I Got Reincarnated Into Another World with an Obscure Powerset Chapter 7: Emotions Carry More Weight Than What One Thinks...


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Around 2 minutes have passed since we were released from the strange interrogation about 'Cellular Telephones'.
-The weirdest thing about that isn't that we had to be aggressively interrogated about some damn phones in an alternate world, No, the strangest thing about this whole thing is the person sitting next to me. I can somewhat understand being unsatisfied or annoyed at the event that just occurred, but the intense irritated aura that I feel being released from my left is truly bizarre. I don't really understand why The Girl is so irritated, I mean I'm the one left with most mental damage after the event.
Did I do something wrong…?
Was that interrogation really that harsh, and I'm just way too used to suffering and pain…?
Am I overly overthinking this whole scenario since it doesn't seem that bad honestly..?
I don't know, And I sure do not have the guts to ask.
I'm sure as hell not going to die again, and certainly not by asking The Girl 'What's wrong?' and the response being 20 quiet, but significant, shoulder taps.
I don't want to waste time just sitting here either… So I have to do something.
What brilliant plan can my brain come up with? Let's see...-
In order to assess the current situation, I very slowly turned my head to the left so that I could see the whole expression that was made.
It wasn't until I actually saw The Girl's face that I noticed something, she was whispering something very quietly.
I also noticed something else in that exact moment, a fact that I would get moderately annoyed at.
Not only do they dare to give me these shitty powers, but they also take away the abilities I already had! I used to pride myself on my hearing, I was able to hear pretty darn well and used to humble-brag about it constantly.
If it were me from before, I would definitely be able to hear what she's whispering right now.
I swear, if I ever meet Oraine again, She'll have a taste of my anger!-
But for me to develop the ultimate plan, I needed to hear what she was whispering about so that I could get a hint to her problems.
I slowly and carefully went through the different items in the lobby to see what I could use as an item to fix my newly-found defect.
This was quite tense for me since at any moment, The Girl could've stopped whispering and therefore leaving me without a clue as to her problems are.
- Hmm… Let's see…
I can't pretend to fall right next to her since that would stop her whispering and she would even perhaps get mad at me.
I suppose I have no choice but to do this new thing that popped up in my mind once I remembered the interrogation, very convenient indeed.-
I slowly rose up from my seat and carefully sneaked away from The Girl's field of view, and eventually her peripheral vision as well. Because she was quite absorbed into her thinking, she didn't notice me.
I crouched down and waltzed around the lobby couch and behind the seat that The Girl was sitting in. Once I was behind The Girl, I tried concentrating on listening once again. But, as I expected, I heard nothing. That's where I decided to use the incredibly original idea that I came up with.
I took up a piece of paper that I'd found on the small table that neighbored the lobby couch, I folded the paper into a circle and placed it by my ear and pointed it at the whispering The Girl.
Finally, I was able to decipher something from what she was saying.
Very quietly, I could hear The Girl whispering
"I knew this world sucked, when you try and do something, you just get shot down..."
When I heard the words that were uttered, I instantly knew what to do in order to help the situation. I once again sneaked back to the lobby couch and quietly sat down at my spot once again. I stretched out my arms into the air and suddenly screamed
"This world sure sucks, am I right? I can't believe that all of these stupid things have been happening..."
But instead of the reaction that I expected, being a cheerful chuckle, I got an even more annoyed The Girl who stood up and screamed
"And who's fault is that!?"
She then ran up to me and punched me after tapping her shoulder once.
Instantly, I flew a couple of meters back upon the impact
"WHAT!? What did I do?"
That was the phrase that I decided to use, but even if you gave it a couple of seconds of thought, you'd realize that I had actually done quite a lot fuck-ups during the one day that we'd been here.
Upon realizing the position I was in, I immediately backed up a couple of meters. But The Girl didn't run up to me and punch me with a full-blown 20% attack. No, instead she looked down at the ground with a delicate sense of melancholy and said
"I guess it's the same in this world. When one tries to help, people ignore and walk past you. I went to this world with a hope that it would be different, with a sense of confidence that I'd be able to help people and grow as a person. You might not have done a lot, Markus, but when you ignored my hand back there, I really felt the same as in our previous world."
At this point, a single and lonely tear slid down the left cheek of The Girl. The once annoyed tone that was felt throughout the room was not swapped for a thicker and sadder one. She continued her monologue
And I don't like that. I really want to grow as a person and help people, that's been my ambition ever since childhood.
But why can't I?
Why am I never able to actually do something to help people?
Why do people ignore me when once I actually try to help?
I don't understand…
At all..."
One quick glance at The Girl's face, and you would see the worn soul of a girl trying her best to achieve her goal. One would also see a young girl trying her best to hold her tears back, to avoid a full-on breakdown.
At this moment, I feel an incredible amount of guilt within me.
I didn't even notice that she was trying to help me…
This must've been something that's been building up for quite some time, if that event before was enough to trigger something like this.
Just what did The Girl experience in her previous life? I don't even want to start thinking about it.-
The air had gotten a sour awkward feeling to it, since I just stood there like an idiot, reaching out my hand a bit without knowing what to say. But what should someone do in a situation like that?
At that moment, a sharp memory came flying into my head from my previous life. A memory that was extremely painful, and reminded me of one of the big moments in my life where I truly failed and screwed up.

