I Don't Love You Chapter 2: Who Am I To You?


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He said he loved me and I took him at his word. He said I was his soul mate and over the years he became part of the bedrock of my personality. What is this now?

I stood there as tears rush down my cheeks. "Bebe, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Mingyu asks with a soft tone. "Come here... " He said, taking off my jacket but under my jacket was my lingerie.

He stops all of his movements and looks at me. "Are you thirsty for me?" Mingyu smirks. I look away, putting my jacket back on, leaving Mingyu dumbfounded.

"I'm going to sleep at a friends house tonight," I said coldly. "What? Why? You were ready for me... -"

" I was never ready for this Mingyu..." I said, cutting him off. I open the front door to see Jungkook outside. Just then, I felt something heavy in my chest which made my eyes all watery again.

"J-Jungkook..." I feel relief and sad at the same time. I burst out crying as I walk up to him. He walks up closer to me slowly and pulls me, wrapping his arms around me.

His embrace was warm, and his big, strong arms seemed very protective when wrapped around my frail body. The world around me melted away as I squeezed him back, not wanting the moment to end.

This was the first time ever to be touched by Jungkook - The CEO Of J-One Group... This feels awesome. Maybe this is why... he doesn't like touching girls because they can get addicted to this?

Although I was happy to have someone who is always there for me when I'm sad... I always wonder why? Why would Jungkook do this?

" Hey! What do you think you're doing to my girlfriend?!" Mingyu yells as he pulls me back towards him.

" Mingyu... Let's end this... " I said, slowly getting out of his grip. Silence fills the air as Jungkook nor Mingyu spoke another word.

" You going to end it like this? In front of your husband?" Mingyu ask. My eyes widen, they haven't announced anything to the public that we are married and we didn't even have our wedding yet...

" W-What do.. you mean? I-"

"Yoon Byeol-ah... you think you can lie to me? " Mingyu smirks.

"I never plan to lie to you! Don't act all innocent Mingyu." I said, tears falling down to my chin.

" I know what you've been doing behind my back... " I said, struggling to continue.

" I never did anything Yoon Byeol-ah... I-"

" Do you think I'm stupid?! How can you continue lying to me when you know what you did!? " I scream with tears continuously falling. I look a mess.

"Lisa... Whatever her name is... Did she give you that much pleasure to forget I even existed? " I ask with my voice shaking. Mingyu eyes were wide open, he knew he was done.

" Let's go Jungkook, " I said, glaring at Mingyu. I walk away with Jungkook following behind me.

In the car~

I look pale and lifeless as I stare blankly out the window. It was awkwardly quite but all I could think about was Mingyu and that video.

I sigh, I recall what had happened a few minutes ago. " U-uh.. thanks for helping me out today, " I said without looking Jungkook.

" I-I'm sorry for what happened " Jungkook sigh. " It's not your fault... W-why did you hug me? " I ask curiously because he has never even laid a finger on me.

" Why would you plan to give everything to a man who cheated on you? " Jungkook ask. Either of us wanted to answer anything of those questions.

I bite my lip, eyes nowhere but on Jungkook. We were home. Then he moves closer with those eyes that look so deeply into my own, "Do you still love him?" he asks.

"Of course... we've been together for 4 years now... " I said with teary eyes... what's wrong with me?

"Since we only sign the papers.. we can always cancel our wedding" he forces a smile but I knew deep inside he didn't mean any of those words.

" You can touch me now? Why? Why so suddenly? " I ask. " I can't touch you... Not because I don't want to but because.. I'm afraid " he states, looking down with a heavy tone.

" Then.. what was that? " I ask. " I force myself to hug you... you really needed at that time. " He said, opening the door and getting out.

So.. all of those were for nothing? Here I thought he did it because he is starting to at least like me...

"So.. the rumors are true? " I ask as soon as I got out of the car to see him turning back with eyes wide open.

" Y-yeah... the rumors are true... And, you married me despite the rumor. That's why... I wanted to at least make you feel like a wife as much as I can.. " Jungkook added with a sad and light tone.

