I am a Humble Person! Chapter 33: First Attack (5)


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Peng Hu was utterly confused by the request of the mysterious voice. What did it mean to change the world? To make it interesting? It was so ambiguous!

Anyways, there was nothing Peng Hu could do at this moment... if he didn't accept the proposal, he could be considered as finished.

Aware of the thoughts that were going through Peng Hu's mind, the owner of the voice called out to him.

[Is it really that hard to make a decision at this point? Or perhaps you are being careful around because you don't know me...?]

Suddenly, a girl in her early thirteens could be seen from the darkness.

"How about now? Let me tell you... it is not everyday that I expose my avatar for someone to see. It is just not worth wasting it on petty mortals. Well, you are an exception though. I took a liking to you..."

"Ugh.." Peng Hu was starting to feel nauseous from hearing what this little girl was saying. It is difficult for someone to take a beating to their nature without feeling anything.

"Anyways, my name is Isabella and I am the ruler of this plane. I can probably guess that you can only see a sea of darkness in your surroundings, but I assure you that's not the case. You are simply too weak to look through it."

"If I am so weak, why are you bothering with me?" inquired Peng Hu.

"You have something special and I need you. For starters, I need you to go find my sister's proxy in this whole new world that you are currently experiencing."

"You know that I am not from here!?"

"Kid... you went through this space as a medium to arrive in the current world you are residing. Tsk, don't look down on me."

"Kid..." somehow, it felt amusing to Peng Hu that a little girl was acting all high and mighty. He wouldn't be able to relate the word 'Power' with a little girl.

"So, back to my request... this proxy is starting to make changes to the world, becoming a hindrance to me. Go out there, beat the crap out of him, and I will reward handsomely."

"Sure, that is, if you give me something which I can use to fight..."

"Something? So narrow minded. That's why I can't help looking down on mere mortals..."

[Tsk. How irritating.]

"I am going to give you a passive ability to help you understand magic faster. Also, I am enabling some powerful magic in you so that you can fend off against these rude intruders. Oh. I forgot to mention something. These guys are part of that proxy's power. You could say that he is part of the distortion of this world. So, what do you say? If you refuse, you die."

"Haha... is there even a choice?"

"I am giving you the freedom to choose. Isn't that what mere mortals like? The freedom to choose whether to die or work. This time, it's working under me so you should feel proud."

Cough cough... mouthful of blood were stsrting to build on Peng Hu's mouth. He couldn't expect someone to be so shameless!

"Oh, and remember. When you finish disposing of these intruders, try to be humble yeah? It would do me no good if you were suddenly killed for attracting a lot of attention. I like humble before greed."

Cough cough cough. Mouthful of blood could be seen.

[If I stay any longer, she will infect me. I got to get back fast.]

"I agree. So, what kind of powerful magic are you going to enable me...?"



Thunderous roars could be heard all around the Village of Siluca.
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