The Memory starts playing inside my head.
At a small playground, a silver-haired girl sat down on one of the swings and lightly swung it back and forth.
The tears on the silver-haired girl's cheek signaled the previous me of a big problem.
Right as the girl was about to open her mouth and speak, I shook my head out of the sheer will of not having to endure that again.
But the message that the memory carried still resonated within me: 'I always unintentionally cause trouble for others.'
That had always been the case, for some bizarre reason.
This was no different.
But I wasn't going to let something like what happened in that memory happen to me again.

I tried to stay strong at the moment with The Girl, I even made a fist outta my hand and squeezed it for some distraction. But in the end, the emotions got the better of me and two tears ran down my cheeks.
The Girl noticed this and commented quietly
"Why are you also crying?"
I squeezed my fist even harder and said
"I always cause unintended harm to people..."
Yet another tear slid down.
The Girl simply paused and waited for me to continue.
I continued
"By dying, I caused harm to all of the people who cared for me in the previous world.
By being weak, I caused harm to Maira, who had to endure her supposed 'savior' being beaten up right in front of her.
By being stupid, I ended up spilling important information that was supposed to be secret.
And by being ignorant, I ended up hurting you and your confidence."
At this point, more tears were pouring down.
To finish my monologue, I bowed down 90 degrees and half-shouted
"I'M SORRY THE GIRL! For hurting you, and bringing down your hope and self-confidence. I hope that you understand that--
that it wasn't my intention to do so."

After finishing the sentence, I fell down to the floor out of exhaustion.
If an outsider saw this whole scene and found out about the context to it. They might have said something like 'this is so stupid, pretty much nothing happened and they're crying this much over it.'.
But I think that it went deeper than that, this was a result of pent up anger and sadness being spilled into a single moment. The only thing that triggered it was one single event that happened a couple of minutes ago.
The Girl looked at me with surprise, a kind of surprise that she hadn't experienced before.
The Girl slowly approached me and crouched down before me, she then placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled lightly, with one tear still dripping down her left cheek.
She then said
"It's okay now. Now when I know that it was a misunderstanding, my hope for this world is up again."
I slowly rose my head up against her, with quite an ugly face. I said
"Really? Well, you know how you talked about wanting to help other people?"
The Girl simply nodded slowly to show her understanding.
I then continued
"Could you help me?"
The Girl asked
"With what?"
I paused for a moment, before saying
"PLEASE don't leave me after two months! I'm scared, I got left here with these really weak powers and I've just had bad luck ever since I came here. I don't think I can survive here alone. I'm begging you, The Girl!"
The Girl was taken aback and blushed upon hearing what I said.
The Girl then smiled warmly at me, whilst keeping that red face, and said
"O-Okay, I suppose I don't have a choice."
I swept my hand across my face to clear the tears away and said
"That's great! Well, The Girl, my new companion, I look forward to working with you."
The Girl slowly stood up and said
"Yeah, me too."

To the two that were involved, that event meant a lot. But to the others in the room, including the girl that was now standing to the left of the lobby couch, that whole scene was extremely weird.
The girl decided to approach me and said awkwardly
"I don't mean to interrupt anything here, but could I please get that paper you're holding there."
The moment both of us realized that we had just cried in front of a bunch of people, we instantly started blushing in extreme embarrassment.
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