I Can't Stop to Love You Chapter 4: He Come to Ask about The New Dolls


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"Miss Jiang, please give me the melon breads," a woman asked to Qianru who was busy putting hot breads into the cake case.

"Fine, madam. How many do you want to buy?" Qianru asked cheerfully. The woman who want to buy the bread raised her hands.

"Six melon breads," she replied. Qianru nodded her head. She took a paper bag and put melon bread into the bag. She then gave the paper bag to the buyer. The buyer paid with a credit card, Qianru nodded her head and took care of the payment.

"You are getting busy, Miss Jiang. I waited long enough to be able to buy your bread," the buyer said after receiving her credit card again.

Qianru feels guilty after heard her words. This buyer is her shop's subscription. However, lately she is got more new customer, even her regular customer cant buy her breads again.

The buyers who come to her shop are getting more and more. While, she was only alone in the shop. Starting from making bread, serving buyers and taking care of payments at the cash register. It's really tired for her but she feel happy because of that too.

"After this shop became a party venue for Young Master Zhang three months ago, this shop has a lot of customer. Young Master Zhang's friends mothers come to buy a lot of bread. They said that they buy the bread because therir childrens like my bread in Yong Master Zhang's party, "Qianru smiled.

"I know. They put photos of bread and I found it on Weibo. Your bakery is famous in this city now. I actually feel happy because your bread is very delicious. It's just that I'm a little sad because a few times my favorite bread sold out," the buyer told him. Qianru feels guilty about hearing that.

"Yes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you got," Qianru said sincerely.

"It's okay, Miss Jiang. I just gave advice. You would better take part-time workers to help you," the buyer advised and Qianru nodded her head.

"Yes. I'll do it," Qianru agreed with the idea. Before this Cake Shop was in like now, she did not dare to make a job for part-time workers. However, seeing her troubles at this time, she had to do that.

"Then, I say goodbye. There have been many customer waiting in line," the buyer said goodbye.

"Yes. Thank you, "Qianru answered sincerely.

After that another buyer arrived. Qianru was immediately busy serving them. After serving ten buyers later, the bread she made that day was completely sold out. Qianru sighed. She immediately hung a paper with the words "Closed" on the shop door before new buyers arrived.

After installing the board in front of the shop, Qianru was busy cleaning her shop. She collected a bread tray to the sink in the shop kitchen. When she wants to take another tray, the shop door opens again.

"Sorry, the bakery is closed," Qianru immediately said, but the guest still entered the shop.

"Sorry, bothering you Miss Jiang," said the guest.

"Young Master Zhang! How are you? Why did you come to this bakery in the afternoon like this. You didn't go home? "Qianru asked the newly arrived guest.

"I am fine. I told my servant's head if I came after the school. Please call me, Yingjie," he corrected.

"Yes, Yingjie," Qianru repeated her words. Yingjie smiled thinly. He saw Qianru holding a lot of cake trays. The boy pulled his own sleeve. He entered the bakery kitchen.

"Young Master, I mean Yingjie, why are you inside my kitchen?" Qianru asked in surprise. Yingjie immediately took an apron hanging in the kitchen and wore it himself.

"Help you, Miss Jiang. I will wash these bread trays," Yingjie answered calmly.

"Yingjie doesn't need to do that. I can wash it myself, "

"I like washing. My mother always asked me to do that in our home after dinner," Yingjie insisted and took a sponge to do the dishes. He even took a small stool and stood on it so he could wash all the trays over the sink more easily. Qianru smiled thinly. Actually she is reluctant. However, she also likes to see the boys who are diligent at his age.

"How is your lesson in school today?" Qianru asked while putting the tray in her hand into the sink. Yingjie saw Qianru for a moment then he smiled thinly.

"I can learn everything well. Teachers at school also praise me," Yingjie told his story. Qianru smiled then patted Yingjie's shoulder softly.

"You are great, Yingjie," Qianru answered sincerely. Yingjie paused for a moment.

"Thank you Miss Jiang," Yingjie said while continuing to wash the dirty tray.

"Why are you thankful? I am who should say thank you to you, Yingjie. You already want to help me, "

"I'm happy because someone asked me aboutbmy school's day. My mother usually did it to me," Yingjie answered and the answer made Qianru feel sad. She remembered that Yingjie said that his mother paased away.

"Your father? Has he never asked you? "

"He is very busy. I understand that he is busy. But," Yingjie did not continue his words.


"I'm sad to see Ruolan. My father also rarely met her. Since my mother died, my father is rarely at home," Yingjie said with a gloomy face. Qianru pityed to see him, but did not know what to say to comfort him.

She often heard stories like this. Son of a rich person who rarely meets his father because his father is busy working. The child becomes naughty and does bad things in the future.

However, not everything ends like that. There are also those who continue to grow well, even though their parents do not give enough attention.

"Maybe your father is very busy now. And he is believe in you. I'm sure your father feels very sad because he can't give his time to you and Ruolan. However, he was sure that you would take care of the Ruolan well as long as he wasn't there," Qianru tried to comfort Yingjie. Yingjie looked at Qianru for a moment.

"Do you think like that?"

"Yes. I think like that. After your father completes all his business, he will give more time for you and Ruolan," Qianru said with enthusiasm so that Yingjie would think positively. Yingjie smiled.

"Thank you, Miss Jiang. I'm feel peace now," he said. Yingjie began to rinse the tray he had given soap.

Qianru smiled. She was happy to see Yingjie able to accept her assumptions. Seeing Yingjie in charge, Qianru became reminded of her brother. She looks at the calendar. She reliase that she hasn't met his brother in five years.

Since they are still a child, her brother always looks after him. Ensure that she can sleep well. Ensure that she eats a lot. Even though he is busy with his education, her brother will give her time to teach Qianru when he is doing homework.

However, the smile on Qianru's face instantly disappeared. She remembered the words of his brother five years ago, "I accept you as my sister anymore after the whole worst you done,"

Her brother's words were a statement which greatly destroyed her.

Qianru sighed. She took a washcloth and wiped all the trays that had been washed and rinsed by Yingjie. After wiping it, she arranged it.

"So what is the purpose of Yingjie coming to my cake shop today?" Qianru asked the boy beside her. Yingjie smiled.

"Ruolan asked me, when would Miss Jiang come to our house and give her a panda doll?" Yingjie answered casually. Qianru remembered that he had promised the little girl that she would make a new panda doll. However, he did not have the time to make it.

"So I came here to ask that question directly to Miss Jiang," Yingjie clarified his words.

"I am sorry. I should have kept my promise immediately. However, lately I'm very busy," Qianru replied with guilt.

"It's okay, Miss Jiang. I can see that you are very busy at this bakery. I'll explain it to Ruolan later," Yingjie gave his decision.

"I will try as soon as possible to keep my promise to her. Now I'm looking for part-time workers. After I get a part-time worker, then I will have enough time to meet your younger sister and bring her a new doll," Qianru answered earnestly.

"I am glad to hear that. We both will wait for Miss Jiang to come to our house," Yingjie smiled. Qianru was happy to see the boy smile. His smile reminded her of that person.
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