I Am Supreme Chapter 773: A Fine Attainment, A Marvelous Feat?


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To be unsanctioned was the School of Kismet State's biggest taboo. If it could be helped, they would not resort to such extreme measures. Making a forceful threat was revolting, but watching the control over the world slip away from their hands and the destiny and fate shifting positions, they were unduly perturbed.

If the Emperor of Yutang could switch his intentions and confer the School of Kismet State, it would justify the flaws of their current actions.

Therefore, the person's eyes glimmered automatically once he heard the word 'confer'; the distant composure was no longer present, replaced by a sense of caution.

His Majesty spoke with a grim look, "Our meeting yesterday and current events tell of your extraordinary reputation and capability that's unparalleled in this world. I'm thinking, if you can change how you do things, no longer insisting on forceful tyranny, I could perhaps consider conferring your school as the national guarding sect and allow the dissemination of your teaching. From now on, the Empire of Yutang and your school can support each other across the sovereignty and martial world – the Empire of Yutang may prosper while your school's heritage remains untouched."

"Thank you for your benevolence, Your Majesty. We shall definitely exert our all to ensure Yutang's longevity," the voice spoke passionately.

The emperor replied, "Nonetheless, I have never seen any sincerity from you. In fact, you have not even revealed yourself – what sincerity could there be? I don't even see anyone – what's there to confer? I cannot confer the School of Kismet State when I am facing nothing but my court of ministers."

Insuppressible excitement could be heard from the voice. "Thank you, Your Majesty. This lowly one understands Your Majesty's concerns. I shall report this to the school's master right now so that they can come forth to see Your Majesty and discuss this crucial matter. This lowly one is anxious. Your Majesty, please be patient."

His Majesty breathed in deeply and said, "I do also hope that your school can be more polite. I, after all, am the ruler of this state!"

The voice repeated himself a few times. "Of course. Don't worry, Your Majesty, don't worry."

Then, there was no other sound. The person had left in a hurry to report the case.

The imperial court was still in grim silence. No one among the officials looked pleased. Everyone knew that the emperor had only sounded aggressive earlier, but once he agreed to confer the school, it was already a compromise – it was surrender!

It was still utter humiliation! At most, there was an additional layer of smoke to it – what help could it be?

The tension was tangible in the silent atmosphere.

His Majesty was quietly waiting, but deep inside his eyes, there was a securely hidden sense of comfort.

The martial officials were fuming, their temples throbbing while their gazes were spitting fire. It was only normal. However, the civil ministers felt similarly shamed. The indescribable sense of extreme rage was the most important factor in the emperor's sense of comfort.

"This is what the empire's soul looks like!"

If this case could end in a way that benefited Yutang, the unity of Yutang's imperial court would ascend to another invincible level!

The Emperor of Yutang had most probably touched where it mattered the most to the School of Kismet State as, not long after, a clear voice spoke up, "The School of Kismet State's current leader, Ximen Huanyu, alongside the school's disciples, requests to see Your Majesty, the Emperor of Yutang. Long live Your Majesty!"

"Permitted," His Majesty answered lightly.

Just as he spoke, a soft noise rang in the court. Out of thin air, six silhouettes appeared.

The leading one had a sculpted face and a lean body. His hair, moustache, and beard fluttered as he came into view and stood above the hall. He vaguely felt like an immortal who stood aloof from the world, as if he could leave this human realm at any time and ascend to godhood.

This was probably what people referred to as the divine flair – the saintly aura.

The other five people who came with him were handsome and refined as well. A glance at them made one felt indescribably and inexplicably fond of them.

The emperor's gaze shone almost instinctually with admiration. He called out amicably, "Ximen Huanyu?"

"Here, Your Majesty." The leader of the School of Kismet State smiled softly; graceful without any sense of nerves, he spoke, "These two standing beside this lowly one are the right-hand men of my school, Jiao Buqi, and Meng Wuliang, while these two are the sect elders, Ping Shishui and Hai Wujiang. As for the last one, he's this lowly one's terrible junior brother, the one who has been speaking to Your Majesty all this while, Kong Wubo."

Jiao Buqi and Meng Wuliang had the appearance of middle-aged men while Ping Shishui and Hai Wujiang looked elderly. As for Kong Wubo, he looked about thirties, sophisticated and dignified.

All six men bowed in unison. "We're here to see you, Your Majesty."

"Rise," His Majesty said with a smile, "The School of Kismet State is brimming with talent indeed. Just the elegant demeanor of the six of you stirs admiration in one. The peerless school of this realm is made up of men who live up to your great reputation indeed."

"This lowly one dares not accept Your Majesty's honorable compliment."

The emperor waved dismissively and grew friendlier. "What's there to be afraid of? The School of Kismet State has come a long way. The name of being the world's top school is not an exaggeration! Leader Ximen, how many members does the School of Kismet State have right now?"

Without hesitation, Ximen Huanyu answered respectfully, "Each generation of the School of Kismet State's disciples stops at three hundred and sixty people in matching the notion of three hundred and sixty days…"

"Three hundred and sixty people? This is a little too few. I certainly wasn't expecting that," said the emperor.

Ximen Huanyu smiled. "Your Majesty, the three hundred and sixty people this lowly one mentioned earlier are only the disciples of one generation. It's not the total number of people in the school. This school has a total of six generations of disciples. From the first to the sixth generation, the total headcount is two thousand one hundred and eighty people."

"Still a little too few. When your school becomes Yutang's national guarding body, you'll have tasks you need to carry out. I'm afraid you'll have to expand your manpower," His Majesty said with a smile.

Hearing what the emperor said, Ximen Huanyu's heart was completely appeased. He could not help the upturn of his lips as he replied, "Time will change. With the acknowledgment of Your Majesty, this school will naturally obey Your Majesty's command in the future."

His Majesty then said, "What a delight that you aren't one of those rigid and traditional folks! Your adaptability is just right. As such, I shall make another request, a favor – I wonder when the School of Kismet State can consider the noble descendants and… the wealthy heirs of the capital when you recruit disciples in the future?"

Ximen Huanyu was even more relieved when he heard the request, answering, "This lowly one shall commit what Your Majesty has said to heart and give it due consideration. This school prioritizes the talents and innate gifts of the disciples when we recruit… but since Your Majesty has given instructions, this lowly one shall obey it. When the time comes, we'll pick our disciples from Your Majesty's appointed range first. As long as they match the conditions, we shall recruit them and cultivate them wholeheartedly."

"That would be best," the emperor said, beaming widely, "I believe that you'll be able to nurture many talents for the empire in the future. Marvelous, marvelous."

He laughed and continued. "My dear ministers, what say you? Isn't this a fine attainment? A marvelous feat! Hahaha!"

The spacious golden hall was silent. No one made any sound of agreement. Even the officials who were usually simpering sycophants sealed their lips tightly; not a single word escaped them.