I Am Supreme Chapter 1090: An Aggrieved Leopard


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People from the other sects were looking gloatingly at Yun Yang and those from the Residence of Nine Supremes.

"Serve you right!"

"Aren't you puffed up with pride? Aren't you invincible? Aren't you looking down on all of us?"

"Now you've hit a stone wall! Haha!"

"You better admit defeat, brother! Even if you can win the heart of this mystical beast, you can't transform yourself into a mystical beast, can you?"

"Unless your Residence of Nine Supremes does have your own mystical beasts!"

Yun Yang remained silent for a brief moment as if he was weighing out the situation, then said, "You've given me a big problem, Sect Leader Qin, controlling mystical beasts is never a skill we at the Residence of Nine Supremes have mastered. But, since you have provided me such a generous condition, it's just not right if I refuse to fight. I have one question though...how many mystical beasts can we send to fight this match?"

Qin Ruogu laughed so hard that his voice shook the heavens. "How many? Sect Leader Yun, as long as you have mystical beasts, you can send as many as you like. Ten, a hundred, it doesn't matter."

"Do you really mean it?"

"Oh, yes! I really mean it! Why not?"

"Well, I'm relieved to hear that," said Yun Yang. "Oh right, can we bring mystical beasts as well when we fight the other sects?"

The question was directed at Huo Yunfeng.

After thinking for a while, the executive officer said, "Bringing mystical beasts to fight is not a privilege of Beast Trainer Sect. A tamed mystical beast is considered the fighting strength of the beast controller, and part of the sect's overall strength. So naturally, you can bring mystical beasts when fighting other sects."

Yun Yang nodded. "I see. Then, I have no other questions."

Yu Changtai laughed. "Since you have no other questions, please send your mystical beast into the field, Sect Leader Yun. Quickly win the match and end the battle between Residence of Nine Supremes and Beast Trainer Sect, because we from the Blue Heaven Sect can't wait to fight you!"

His words made the audience burst into laughter.

"Win the match?"

"This Yu Changtai is clearly mocking him!"

"How could Residence of Nine Supremes win the match when they don't even own a mystical beast?"

"That's right! They are about to lose the match!"

Yun Yang's eyes flickered as he said coldly, "I will not disappoint you, Sect Leader Yu!"

When he had finished, he took out something and placed it in his sleeve, then gently rubbed at it.

"All he knows is playing tricks." Qin Ruogu twitched his mouth in disdain. But, in the next moment, everyone who was laughing—including Qin Ruogu and Huo Yunfeng—suddenly stiffened and their eyes grew wide as if they were looking at a ghost.

Because with the rubbing, a snow-white mystical beast jumped out of Yun Yang's sleeve.

He did have a mystical beast!

Everyone's eyeballs almost fell out of the sockets.

"Damnit! This Sect Leader of Residence of Nine Supremes really has everything! He even has a mystical beast!"

And then, another snow-white beast jumped out...

And another...

And another...

One after another, four snow-white mystical beasts jumped on the ground, circling and meowing around Yun Yang's feet like four cute little furballs. At the sight of the mystical beasts, the restless hearts of Qin Ruogu and others immediately calmed down.

"They are...four cats? And they seem to be only kittens?"

"Even if these cats are truly mystical beasts, they are at best pets. It appears that Yun Yang is forced to use them to fight in his desperation "

"What does he hope to achieve with these little fellas? They can do nothing even if there are ten thousand of them!"

"That's right! Our mystical beast is a Twister Leopard, and although it is only at the king level, it can easily defeat them! No matter how strong a cat is, can it be stronger than a leopard?"

At that moment, Yun Yang pointed at the field and said, "Go and defeat that big guy."

A burst of titter rang out from the audience.

"Are you mad or dreaming? You actually count on these four cute little things to defeat a king-level Twister Leopard?!"

However, what happened next made everyone's eyes grow wide once again.

One of the cats meowed and turned to stare at the leopard in the field, and then the rest of them followed, turning their heads and staring at the field without blinking.

"Wait, it seems that these four kittens understand his words?"

"That cannot be! It must be a coincidence. If they can really understand him, they would have run away when they heard their master sending them to their graves!"

But in the next moment, a white figure leaped into the air with a soft swoosh, flying toward the field. Then, in front of all the shocked glances, the figure grew larger and larger as it moved across the air.

When it was about to fall to the ground, the cat had grown almost two hundred feet tall and transformed into a ferocious white monster! As soon as it landed with a boom, it threw its head back and roared!

Nearly all the people on the stands were thrown off their feet!

"Fu*k! This is not a cat, but a leopard! But...what kind of leopard is this?"

"Why does it look like an Eclipse Panther?"

"No, an Eclipse Panther can never grow so huge!"

"Maybe it is a Twister Leopard?"

"No, it can't be! There is already a Twister Leopard in the field, and you can tell the difference between them at a glance!"

"A Golden Jaguar?"

"Impossible! They don't look alike at all!"

"A Snow Leopard?"

"No, no, no, Snow Leopards are never so formidable!"

"Then what kind of leopard is this?"

While the crowd was guessing, another white figure flew across the sky, growing larger as it moved.

Then another...

And another...

Soon, four snow-white monsters surrounded the Twister Leopard. The mystical beast, who was baring its teeth and showing its ferociousness just now, now crouched down in fear! It was completely suppressed in terms of size, level, and fighting strength!

The pitiful leopard tried its best to curl up until it looked like a ball while whining piteously, its tail tucked low between its hind legs.

'Heavens! I thought you let me out to show off my mightiness? But why are four big fellas out here all of a sudden? I can't defeat even just one of them, and any one of them can beat ten beasts like me at the same time! On top of that, they are surrounding me right now...'

'This is bullying!'

The Twister Leopard was so aggrieved that it felt like crying.

"Awoooo!" The four Whiteys roared in unison, and then their fierce and savage eyes rested on the Twister Leopard at the same time.

'It's too scary!!!'

The leopard rolled over to show its belly, a gesture of submission.

'Please spare my life...'

The match was over. There was no need to fight anymore, because the leopard was already scared out of its wits. The stands were filled with dull eyes and blank faces!