I accidentally married a "CEO" Chapter 61: HEART TO HEART


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In the bedroom, Ann was in the shower after waking up from much-needed rest. She was happily singing, not knowing what awaits here outside in the living room.

Jeff is standing by the bathroom door smiling to himself while watching his beautiful wife taking a shower. He stands there holding a towel in hand waiting for Ann to finish to give her the news.

Ann finished her shower with a relaxed look on her face, as she opens the shower door, she was taken aback to see her husband standing there with a grin on his face: "What are you still doing here? Aren't you supposed to meet your grandpa? Mr. Go! Stop dilly-dallying, and 'GO.' jokingly said emphasizing his last name.

Jeff walk towards her with a salivating look on his face. 'His wife is like a goddess, her body so perfect just for him, how can he be so lucky to be in the right place and the right time when she was looking for a fake husband.' Jeff thought while he started drying Ann's body with the towel he had been holding.

" Sweetheart... there's someone in the living room to see you," Jeff said intimately whispering to Ann's ear.

" Huh? What did you say? Repeat that! " She wasn't sure he heard him right, Jeff was barely audible when he said it or maybe because she was more concern for the way he was nibbling on her ears.

" I said there's someone outside the living room wanted to see you."

" Who?"

"Why don't you finished dressing and I will entertain her first alright?" Continued drying Ann's hair and body. " Okay!" Ann replied and rushed out of the bathroom away from husband.

' I wonder who it could be? No one knows I live here besides people from Jeff's agency. There could only be one person; It must be her Mother. The moment that she's dreading had finally come without warning. Oh well! Let see what she got to say and go from there. There's no use brooding on a matter that's not at hand.' Ann thought while trying to decide what should she wear to make herself look intimidating.

The meantime, in the living room Sophia was thinking hard and trying to analyze what she just saw with her own two eyes. ' What is his relationship with my daughter? What is going on her? I hope my history will not repeat. I need to make sure that it does not happen to Ann what had happened to me.' She was still in deep thought not realizing that Jeff.

" Can I get you anything to drink? Ann will be out in a minute, she just finished taking a shower and will be done in a jiffy." Jeff said like he's talking about the weather.

" I'm fine; I don't need anything. If you must leave go ahead don't let me hold you up." Sophia replied looking at Jeff broodingly.

" Well, if there's nothing I can do then I should head out, please make yourself at home. Ann will be out in a minute." Turned around headed to the front door making a call to Ronald on the way out.

"I'm leaving, the old man ordered to see me. You stay here and keep them company. Make sure nothing upset my wife while I'm gone. And Oh! She has a company at the moment. You two stay on guard but don't bother them. You got it?" Jeff told Ronald with a trace of hurt in his voice.

"Yes! Boss, don't worry I will not let anything upset the missus. I'm at their beck and call." Ronald replied mischievously while looking at Lea's perfect body laying on top of the towel sunbathing.

Lea glance at Ronald who's salivating on her body, smile sweetly and gave him a questionable look. Got up and headed toward him: "What's going on? is it time to go back to reality and follow the big bad wolf?" She said it teasingly while flaunting her sexy body in front of him.

" Nothing! big boss just gave me the authority to be the small boss during his absence on the way to slay the king of the dragon.' Ronald was lying to his teeth while saying the word like it's the truth. ' What she doesn't know won't hurt her. he hehe.'

" Ronald! You're lying your ass-off! Don't think I will believe you. Let me call him and find out what he said instead." Lea started to make a call to Jeff.

" No! No!, I was kidding okay! He did instruct me to watch over you and the missus, it seems she has a company right now, and for us not to bother her." He hurriedly grabbed the phone and shut-it-off.

Inside Ann's condominium, the air was so thick, cold, dark and gloomy. Like fog during a winter snow storm.

" Hello! You wanted to see me?" Ann said straight face looking at Sophia without blinking while still standing.

Sophia's a little hesitant. She took a big gulp of air before she said: "Ann, can we talk? I know you probably have many questions that needed answers. But let me speak first, and after you may ask me all that you wanted to know. I will truthfully answer all without living anything out.

Ann sat down across Sophia, cross her leg like an Empress, then said: "Fair enough, I will listen, and afterward, I will ask if I have any question. Speak!" She said it more like a command which surprised Sophia more.

" First I want to begin with our story: mine and your grandma Wen story. I want you to know the who, what where of how I ended up giving you up at birth. It's essential for you to understand from the beginning, for you to be able to judge fairly. Is that ok?" Sophia asks pleadingly, voice cracking, teardrops ready to fall from her eyes.

"Shoot! What do I get to lose, whether I believe you afterward, that's still a question. You know the saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. right!" Ann said it sarcastically.
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