I Won't Stop! Chapter 33: Communion


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Cale was exhausted after the deadly battle that he had managed to survive. The tension of the dangerous situation and the changing circumstances had caused his mind to slowly collapse, the events of the past day had taken its toll, not sure when but Cale had already slowly drifted to sleep.

A wisp appeared in Cale's head, moving closer and closer, it looked like it was trying to say something to him. A warm feeling that was equally cold, dark and muffled appeared in his consciousness. It was at this point that Cale woke up, a small figure lay on his body, his movements startled the lizard that had climbed onto his body. It took all Cale had not to flinch any further.

It had finally appeared, after surviving the dangerous battle, Cale had somehow established the vestiges of his ability, 'communion', it was an rare ability that allowed him to feel and understand creatures. Maybe all it had needed was an opportunity for him to open up or it could have been time, either way the first thing that Cale came to understand when he woke up was that his ability had somehow appeared. He didn't feel any different physically but somehow he could feel that things were different.

Hesitating, he eventually put his hand on the lizard that lay on him comfortably, touching its body. Under the light from above he could see the lizard more clearly now closer up, it had a slate grey body with sharp teeth sprouting in its mouth like small rows of daggers, though not exactly small, it was not huge, more like the size of a slightly larger version of a rugby ball. Its body was cool to the touch but also rugged at the same time.

The sensation that he vaguely felt in his dream came tumbling back to him, he somehow had a strange feeling that it had something to do with the creature in his lap, he tried to concentrate once more as he focused on the abstract feeling in his mind. However try as he would, he could not find that feeling again, perhaps he'd been thinking too much. The exhaustion from the battle had already long gone, in fact more than a day had passed already. The bloody scent of the dead Copperskin Cuckoodale still hung in the air. His body was still hurting.

Slowly placing the lizard next to him without waking it up, he hobbled across to the body of the evolved creature. It was still there, it hadn't been a dream, he had amazingly survived a deadly encounter. However his curiosity was still piqued, he wondered if this evolved creature had an energy core fragment, though it wouldn't do him any good now, there was nothing else he could do right now.

Picking a jagged stone from the floor, he picked himself up and tried to scratch away at one of the holes on its body as he enlarged the hole that had already been made by the mist of the corrosive lizard, it'd saved his life. The body was like a husk, no blood seemed to come out, drained dry by the lizard, all that remained was its innards, delving further it didn't take Cale long to make a sizeable hole. However despite the mess he didn't see any signs of an energy core. At least he was out of danger.

One good thing that had come from this situation was that he was currently alive and in no danger. In fact he was fortunate compared to the others in his group who he had been separated with. All he needed to do now was to wait, after all his main worry had been the fact that he would not be rescued in time. It was impossible for the organisation to not take responsibility for what had happened at the very least he knew they would be trying to track him down and find his body, even if he was dead.

Checking the bracelet on his arm which he used to store his credits, he could see that this was still working. This was a good sign as it also functioned as tracker used by the district to bring up where he was. As someone who had been awakened, Cale's value was not so simple as someone who hadn't, it made sense that they would be monitored however the tracker would only be able to display his location at the time it was accessed. For example on the off chance that someone had checked where Cale was at the time he had been fighting the King Moss Beetle they would have known that he was in the abandoned power plant, but the tracker on the bracelet could not record his every motion, it worked in a similar principle to how a radar did. A signal would be sent out from his tracker which could be picked up to determine his current location. This was one of the reasons that Cale felt hopeful after realised he had escaped from danger, there was not much he could now but wait.

Looking back, Cale could see that the lizard had woken up. Just like how he had named Jynx, he had already decided to give it a name, Little Grey. Calling it by its name, it seemed to respond by looking at him before it continued to walk closer to the Copperskin Cuckoodale. Little Grey was after all still a evolved creature that was wild, there was not much Cale could do, it seemed to accept his presence but that was it. Cale watched as it clambered through the hole he had made before it started to feast on the dried meat of the evolved creature.

It looked like the way the lizard attacked was to tenderise its opponents before draining it of its blood. He had mistakenly assumed that the lizard's teeth was only for show, seeing it tear the meat from the Copperskin Cuckoodale, Cale could only helpless sweat. 'I'm glad it likes me...' Standing far away he simple waited as time seemed to pass slowly. The main thing was, he was still alive!
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