I accidentally married a "CEO" Chapter 325: SAY IT AND YOUR DEAD


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M.C. got up and looked Ann up and down. He then walked around her checking the gown and her at the same time. While he was doing this, Jeff was sweating bullets, and he's afraid M.C. would say something in regards to the small tiny bump his wife now have and barely visible.

'God if your listening and watching right now, please.... don't let him see that little miracle we created and mentioned in front of my beautiful wife.' Jeff was praying with all his might while looking at M.C. sternly. He was giving him a look that says, 'Say it and your dead!'

M.C. stood still and continued looking at Ann, and he has his finger in front of his lips while checking Ann. "I don't know what it is, but there's something... Hmmm..." He continued looking... and checking... He once again walked around Ann before his face lit up. " I got it! I know what's wrong with this picture, there's something different with you, and that's...."

Jeff's was ready to kill him if he said the wrong thing, he's standing glaring at M.C. with intent to kill. "Say it, and you're dead!'

"You need accessories, I think... I think a pearl drop earring and a necklace to match. He then turned to Jeff's direction and looked him straight up. "What do you think CEO Go?" M.C. asked him mischievously then wicked at him before giving his full attention to Ann once again.

Jeff couldn't help himself from grinning, "That's right! You are right one hundred percent, let me see how I could remedy that." Jeff rushed out of the parlor and made a call away from Ann's hearing, a couple of minutes later he came back with a box full of jewelry.

"Would this do?" He handed the box of jewelry to M.C. to check out.

M.C. took the box of jewelry and sort through it and when he found what he was looking for, "Wallah! This is it, the one that's missing."

What he was showing and dangling on his hand was the same jewelry that she wore when she sang her duet with her idol at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. A pearl teardrop and a necklace to complete the ensemble.

M.C. gave the earing and necklace to Jeff to put it on to Ann. This gesture made Jeff appreciates the designer more and more. "Thank you! You don't know how much I appreciate this, and it means a lot to me."

M.C. lifted one eyebrow looked at Jeff up and down then smirked. "My pleasure! Anything for my lovely couple. Anything!"

"It's all set then? I'm wearing this for the dinner rehearsal tonight." Ann twirled around before she walked a little closer to M.C. "You're coming right? I want everyone to meet the famous designer that created my magnificent wedding gown and this gown that I'm going to wear and show off.

"Oh sweetheart, I would love too... Unfortunately, I have an appointment with a Royal family that's attending your wedding, and I cannot cancel. I'm s-sorry, baby." M.C. felt so bad, and it's clearly showing on his face, "forgive me?" He put his two hands together and beg for forgiveness.

"It's alright, it's fine...-we understand, you are a very famous person and...and...Royal's you say? from which Country?" - Ann looked at Jeff - "Do you know of any Royal family? because I surely don't."

Jeff only smiled as an answer to her question before embracing him and kissing her on her forehead. It's not me who knows them. Grandfather's the one sent the invite. I wasn't expecting them to accept, but I guess they are coming."

"Wow! This is wow! I have a Royal family at my wedding. Hahaha!" Ann unconsciously touched her belly and about to say something, then realized the M.C. was watching then intensely and corrected herself as fast as she could.

"M.C. Understandable that you're not going to be able to attend the dinner rehearsal, but you are coming to the wedding right?" Ann was asking with her eyes bulging from the socket.

"Yes, yes, yes! I would not miss the wedding for any Royals. Hahaha! Let me get out of here so I could attend to those pompous Royals. Don't worry, one of my assistants would be assisting you for the dress rehearsal, alright!" He hugged Ann quickly and extended his hand to shake Jeff's. "See ya!"

"Honey, tell me... Who are these Royals that's coming to our wedding? I'm curious."

Jeff acted seriously thinking whether he would reply or not. "Hmmm?" He put his second finger to his forehead, "let me think... I think It's the Royal family of Estonasia if I'm not mistaken. My father was very close to him, I think."

"Let's get you out of that dress, as much as I want you to continue wearing it, and I would prefer you butt naked if you asked me," Jeff whispered to Ann seductively.

"Hmmm, so do I, honey...so do I..." Ann said it erotically, licking her lower lips as she spoke.

Jeff couldn't handle it and kissed his wife with hunger, fire burning and he needed to release the inferno that is slowly building within him. He lifted Ann and carried her into their room to have an afternoon siesta...

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