I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 222: Heavenly Flames of Judgemen


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The state of the battle began to tilt heavily as the two Gundams entered the fray.

One of the Gundams spewed forth a stream of purple flames from its mouth. The purple flames were imbued with a penetrative frosty aura, almost destroying the Angelic Formation of Five Elements.

"What the hell, these mechanical puppets can use Dark Purple Dragon Flames!"

Augus was forced into retreat by the purple flames with a shocked expression on his face.

These dragon flames were abilities that the Dragon Clan were born with and could not be emulated by any spell techniques. But these metallic Gundams were flipping his understanding on its head.

Even the Return to Void mighty figures on the Blue Sky Plaza furrowed their brows lightly at this as surprise surfaced in their expressions.

The little girl instantly staged retaliation as the pressure on her lessened. She threw fist after fist, each of them extremely simple and crude, but imbued with the power to nullify all spell techniques, instantly shattering the chest of the Fu Hu puppet.

Qing Zhi spat out a mouthful of blood. Even with Shirley relentlessly casting healing spell techniques on him, the damage he received from repeated bouts of backlash was far too much, and he began to kneel onto the ground.

Without a wielder to control them, all the remaining diamond Buddha puppets completely collapsed.

The little girl continued in her relentless attack as she struck out with her fists at the archangel projection in the sky.

The unparalleled power in her fists pulverized mountains as well the ground below her. The archangel projection suffered the bulk of the force and immediately began to flash in and out of existence as it teetered on the brink of collapse.

Augus and the others stumbled in retreat as blood spewed forth from their mouths, but they were still barely maintaining the spell formation.

The diamond Buddha puppets had been vanquished and the Angelic Formation of Five Elements was on the brink of collapse. All of this signified that Augus and the others were truly at the end of the line.

"Apologies in advance, everyone, but please allow me to be selfish and gamble for one last time…"

Augus roared with an apologetic yet determined expression on his face toward the four people behind him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Sacrifice, Heavenly Flames of Judgement!"

The little girl was still in the process of charging toward Augus, but an extremely powerful pillar of white light suddenly descended upon her, forcing her into retreat.

She wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth as she began to make her way toward Augus again with fighting spirit raging in her eyes.

After a devastating battle, she was already quite severely injured, but her combat strength did not diminish.

She was not afraid of the spell technique Augus was about to use, but she knew that it was the right decision to try and prevent him from unleashing the spell.

Two silvery-white figures skirted around the little girl and pounced toward Augus.

The archangel projection dissipated into particles of light which began to envelop the spell formation. Two white spears of light shot forth from the spell formation at unimaginable speeds and instantly pierced through the bodies of Gundam Number One and Gundam Number Two.

"Commence the sacrifice."

Augus' voice began to become cold and emotionless. Shirley stared at his figure with a conflicted expression before finally accepting his decision and closing her eyes.

Dong Yan, Qing Xin, and Qing Zhi were all quite perplexed. They only realized what just happened when the spell formation began to draw vital energy from their bodies.

The Angelic Formation of Five Elements began to absorb everyone's vital energy as a holy light burst forth. Prior to this, they had voluntarily injected their own vital energy into the spell formation, but now the spell formation had completely taken the initiative as it sucked in their vital energy with no restraint.

"Ah! Stop! If the spell formation keeps sucking away my vital energy, I won't even be able to put up a fight!" Dong Yan roared as she charged toward the edge of the spell formation in a bid to escape its suction force.

She had retained some strength to fight for the holy grail after the little girl was defeated, but his remaining strength was being sucked away at an alarming rate, leaving him extremely weak and depleted.


She collided with the edge of the spell formation but was forced back by the power of the holy light.

"Amitabha, Augus, why would you go so far…" Qing Zhi stared at Augus with a perplexed expression.

As the center of the spell formation, Augus was paying the heaviest price out of anyone right now. Not only was his vital energy rapidly dissipating, but even his mental energy and consciousness were also becoming extremely weak as his aura diminished to a state akin to that of an old man on his deathbed.

The spell formation continued to absorb everyone's power with no reservation.

White feathers imbued with a mysterious power began to flutter into the sky before merging together.


The little girl pounced but was once again knocked back by the holy light.

The five people inside the spell formation had already collapsed to the ground. They no longer even had the energy to stand, but the spell formation was still relentlessly absorbing every last ounce of their energy…

The feathers merged to form a slowly-rotating whirlpool in the sky. It began to expand and soon covered a radius of thousands of meters, almost obscuring the entirety of the sky above them.

