I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) Chapter 28: Chapter 14.1


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As I thought, the battle quickly led to bloodshed. My undead army relentlessly pursued and attacked the Lemurian soldiers. Even if the undeads were shot with ray cannons and power tridents, more bones would quickly replace it and they would continue to move forward like a mindless robot.

No matter what the soldiers do, there's only one conclusion to them. They were chomped, crushed, and eaten whole by the undeads. Intestines and brain matters floated about, painting the sea red. Even after the soldiers die, their bodies ended up being supplements to the undead.

Even the rebel army couldn't help but shudder at the sight. The city of Lemuria was quickly consumed by chaos.

Of course, the undead army is only ordered to attack the soldiers. The innocent civilians were spared from their ruthlessness. Obviously, it would be pointless to win this battle if all the citizens of Lemuria were to die. In the first place, the rebel army started their cause to free the citizens from King Merro's cruel hands.

Ah, but King Merro's army also didn't give up that easily. After the undead army and the rebel army reached the city wall, their aquatic crafts started to appear one after another. Hundred patrol crafts and pincer tanks; 20 heavily armored Transport Turtles with huge ray cannons on their backs; and finally, two 20-meter war submarine.

The submarines were equipped with a particle-beam cannon that can wipe out the undead on its path. I said 'wipe out' because the undead literally turned into nothingness. It spared nothing in its path, be it undead or Lemurians.

Deeming it as a threat, I ordered the undead Super Megalodon to bring it down. The Megalodon roared and went straight towards one of the submarines. The submarine, in retaliation, successively fired particle beams at the Megalodon. The submarine was also not dawdling while firing. It was retreating backward, away from the Megalodon. More critically, its speed is almost on par with the Megalodon.

By the time the Megalodon reached the submarine, it was already riddled with holes. Its grandeur appearance earlier turned slightly awful. Nevertheless, it opened its massive jaw and chomped the submarine in half. The submarine exploded.

Feeling the danger, the other submarine started charging all of its particle-beam cannons. It didn't move in its place like the other submarine. It seems like it converted all of its energy in this one shot.

The Megalodon faced it without fear. In the first place, undead doesn't feel any fear. So it opened its jaws once again while charging towards the submarine. In no time at all, the Megalodon reached the submarine.

The two met.

At the same instance that the Megalodon closed its jaws, the submarine fired the overcharged particle cannon. Both of them exploded in flames. No matter how hard the Megalodon's bones were, it was still, in the end, a product of smaller creatures' remains. Naturally, it was not invincible.

"And I thought that Megalodon was cool too. What a shame..." I sighed at the loss and observed the actual battlefield.

The undead whales and great sharks engaged the aquatic crafts. They gnawed and tackled the aquatic crafts until it turned into pieces. Some of the bigger undead even directly swallowed some patrol crafts. It took no time at all to reduce their numbers to none.

Meanwhile, the rebel army hid behind the walls and corals while shooting at the Lemurian soldiers. Mara led the army while inching slowly towards the palace. However, their pace in advancing is rather slow. I noticed that while they indeed have sufficient weapons, their number is not enough compared to the soldiers and their aquatic crafts. Thus, I have no choice but to speed things up a bit.

Earth magic's [Create Magical Golems: Sand]

At that moment, the seabed shook. 3 gigantic elongated heads popped out, all of them made out of sands. Their body's at least 20-meter long with a girth of a school bus. The golems' mouth occupied 90% if its head. Thousands of grinding teeth filled its abyss-like mouth. It's the golems of the Devouring Sandworms.

The 3 sandworm golems wiggled its way into the ranks of the Lemurian soldiers. The screams and the sound of bones being crushed mixed, creating a beautiful harmony. Standing on top of the city wall, every swipe of my hand resulted in the deaths of Lemurian soldiers. It was no different from an orchestra; with me being the God of Death as the conductor and their screams as my symphony.

After that, it only took 30 minutes of time until the rebel army finally reached doors of the Royal Palace with the littlest casualties. Even though they've been battling for almost an hour against an army ten times their size, they look even more invigorated than before. Their morale hit its peak. All because the goal that they've always wanted, was right in front of their grasp.


Just before the rebel army could enter the Royal Palace's doors, a figure in glittering golden armor stepped out on the Palace's balcony. He stood there grandly while overlooking the rebels like ants.

"That's King Merro..." I heard Mara's mutter.

At the same time her voice resounded, King Merro spoke.

"You've done well advancing until here, rebels of the Empire. However, this is as far as you can go. No matter whom you seek help with, you cannot defeat me."

While wondering where his confidence came from, I saw him taking out an object from his back. The object had a peculiar shape and writings, its insides were clearly hollow. King Merro took out a spiraling bugle-horn.

The moment it appeared, a chill ran up my spine. I wanted to stop it at all cost, but King Merro already blew the horn. A loud but deep sound was heard. After that, the earth trembled greatly. Outside the city of Lemuria, a deep crack was formed. The crack slowly widened, and then finally, "it" came out.

A creature that is much bigger than the Megalodon. It had eight tentacles, each one measuring about 50 meters in length. The tentacles have hundreds and thousands of suction cups. The creature's yellow eyes glared right at me.

The embodiment of despair itself appeared.

"The Kraken..."

I don't know whose trembling voice it was but yes, it was a Kraken that appeared.

"Rejoice! For you have seen the grandeur of the mighty Kraken! Consider yourselves blessed to die under its hands!"

While King Merro shouted in frenzy, the rebel army shook from fear.

At that moment, a thought flashed in my mind.

"I wonder what deep-fried Kraken tastes like..."
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