I Am Ordinary Chapter 4: Skills


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Rhea, Sam and Rahul quickly exited the cafe. Sam's car was parked right across the street and the trio quickly crossed the road and got into the car. Sam and Rahul get up at the front of Sam's car, while Rhea sat at the back.

"Hey! Why is Rahul coming with us? Where is your car?" Rhea quizzed.

"I ran over." Rahul answered in a monotone, not bothering to explain.

'What does that even mean' Rhea thought, confused.

Sam started the car and started driving down the road to Rhea's place. As it was a little past noon, the roads were comfortably deserted. Sam and Rahul sat in silence at the front. After a few failed attempts to start a conversation, Rhea resigned herself to her fate. She pulled her jacket close and leaned back, looking out the window at the building flashing by.

'I woke up freaked out, which turned out to be a skill. Two of my friends are freaks and I am now going to make something called a protected space.' Rhea felt giddy from the excitement 'I am not having a panic attack. That's a win! '

'I could be in a dream, I might wake up and realize it was just a dream' the next moment rubbing her arm, she had found her answer. 'Nope! And I pinched myself a little too hard.'

'Well Sam said my life could be in danger. Well I can just stay out of dangerous stuff . Just be a part of the desk job and handling logistics and stuff. I will be good at that' She smiled foolishly.

'But first I have to ask Sam more about the Maya' Rhea chuckles 'The Maya that's such a cringy name.'

'And I have to find out how I can raise my stupid level' Her face turned sour. She could now drag her status from above her head to the front of her face. 'It will be embarrassing if someone asks me my level.'

Rhea lived quite close to the campus and within fifteen minutes Sam's BMW was at Rhea's place.

"Okay, we are here." Sam parks her car and the three get down.

Rhea leads the Sam and Rahul up to her apartment. And then, like any good host, Rhea makes Sam and Rahul stand outside the apartment for five minutes while cycloning through the apartment trying the shove everything under the bed or cramming it in her wardrobe.

Sweating, Rhea opens the door and welcomes Sam and Rahul in "Okay, you can come in now. So, what exactly are we doing now?"

"We are going to create a protected space. We already had this discussion" Rahul replied, eying Rhea with a judgmental look.

"I remember that. I meant what is a protected space. And how do you make it." Rhea snapped.

"You can think of it like a nuclear bunker." Sam explained "Every awakened must have a protected space. It's a space where you can meditate and train without any disturbance and a protected space can be used as a defensive fort from where you can fight. I have heard that there are even protected spaces which are the size of a fort and can defend against armies."

"But, we will only make the very basic protected space here" Rahul clarified.

"What! Why? Let's make a super strong one. Come on" Rhea pleaded.

"I wish we could Rhea" Sam answered "But building a protected space is very expensive and very toiling. If both Raul and I pooled in our strength, we could have made a better one. But during the process of setting it up, energy is openly leaked and other awakened might sense it and come attack. So while Rahul makes the protected space, we have to guard the place."

"What did you say about 'We' being on guard duty?" Rhea panicked.

"I was sugarcoating," Sam said, "You will hide and I will be on guard. That's the problem."

'Damn they are brutal' Rhea's head drops, embarrassed.

Rahul stretches his hand and a vortex forms in the air from which he drags out a bag. He opens it and takes out three white orbs the size of oranges and a knife.

"I will need a drop of your blood." Rahul says handing the knife to Rhea.

"Whatever you want boss." Rhea tired of questioning all the absurdity, takes the knife, pricks her thumb with the tip and draws a drop out and lets it drop on the knife.

Rahul takes the knife and rubs the blood on one of the orbs. The blood turns blue as it touches the orb and the blue spreads through the entire orb.

"I am ready, you can go and take your position. I will need an hour." Rahul informs Sam, and then points to Rhea and says "Take her with you, I don't want her to distract me and delay the process."

"Okay. Be careful" Sam nods. "Rhea let's go to the roof, we will get a better view from there."

The summer heat beat down on Rhea and Sam in the cloudless blue sky, as they climbed up the stairs to reach the roof.

"Hey Sam, how is it I have never noticed unusual things of the-" she pauses and makes a face before continuing "-Maya in my life before today?"

"It is quite simple actually. Ordinaries cannot register the use of chakra or spirit-energy. Plus, things related to the Maya is simply not inscribed by an un-awakened brain."

"But there are times when an awakened try to influence and alter the ordinary world. But if that is allowed, it will disturb the balance of the world. And that cannot be allowed to happen. So if anyone does something like that, the Council would hunt them down."

Sam stretches her hand and retrieves a bow and quiver full of arrows from a vortex. "Whow! How did you do that? That's amazing!" Rhea complimented, forgetting the previous conversation.

