it too?"


At this moment, an assistant scampered in. "Something has happened! Zhang Ye has started something again! One Piece was drawn by him! Naruto was drawn by him! Everything was fucking drawn by him!"

"What did you say?"


The assistant said loudly, "It's really Zhang Ye! He admitted to it!"

Lee Anson nearly fell out of his chair!


At Yao Jiancai's house.

Yao Mi was at home cursing and swearing!

"Don't let me find out where you live!"

"You scammer!"

"How can you be so irresponsible!"

"My Slam Dunk! My beloved Rukawa Kaede!"

Her mother walked over from behind.

She said, "Hey, Mimi, it looks like there's news of your Uncle Zhang?"

Yao Mi didn't even turn around as she answered uninterestedly, "What news?"

Her mother read from her cell phone, "Let me see. Hmm, it says here that Slam Dunk and Gundam, as well as the rest of the seven national cartoons were all drawn by him. What cartoons are they talking about? Are they referring to comics?"

Yao Mi was dumbfounded!


She spat out a mouthful of blood!


It's my Uncle Zhang?

At a school.

Cao Mengmeng's class had just ended.

When the bell sounded, the students gathered and let off their steam by cursing and swearing.

A female student shouted, "How can there be such an evil person!"

A male student sobbed, "My Gundam! It got castrated just like that?"

Cao Mengmeng said, "Damned eunuch! Awful eunuch! This is so infuriating!"

At this moment, a female classmate dumbfoundedly shoved her phone into Cao Mengmeng's face. "Mengmeng, stop cursing."

Cao Mengmeng said angrily, "Why should I stop scolding that person!"

The female classmate did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Because that person is your brother!"

When she said that, all of their classmates spewed blood!

Cao Mengmeng was stupefied. "What?"

The female classmate waved the phone in her hand. "See for yourself! It's the latest news!"

After she read it, Cao Mengmeng broke down and facepalmed. She suddenly yelled, "Damn, you guys can't swear at him anymore. You should be studying hard instead of following those cartoons!"

Everyone was exasperated. Hey, that wasn't what you were saying a moment ago!

The female classmate said, "Yeah, I won't scold him anymore."

Cao Mengmeng hugged her. "You're still the best, my dear friend!"

The female classmate said in a speechless manner, "Because there's no need for me to scold him. Just see for yourself. Everyone else in Asia is scolding him!"

Cao Mengmeng was speechless.

She was in deep grief and despair!

She wondered why she had to have a cousin who would always get into all sorts of trouble!