A golden flame burned in the heart of the whirlpool, within which contained an extremely fearsome destructive power which seemed like it could engulf and destroy all things in this world.

An Lin stared up at the terrifying whirlpool in the air and immediately summoned the Gundams to protect him.

"Master, due to heavy damage to internal components, self-regeneration has been activated, there is now insufficient energy…"

Gundam Number One and Gundam Number Two spoke in unison.

The puncture wounds in their chests from the spears of light had already been sealed, but the glow in their eyes was beginning to slowly diminish.

An Lin winced. Can't you f*cking leave self-regeneration until later? What the hell are you trying to pull by doing this while still in battle?!

"Heavenly Flames of Judgement, descend." Augus made a slashing motion with his arm down at the little girl.

The little girl clenched her delicate fists as she planted her feet beneath her at shoulder width with an adorably stoic expression. She stared up at the whirlpool in the sky as a solemn expression began to appear on her face.

The golden flames from the center of the whirlpool descended with the power to cleanse heaven and earth and vaporize all things in its wake before engulfing the entire mountain.

From afar, it looked like a huge golden pillar which was supporting the heavens. The flames lit up the entire night sky, creating a vast and mighty spectacle that evoked fear in all onlookers.

An Lin raised his head to stare up at the devastating technique and only had time to bring out the black brick as a means of protection. The Prismatic Barrier had also appeared around him at some point in time.

Immediately afterward, they were engulfed by boundless light and heat…

A sky-splitting rumbled began to reverberate between heaven and earth.

On the Blue Sky Plaza, the crystal screen was once again taken over by a golden light.

The tens-of-thousands of spectators were in shock at the devastating power of Augus' final attack. They then came to senses.

There was no more commotion, only deathly silence.

Everyone held their breaths in anticipation as they stared up at the crystal screen, waiting for the final result.

The light receded and the whirlpool in the sky dissipated.

The once tall and proud mountain had been reduced to dust. The ground was littered with countless shards of rock and stone, some of which were still glowing red and emitting black smoke as a show of just how terrifying the heavenly flames were.

A series of golden barriers shone lightly among the vast expanse of rock shards.

Dong Yan, Qing Zhi, Qing Xin, Augus, Liu Qianhuan, Shirley…

All of them were severely injured, and if it wasn't for the golden defensive barriers, they would all have been cremated by now.

Dong Yan, Qing Xin, and Liu Qianhuan had fallen into unconsciousness, while the others struggled to keep their eyelids open. Augus and Shirley enveloped their wings around themselves in a semi-circle but were still unable to escape the devastating power of the heavenly flames.

All the spectators on the Blue Sky Plaza stared blankly at the scene before them, their hearts filled with a conflicted feeling.

The Heavenly Flames of Judgement were unimaginably powerful, so it wasn't a surprising result that all the representatives fell to the technique.

"So basically, Augus just blasted both his friends and enemies to death with his finishing technique?"

"I don't know why, but I suddenly recalled God An's Nuclear Lightning Fist."

"Bullsh*t! God An's Nuclear Lightning Fist only blasts his own teammates."

"Augus sure did try his best to try and obtain the holy grails, it's a pity that he went too hard and was unable to save even himself."

"Perhaps he's trying to prove himself by doing this. You have to admit, that last technique is worthy of our respect and admiration!"

Vice-Principal Yu Hua sighed and began to make announcements in a clear voice.

"Buddhist Kingdom, Qing Zhi, Qing Xin, eliminated."

"Garden of Eden, Augus, Shirley, eliminated."

"Hall of Creation, Dong Yan, eliminated."

"Heavenly Court, Liu Qianhuan, An…"

Yu Hua suddenly faltered and began to scan the image on the crystal screen with a puzzled expression.

Everyone on the plaza also realized something and gradually began to become excited.

"Eh, I feel like I didn't see God An on the screen."

"Yeah, I was a bit shocked by the heavenly flames earlier so I've only just realized this too."

"Could he have been buried into the ground?"

"God An is too badass for that to happen to him!"

All the students became more and more excited as they speculated among themselves. They all gazed up at the screen, hoping to find the person in question.

Vice-Principal Yu Hua was also doing the same thing.

In the end, they discovered a huge black brick.

The brick was still vibrating slightly, and a low, anguished male voice sounded from beneath it.


"Someone, please come save me…"
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