"That's nothing" Sam blushes to hear the compliment "I am not that good at using chakra, I am more of a physical martial artist. It's only abasic spatial space. I can teach you how to make one later."

"Really. Wow, that would be so cool! Thanks!" Rhea grins from ear to ear.

"Take this." Sam hands over a dagger to Rhea "Just slash if anyone gets close."

Rhea takes the small dagger and examines it. As soon as she grips the handle, the eye insignia flashes once before dulling down, Rhea didn't even notice it happen. Grabbing the dagger, Rhea prayed she didn't have to use it.

Sam and Rhea walked to the edge of the roof, away from the stairs.

"Rhea hide behind the water-shed there" Sam directed Rhea to a relatively covered space on the roof.

Just then, Rhea's face is brushed by a gentle gust of wind and she feels a tremor go through her.

"It has begun. Stand back and take cover. And don't come out no matter what." Sam said as she strung an arrow to the bow, getting ready.

Rhea ran to the roof-shed to take cover and started a one-hour timer on her phone.

'Please, no one comes. Let this hour get over fast.' Rhea prayed. As she waited, she peaked at the timer for twenty-three times before the first five minutes passed. 'This is too stressful! Even looking at Sam with the bow out there is stressing me out' Rhea lamented.

Just as Rhea was staring at Sam, in a flash Sam placed an arrow on the shelf of the bow, drew the string and released the arrow. The arrow shot across to the roof of the adjoining building.

Rhea didn't see anyone there. Just as Rhea was thinking what Sam shot at, Sam declared in a chillingly calm voice. "I am Samira Jaladhish. Interfere with my business only if you have the strength. This was a warning to all those who pry, the next arrow will not miss."

Sam wasn't loud but every word reverberated in Rhea's mind and gave her goosebumps.

"Haha! Samira Jaladhish- The Runner. I didn't expect to find you here" A thin balding man in a red jumpsuit suddenly came up the stairs and appeared on the roof. Rhea peeped out to look at who the voice belonged to reckoned the balding man was around 55 years old.

'An old man bullying a young girl. Shame!' Rhea mumbled under her breath.

"Good job scaring off those little fries." The balding man continued "I see you don't have that brute with you today. Samira, let me be honest with you. I need the protected space crystal. Just give it to me so that I don't have to kill you."

"Not going to happen Quan," Sam replied addressing the balding man. The next moment, Sam turned and shot an arrow at him.

The arrow flew straight at the man named Quan. Just before it could hit, Quan took out two swords and blocked the arrow.

*Clang* The roof rang.

Quan tossed one of the swords straight at Sam. Releasing another quick arrow, Sam barrel rolled to her left at the last moment.

Seizing the moment, Quan rushed at Sam. Sam dropped the bow and spreads her hand out and two vortexes appeared from which Sam drew out two short-swords.

Sam's crossed her short-swords to which Quan's sword clashed producing a deafening screech and sparks.


Both Quan and Sam stood their grounds, trying to push the other off. Just as Rhea seemed to be able to push back, Quan gave an evil smile and on his empty righthand appeared a guardian shield. Quan bashed the shield into Sam's body.

Sam sprawled across the roof.

The next moment, Sam gets up the next moment as if the hit didn't hurt her at all. Sam then crossed her sword in front of her suddenly Quan was knocked off balance and fell back.

"Leave before I kill you" Sam threatened.

"You should realize Quan isn't strong enough to work alone." A voice spoke from the adjoining building.

Sudden gulf of water encompassed the roof and swept Sam off her feet, knocking the short-swords off her hands.

From behind Quan caught her and bear hugged Sam.

Sam tried to get out of and struggled but could not move an inch.

Rhea tried running towards Sam to help her but realized she could not move much. it was like an invisible chain held her back.

Rhea looked back at the man in the opposite building. He was up on the ledge of the building and the next moment he stepped off it.

Rhea expected him to fall off, but instead, he started walking across the two buildings as if crossing bridge made of air.

"This is impossible. You can't walk over like this. She is my best friend. If he gets here, Sam will -" Rhea whispered panicking, too afraid to finish the sentence.

The intent of skill formation detected

Skill formation competed

Name: N/A (Do you want to name the skill now?)

Decree: Flight is prohibited in the designated area.

Effect: 2x gravitational force in the area designated.

The intent of skill formation detected

Skill formation competed

Name: N/A (Do you want to name the skill now?)

Decree: Authorization needs to be taken before entry through the Barrier

Effect: An inanimate wall would be created at the designated area.

Suddenly two dialogue boxes appeared in front of Rhea.
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