I Won't Stop! Chapter 31: Murder in the Cradle


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Cale struggled to get up, seeing that the danger had quickly passed the first thing on his mind was to explore where he was and whether he could escape. Though one of his wrist had been clearly broken and was hurting, he was still able to move and walk. It didn't take him long to reach the end of the cave where the Copperskin Cuckoodale had disappeared too, his recollection of the missions he had looked at eventually brought him to remember what the creature that he was facing was called.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, a disappointed sigh escaped from Cale's mouth as he realised that there was no way to escape, indeed, he was in a cave but one at the side of a cliff. Other than climbing up or climbing down, there was no way to escape, even less had to be said about the injury to his arm, there was no way he could safely return.

The most important thing that Cale had been thinking about was why the Copperskin Cuckoodale had captured him but it didn't take him long to realise that it might be related to the large stone like eggs that he had seen faintly in the deep cave. Panic set in his mind as his body began to shiver looking at the open scene in front of him. 'Is this really the end?' He couldn't help but doubt himself after struggling to get so far.

He had awakened, but he still did not know what his ability was and how he could escape from this place. Who knew if whether the second time that the Copperskin Cuckoodale came back would mean the end of his life that he had struggled so hard for. 'No, I can't give up, I still need to get stronger, I need to find out why my parents disappeared"' Determination welled in his heart as he calmed himself down before moving back into the cave to examine it for any clues or weapons he could use in his situation.

Bringing out the egg of the creature out to the light he could see that it seemed to be slowly beating as if it was trying escape from within. It didn't take him long to figure out that he had been captured to serve as its first meal, it might be better to get rid of it now, despite the looming danger of its parents return, he was sure it would not end well either way. Counting the eggs in front of him, Cale could five plump oval stone like ovals at his feet. Save for one that seemed to be a bit darker, they all seemed to be the same copper grey like colour.

The details of his mission was no longer important, clenching his teeth he immediately brought a jagged stone to smash the eggs. A sharp vibration rang out from his only hand that was still able to grip onto anything as the jarring sound of him hitting the egg sounded in the air. Other than the sound the egg was fine, nothing had changed, it looked like the Copperskin Cuckoodale was not named for its colour, even its egg were like its name sake and strong.

Turning his eyes to the darker coloured egg, Cale wondered if this was mutation or an egg of another species. This time he was more careful in applying force, he had learned from his first lesson. However there was different reaction compared to earlier, the 'tool' in his hand seemed to cause a crack in the egg's surface as it slowly spread out.

Taking a step back, Cale watched as he saw a strange creature come out of the egg. The body of a small lizard that was like slate began to slowly move from inside. Cale was anxious, he didn't know what to do in the situation. However before he could react, the creature seemed to slowly move forward towards him before looking at the other eggs surrounding him. Ignoring him, it cleanly devoured the remnants of its shell before glancing again at the other eggs around him.

It was clear that this was not one of the Copperskin Cuckoodale's eggs, however for some reason it had been mixed up here. A sudden thought appeared in Cale's head as he wondered if he the creature he had seen before had somehow taken over the cave of another creature.

Spraying out a mist from its mouth the lizard's constant hissing could be heard in the quiet air. Cale made no attempts to do anything, he was trapped with no way to escape and it looked like he had another companion. Fortunately the lizard did not move towards him, simply spraying the other eggs with the mist from his breath, Cale watched in surprise as the surface of the shells began to corrode visibly directly in front of him.

A plan immediately came to his mind as he wondered if there was any way he could use this creature to injure the Copperskin Cuckoodale that may arrive at any time. It looked like its abilities were not ordinary, and despite all appearance it had remained neutral to his presence.

The shells of the eggs slowly began to crumble revealing four ill formed creatures resembling the Copperskin Cuckoodale that had appeared earlier. However the moment these younglings appeared as if by some reaction to the exposed air or the reaction of the mist sprayed by the lizard, a gasping noise could be heard as they were choking. But it was at this time that lizard reacted, like lightning it lunged biting across the vulnerable throats of each of the young Copperskin Cuckoodale. Its reaction was fast and decisive underlying its vicious nature. Cale simply watched the scene play out and the subsequent feeding of the lizard as it drank the blood from their bodies.

Cale didn't dare to move, a shiver struck him as he watched this performance. However the silence was soon broken with appearance of new player onto the scene. Th enraged figure of the Copperskin Cuckoodale had arrived on time witnessing the lizard as it finished draining its last meal of blood.
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