I’m Really a Superstar Chapter 1379: Who will walk away with the top honors? End


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On the live broadcast.

Miyamoto Shinshou wrote with swift brush strokes!

Zhang Yuanqi watched calmly.

Xu Meilan whispered to her.

Li Xiaoxian had a look of admiration on her face.

Meanwhile, Amy was quite angry. "Is this old man crazy!"

Xiaodong said, "He's very crazy."

Huo Dongfang frowned. "Isn't he doing this on purpose? When did Sister Zhang and Xiaoxian ever offend him? What is he acting all arrogant for? Is he trying to show off?"

Big Qi asked, "How is his writing?"

Li Xiaoxian sighed. "It's like the unity of Heaven and Man, unparalleled!"

Xiaoxian had a much kinder personality and still gave it very high praise.

Big Qi said, "Didn't calligraphy originate in China? So why is a Japanese guy also so good at it?"

Li Xiaoxian said, "There are also calligraphy masters in Japan. In the international auction scene for contemporary calligraphy works, all of Master Miyamoto's works have fetched sky-high prices."

Xiaodong asked, "But compared to the calligraphy masters of China?"

Li Xiaoxian gave it some thought, then said in a low voice, "He's only better, not worse."

Xiaodong gasped. "He's that impressive?"

Li Xiaoxian gave a bitter laugh. "Even in China, I'm afraid that only Master Wu and Master Lian might be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Their calligraphy skill should almost be the same, but I don't know about anything more specific than that. I've only heard about it, but Master Miyamoto's writing is closer to that of China's semi-cursive, which is slightly different from the style that is often seen in the Japanese calligraphy world. However, they might not call it semi-cursive over there, I'm not sure about that. Anyway, Master Miyamoto has already reached the pinnacle in this area."

Zhang Ye took a glance at it.


Now that it was mentioned, it really did look a bit like semi-cursive.

One minute.

Five minutes.

Miyamoto Shinshou laid the brush down.

The camera cut to the work. It could also be seen clearly on the big screen at the venue.

When the people at the venue saw it, whether they had any suspicions about Miyamoto Shinshou's motives, many of them could only give their loudest applause to this piece of calligraphy!

Some of the Japanese businesspeople even gave a standing ovation!



"Master Miyamoto truly deserves his reputation!"

"I've finally seen him write a calligraphy piece with my own two eyes!"

The dozen-odd businesspeople from Japan were all very excited. Even for them, it was very difficult to get their hands on a calligraphy piece by Miyamoto Shinshou. In the international auction scene, Master Miyamoto's calligraphy pieces were always very popular and in demand. If it wasn't a bid with a 50-80% premium on the appraised price, it would be very difficult to win it at auction.

Based on the length of the scroll.

And also the writing.

The prices would vary.

And for today's calligraphy scroll, be it the size, length, or quality, it was impeccable. It could be called one of Master Miyamoto's works at the peak of his prowess. Moreover, it was guaranteed that this was an authentic piece by him since he had only just finished writing it in front of everyone. He even signed off on it, so that would increase the value of the piece even more!

A Japanese businessperson asked loud enough to be heard, "Master Miyamoto, are you really putting this calligraphy up for auction?"

Shinsho Miyamoto said proudly, "Of course."

Quite a few people could no longer sit still. They were all requesting a closer look at it onstage.

One person.

Ten people.

Twenty people.

More and more people gathered around and were praising it to no end.

"This is really good!"

"We weren't wrong in coming here today."

"Nicely written! It's so wonderful!"

Even some Chinese businesspeople were moved by it.

The host announced, "We will begin the bidding now, so would everyone please return to their seats?"

As soon as he finished speaking, bids were being called out!


"I'll bid 500,000!"



The starting bids had already greatly exceeded the hammer price of Zhang Yuanqi's lunch date and calligraphy piece. Furthermore, the bids were still rising, which dumbfounded those watching at the venue and the people across Asia watching the livestream!



"I'll bid 750,000!"

The competition was intense!

It was a bloodbath!

In the end, only several Japanese businesspeople remained in the bidding war!