We stood there, staring at each other for a while and continue doing our own thing. He went to his room and I close my bedroom door to see my room was neat and tidy...

"He has Mysophobia," I said to myself as I drop on the ground. I had this heavy and painful feeling in my chest? I don't understand what I am doing or what I am thinking about. My head is a mess! I've completely lost it!

10:00 pm, at night

I walk out of my room in my lingerie, freaking hot in the early winter. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink of water when I realize Jungkook was just standing a few inches away from me with a glass of water in his hands, just staring at my body... I froze.

Then I hear him choking on his water as he starts coughing. I scream and pull him by the hair, dragging him and punching him. He screams in pain, making me realize what I was doing.

I stop to see him just looking at me again. I cover my chest, creating an X sign over my chest, " YA! You pervert! Where do you think you're looking at?! " I yell. " Why would you just walk out like that in the first place? I see you were really trying to give it all today" he smirks.

I feel my blood rushing to my cheeks, causing my cheeks to turn bright red as I bounce with hiccups. I didn't know what to do! What kind of situation is this?! This type of situation is straight from Korean Dramas! What in the world does he think he is?!

"Ya! Don't look at me!" I said, throwing couch pillows at him. "Fine! Then go away!" he yells, covering his eyes yet I still don't believe that he was completely covering his eyes.

I rush back to my room and slam the door behind me. Then a heavy sigh escapes my mouth in relief. "I won't be able to face him tomorrow! You stupid" I said to myself as I hit my own head in embarrassment.

Next Day~

I walk inside the J-One company, ignoring Jungkook as much as I can. Don't even think about what happened in the car! I didn't even dare to look at him! I was too embarssed!

There was an elevator a few meters away, I rush and walk as casual looking as possible when all of a sudden, I hear my co-workers calling my name. I turn around and greet them. Jungkook somehow catches up to me.

He enters the elevator as he looks at me with that same look as last night, " Aren't you coming in? " he asks with a small grin. I roll my eyes and enter with a male co-worker who was standing next to me.

" Oh! Good Morning Ms. Cha " he smiles as he puts his hands around my shoulder like we're are close friends. We do know each other well since we work together a lot.

He is my partner almost every day so I didn't really think of it as much until Jungkook suddenly push his hands off my shoulder, which startled me a bit. " Can you not do that to her?" Jungkook asks with this weird expression on his face. It was something I've never seen before.

" Ms. Cha, do you know this man? " my co-worker asks. For a second I was going to tell him that Jungkook was my husband but... we both haven't agreed to reveal it in public yet. " I'm the CEO here and if you touch this woman like that again. You're going to be fired" he suddenly sound angry.

I gave him the death glare and then smile at my co-worker, signaling him that everything was okay. We finally arrive at the 7th floor, my co-worker and I both bow to Jungkook as the door opens.

Whatever on the other side of that door shock me. It was Kim Mingyu. " Do you have a minute? " he softly smiles, knowing that I would not be able to say "No" to that smile.

"No, she has a meeting with me right now" Jungkook suddenly walks forward, coldly glaring at Mingyu. Then Jungkook grabs me by the wrist and drags me to his office.

I froze again. My heart was racing for some reason. Was it because of Mingyu suddenly showing up or Jungkook holding me by the wrist?

" Why did you do that Jungkook? " I ask, to see Jungkook just typing something on his computer completely ignoring my question. " Jungkook I asked you a question! " I yelled, closing his laptop. He didn't say anything but playing with his pen, biting his lips he finally looks at me. " What?" He asks

" Why did you bring me here? You told me you have Mysophobia... if it's like that then why do you keep touching me? " I ask, curious about his answer. " I-I don't know.. " he sighs.

" What? " I ask in disbelief. " I don't know why I keep touching you... I don't know what was going through my mind... I am risking my life to touch you.." he said with an explainable look in his eyes.

"Who am I to you? For you to be able to touch me like this? " I ask, looking deep in his eyes.

" Who am I to you? For you to be able to live with a person like me? " I ask again.
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