I Don't Love You Chapter 6: Why Wouldn't I Touch My Future Wife?


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As much as I try to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from my throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping.

I look away as soon as our eyes met, it was as if he was sending an unexplainable message with his eyes. Even though his facial shows me that he doesn't care... his eyes tells me something different.

I sniff, with my block nose and puffy eyes, looking around. I can't wear a mask and fool Jungkook like how I fool the public. It's as if he can see right through me.

I continue to walk towards him until he suddenly grabs me by the wrist, " Are you okay? " Jungkook asks with his deep, comforting voice. " Why do you care? " I roll my eyes as I shake my hands out of his grip.

I feel him coming closer to me as if he was going to hug me until I heard a voice, grabbing my attention.

It was Mingyu, "Yoon Byeol-ah, what are you doing here?", " Excuse me but can you leave me and my fiancee alone? " Jungkook pulls me aside and confronts Mingyu who was standing a view inches away with a pitch black suit and well-defined body.

" Mingyu, take me home, " I said shaking my hands but Jungkook was holding my fragile wrist hard, " Jungkook, let go of me, " I said trying to get out but he holds on as if he didn't want me to go.

" Jungkook, let go of me! You're hurting me!" I complained, there were tears in my eyes because of the pain on the wrist. I swear it is purple because my wrist is small for his big hands.

" She told you to let go... Why wouldn't you just let her go?!" Mingyu yells, startling me a little bit, " because she is soon to be my wife... Why would I let her spend the night with some stranger?" Jungkook pulls me back to his side.

This is the longest time someone has ever held my wrist. It's weird. Jungkook and Mingyu glare at each other as if they were wild beasts ready to tear each other to shreds, " I will go with Mingyu " I confirm, feeling Jungkook's grip loosen in surprise. We leave... just like that, leaving Jungkook alone.

9:30, Mingyu's Apartment.

I look out the window with a sad expression on my face, I don't understand what was going to through my mind at this rate. I let out a big sigh to feel Mingyu's hand on my shoulder, " You okay? You seem out of it today " Mingyu smile softly.

A small smile form on my face, " I'm fine, thank you " I blush cutely. " By the way... you never told me your answer. We kissed. This that a yes? " Mingyu smirks. I nod my head shyly to feel him wrapping his around my body.

I smile as I lean in to kiss him until from nowhere was the sound of my phone ringing. Best timing. " Hello? " my voice shakes in nervousness with my cheeks burning bright red, " Did you see the news? Our parents announced our wedding to the public. Please come to my house, we really need to talk " Jungkook's voice was sweet and heartwarming in this winter.

" I'm sorry but I have to go... " I said, packing my things until I feel Mingyu's arms wrapping around me from the back, " Baby, don't go... You need me. You can't sleep without me remember? " Mingyu asks as he kisses my neck, leaving a hickey. That's true... I keep having nightmares but... I really need to go

10:00, Jungkook's House

" Are you happy now? You got what you wanted " I said as soon as I enter Jungkook's house, plotting myself on the sofa. " No.. no. This is not what I wanted Yeon Byeol-ah " Jungkook explains as he sits down next to me. " I never wanted this... It's just -"

" Yeah, you and your excuses " I roll my eyes, folding my arms. " We need to walk the red carpet and confirm everything... Are you willing to do it? " Jungkook looks directly at me making me blush, " I don't have a choice do I " I sigh to see him slowly nodding.

" It's getting late and we have a big day ahead of us... You can sleep in my room. " Jungkook smiles, " Let's not fall for it Cha Yeon Byeol " I warn myself as I open his bedroom door to see an open space with a big bed out of nowhere. It was so clean, I mean what do you expect from someone who has Mysophobia?

I lay down with open arms, I fell in love with his bed. It was so soft! As I lay there in the darkness, I feel this blackness come over me. Like a blanket, but not a blanket of warmth but a blanket of coldness making me shiver. But somehow it's making my eyes fee; heavier as I start to drift off until I feel something warm on my hand.

I knew that it was Jungkook so I did not dare to open my eyes, " Yeon Byeol-ah... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I can't give you the life you dreamt of, That dream where you get to marry a handsome, touchable husband. I'm sorry that I am who I am " Jungkook softly mutters under his breath, I don't know if he is crying but... those words were so painful to hear

" You know, as soon as the news came out... My doctor told me that I shall live a happy life with you because he has never seen me in contact with anyone... he told me to be confident and that if I am confident. I can touch you as much as I want " he explains making me have this urge to hug him...

" So I decide to be strong and hold your hands like I always wanted to... I thought about it so many times and this question always pops up in my head - Why wouldn't I touch my future wife? " Jungkook questions himself as he holds onto my hand, never wanting to let go.

" At this rate... you may think I'm using your body because your is the only thing I can touch but... I need you Yeon Byeol-ah"

7: 30, Shopping Mall

I came out of the changing room with a creamy sheet of the peachy silk dress slip onto my shoulders, peppering my body with soft, sensual kisses. Like a lover, it seduced the senses and conveyed with the utmost skill of art pleasing.

Jungkook's jaw drops in surprise making me feel like a very happy bride even though it was for my wedding dress yet. I love his reaction. I smile softly to myself, " Is it okay? " I ask to see Jungkook blinking a few times to come back to his sense, " Of course " he smiles.

Jungkook let out his hands for me to hold them but I look up at him, " What are you doing? Aren't you scared? Why do you want to suddenly touch me? I ask with my left eyebrow lifted, " Why wouldn't I touch my future wife? " Jungkook smiles

" What? So you're going to use my hands because they are the only thing you can touch? " I ask with a grin on my face. " Fine... Under one condition. Since I don't love you, I will meet Mingyu every night before bed so what do you want in return? " I ask as I fold my arms.

" Give me your body "
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