Eventually, the gavel dropped and the final bid price for this piece of calligraphy ended at $1.1 million USD. This was almost equivalent to 10 million RMB! This price was definitely much higher than the market value of the item, yet the Japanese businessman who won the bid certainly felt that it was worth it. He loved this calligraphy piece!



"Master Miyamoto has made his move!"

""The Japanese celebrity team are in first place!"

"Uh, is Master Miyamoto considered part of the celebrity team?"

"I guess."

"Yeah, in any case, he's one of us."



"What an astronomical price!"

"What's there left to compete on?"

"The top honors will surely go to the Japanese!"


All the netizens were cursing his name.

"He's crazy!"

"Why'd he pop out of nowhere?"

"You're a calligraphy master to begin with, so what is there to be smug about even if your writing is better than Li Xiaoxian's and Sister Zhang's? Idiot! Why don't you compete with Sister Zhang and Xiaoxian in singing!"

"Right, if you're that good, compete with them in singing!"

"This old man is bullying people on purpose!"

"He should chill the fuck out! This is just a charity auction!"

At Zhang Ye's maternal grandma's house.

His eldest younger sister said angrily, "What kind of master is this!"

His third sister spat, "Ptui!"

Zhang Ye's mother said, "This old man is such a wet blanket. Look at this, there's nothing left to compete for!"

Lots of controversy was happening outside the building.

People were praising it, people were scolding it.

At the venue, the charity auction continued. Or rather, the auction was coming to an end. With an astronomical price of $1.1 million USD, no one remained who could compete with Miyamoto Shinshou.

Ning Lan shook her head. "How pointless."

Zhang Ye also lost interest. "Let's go, it's time to leave."

Amy looked at Li Xiaoxian. "Xiaoxian, ignore him."

But Miyamoto Shinshou still refused to step off the stage. He stood next to his calligraphy piece and looked at Li Xiaoxian and Zhang Yuanqi. He said, "Both of your calligraphy skills lack refinement." He turned around and pointed at Li Xiaoxian's calligraphy piece that was still on the auction block and scolded, "Calligraphy is not a child's game. It's not something that anyone can do if they want to. Look at these words, they're dead and lifeless. To think that the host dared to introduce this as a calligraphy piece? I won't acknowledge it. This kind of work can't be called calligraphy. Calligraphy is not as simple as you think it is!"

A senior teaching his juniors a lesson?

That was understandable.

But it still had to be done at the right time!

And besides, it wasn't targeted at the right people either!

Li Xiaoxian was extremely embarrassed. Her eyes reddened from all the criticism, but she still did not say a word. She could only bite her lip and listen to the criticism.

Xiaodong was getting annoyed!

Amy was furious!

Xu Meilan's face turned cold!

What is this?

Are you done yet?

Zhang Ye had been getting ready to leave. But when he heard all that, he stiffened and turned back to look at Miyamoto Shinshou, who was up on stage. He raised his eyebrows at the sight of him.

However, Miyamoto Shinshou was still going on. "China's calligraphy skill is—"

The Korean host felt that something was amiss and quickly interjected, "Are there any other items that anyone wants to put up for auction? Anyone?"

This was just to change the subject, and the host did not expect anyone to respond to his question.

No one at the venue thought that anyone would say anything either. With a master calligrapher and an astronomically priced calligraphy piece right there, there was no longer any meaning in bringing out another item for auction.

And yet, a voice rang out without warning.

"Xiaoxian and Old Zhang are both just amateur calligraphy hobbyists and can't even be considered practitioners of the art. If you wish to have a 'discussion' on the subject, then fine, I'm up for it!"

It was Zhang Ye!

The person who spoke up was Zhang Ye!

Li Xiaoxian was stunned!

Xiaodong jumped!

Zhang Yuanqi and Xu Meilan looked at him!

Everyone at the venue stared at him in shock!

What is the meaning of this?

Li Xiaoxian and Zhang Yuanqi are both amateurs?

Then do you mean that you're a professional?!Also known as "running" script | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cursive#Origin2. At current exchange rates, it would require data-annotation-id=