I Am Supreme Chapter 774: This is The Trap!


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A chilly sense of fear flashed across Ximen Huanyu's eyes.

The current impression was notable. Although the emperor had promised the School of Kismet State a position in consideration of the bigger picture and had even shifted his perspective to ask for close collaboration between them, a good notion no doubt, the School of Kismet State's actions had still offended everyone in Yutang, without exception. At the very least, the civil and martial officials right before them were still provoked. In this aspect, there was a lot of work to be done for some time to come before they could really settle themselves in the position of Yutang's authorized body.

As for certain stubborn ones among these people… all they had in mind were ideas to tackle them!

Ximen Huanyu's deific sense had covered the entire hall. He was clearly aware of everyone's reaction. Naturally, he knew that there was no other expert in the court besides Yun Xiaoyao.

There was simply no threat.

He was utterly confident that he would unearth anyone like Ling Xiaozui or Mr. Nian, even if they were to hide in the throng of people!

This had nothing to do with the strength of one's cultivation base; it was one of the School of Kismet State's unique arcane abilities.

Since there was no disturbance, nothing was there. The vague sense of caution he kept in his heart could finally be put down as well.

The emperor seemed like he had wholly accepted the School of Kismet State. He was not at all upset by the various discords unfolding before him – not even affected, as he continued saying with a wide smile, "I wonder where all of you are staying at in Tiantang for this trip? Your people will lodge in Tiantang often in the future. You have to plan as early as possible!"

Ximen Huanyu chuckled. "We are unrefined beasts. We can call any place our home. It's fine wherever we reside."

His Majesty laughed and replied, "The ways of experts are as their hearts desire, truly extraordinary. If so, we shall begin conferring immediately. Pass the edict."

Before his words echoed, a eunuch was already walking out, holding the edict. Once he stood in position, he spoke aloud, "The School of Kismet State is to receive the edict!"

No matter how egoistic they were, how reclusive they had been, or how amazing their skills were, the group was required to formally kneel down to receive the royal decree as they were personally present just for it. Even more so, it was the School of Kismet State who had made the request and took the initiative to acknowledge themselves as the people of Yutang. Therefore, they could only be more respectful without any hint of hesitation.

If they could not even show a little respect to His Majesty, what collaboration was there to talk about in the future? What national guarding body was there? What about the School of Kismet State's fundamental aim?

If it were only words with no practical measures taken, how could they establish their credibility?

Regardless of the situation, they had to attain the title first!

Due to these observations, the six men from the School of Kismet State kneeled down in unison without any hesitation, once they heard the eunuch's announcement.

"By the mandate of heaven, hereby the emperor's decree, the School of Kismet State boasts of a heritage…"

The Emperor of Yutang's decree was worded bombastically as it complimented the School of Kimset State's various accomplishments. The flowery penmanship elicited bubbles of joy within Ximen Huanyu and the others. They thought that there was finally hope to the school's mission in coming to Yutang this time. Could the so-called end prophecy be but a process of calm after the storm, no longer subject to the most extreme of conditions? Was the school's bright future actually right before them?

"Therefore, the School of Kismet State is conferred as Yutang's…"

When the decree was read to this part, when things were finally turning better for the School of Kismet State, when they instinctively perked up their ears as it came to the crucial moment and paid all their attention in listening – it was during that subtle moment when soundlessly, a cloudy fog coalesced above the big hall.

Immediately, two beams of sword light bolted out of the blue and illuminated the court with its blinding radiance. Then, a ray of saber light tailed the luminescence. It was incredibly lithe, arriving with a fluid glimmer. The saber light was as if the twinkling stars, like all of heaven's starlight, had assembled here, shining upon Yutang together.

Even God could not have predicted this assault!

All six people knew that it was absolutely safe. Ximen Huanyu had even discreetly informed them that there was no form of a threat here.

Yet, such a shocking twist had happened so abruptly!

The trio's ambush could hardly be avoided even when one was utterly focused; what was more, this was totally unexpected!

Pang, pang, pang!

Three pillars of blood shot up almost simultaneously towards the air. They were Jiao Buqi, Meng Wuliang, and Kong Wubo, who had not managed to react in time. In an instant, their heads and bodies were already separated, their lives lost.

Even in death, their expressions were still of ecstasy from being conferred earlier – a look of excitement.

Ping Shishui, Hai Wujiang and the School of Kismet State's leader, Ximen Huanyu, were quick to react. They sprung up to accept the challenge, but the abruptness of the attack had already dealt a bone-deep wound on each of them.

Blood gushed out like spring water.

"Who is it?"

Ximen Huanyu was devastated. How could he still not know that he and his members had stepped foot into a terribly vicious trap?

What the Emperor of Yutang had intended by announcing the dictum was not at all to confer the School of Kismet State. It was an intentional scheme to reduce the members' caution to the lowest point and then exterminate them all!

This aspect itself was not the most surprising ploy. After all, the School of Kismet State had a long history since establishment and compared to the assortment of conspiracies and stratagems they had seen, this was child's play, utterly insignificant!

What truly astounded Ximen Huanyu was the three people who struck in this trap! Not only were their cultivation base proficient, but they were also on par with him. Two from the trio even slightly exceeded his own powers. It was an absurd, hardly believable, reality.

Yutang had no other masters – Ximen Huanyu was confident that he had already made clear of this fact. He had even proven his finding on Yutang's so-called unrivaled expert, Yun Xiaoyao, yesterday. This was the very reason the School of Kismet State even acted so overbearingly these past few days and entered the palace, full of themselves, today.

Ximen Huanyu was thoroughly confident that even if Yutang refused to be threatened and set up a trap, they could react immediately and counter it. The palace of Yutang was a piece of cake to him; there was no sense of danger contained within it.

After the meeting yesterday, Ximen Huanyu was even more relieved. After all, if Yutang had another masterly expert, he would have attacked long ago when Emperor of Yutang was pressured to such an extent. It was simply impossible for the expert to stay by the sidelines!

Therefore, while King Yun Xiaoyao, Yutang's best martial expert, was perhaps one of the most skilled masters in this world, he was not in the School of Kismet State's regard. If Yutang's higher authorities had only such capabilities, whatever trap or device arranged was nothing worth mentioning.

It was why he dared come forth without a single care. What was more, he had even sent out probes using the school's arcane abilities.

How had these three men hidden?

His mind was a chaotic mess. There was only one question in his mind – 'How is this possible? How – how were these three people able to hide from my scrying?'