I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human Chapter 14: Chapter 7.1


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'What frightens me more is that you're just using your senses to see me, am I right? You're not even using magic, you freak.'

<...That is correct.>

My lips twitched as the deep voice honestly admitted. I recalled again the unfairness of the world. While I suffered for hundreds of years just to acquire my power, some people are just naturally born with it. 'Luck, skills, techniques: all is nothing in the face of unrivaled talent.' I learned it the hard way.

'Don't worry, I have no reason to. But can I ask something?'

The voice took his time before giving a reply.

Curving my lips upwards, I asked the question I have in mind ever since he spoke.

'You're... not the God who is behind this thing, am I right?'

He admitted it instantly.

'And I take it that your God doesn't have any other ulterior motives in sending this thing?'

Banished? Son? Sounds like a family problem to me. A trouble I'd like to avoid at all cost. But as a test, I asked a slightly daring question.

'If so, you wouldn't mind at all if I steal this hammer, would you?'

The voice went silent for a long time this time. Then, a resolute reply came.

'Don't casually throw in foreshadows like that. Besides, I'm just kidding. I knew it the moment I saw the hammer that it won't accept me... Oh, and one last thing.'


The voice waited for me while I prepared to cast a special magic.

"I don't like getting monitored."

Unique tier space magic [Perfect Barrier of Interference: Dragonian].

The Dragon species, which are known to be detached from the world, especially made this barrier to avoid Gods' eyes. Adding to that, magic spells that have an adjective in their names are not only there for show. The magic's name is the essence of the magic itself. Meaning, creating a magic spell with the word 'Perfect' attached in it is considered one of the greatest achievement a sorcerer can achieve.

In short, it is safe to say that that guy couldn't monitor me or my surroundings ever again, no matter how strong his senses are. Of course, I was curious about the 'banishment' of the son too. However, it's not the reason why he was banished I was curious about, but the 'process' of his banishment.

I mean come on, from that guy's tone and all, it already screams of the word 'otherworlder'. Or else, how can you explain a being that can see me and talk to me without using magic at all?

In the end, what I'm trying to say to you is: they must've used a teleportation magic strong enough to travel through worlds, am I right? My past life's failure is just on the other side of that world...

I am lying to myself if I said I'm not curious even one bit on how they managed to do that. But despite all of that, I chose to ask less; because the less I know, the less chance I'll get involved in their matters.


Somewhere else; where the planet isn't round, and it doesn't revolve nor rotate.

A lone figure can be seen standing inside what seems like an observatory. The observatory is made up of some sort of gold-like metal. It was round in shape with a pointed cone on top. Weirdly enough, it was also connected to a rainbow-like glass bridge.

Inside the observatory, the said figure was equipped in an expensive looking armor. The armor was a gold metal chest plate that extended into shoulder guards, worn over simple brown clothing. He also had a golden horned helmet. The figure wore black pants, gold boots and arm-bracers.

The colors of his eyes were glowing in a mysterious bright orange.

"He's gone."

The man mumbled with a deep voice. He held a massive sword in front of him.

"A mortal who can hide under my watch..."

It was the deep voice that Finn heard earlier.

"I suppose there's always a thing for a first."

The man closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, it was no longer glowing in bright orange. It turned back to its normal amber color.


Lynn's POV

Finn said that he failed to find anything weird about the hammer, but I didn't believe him. I mean, he stood for an entire 20 minutes just standing there, you know? Who can stand for an entire 20 minutes staring on a hammer? He's absolutely not being honest, you know?

But being a wonderful and understanding girl I am, I agreed to go back to the town. Reluctantly, okay?

On our way back, we passed by a convoy of several black cars heading towards the crater. It's the typical black cars=secret agents cliché!

As I pulled the driver's sleeves to make a U-turn order, Finn stopped me. He said that "the car doesn't have enough gasoline, so we'll just check it tomorrow. Good grief"

Apparently, the car won't have enough gasoline if we'll make a U-turn towards the crater again for another 25 miles and another 50 miles just to go back in town.

I reluctantly agreed again. No choice. Even though Finn is supposed to be my assistant...

We chose the town first and planned to go and check the crater before we return to New York tomorrow.
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