I accidentally married a "CEO" Chapter 324: NO WEDDING


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"NO!!!!" Ann screeches so loud that Jeff heard it and abandoned the report on his hands and run to the room with terror look on his face.

"What happened? Are you alright!? Where are you hurting? Tell me!!" Jeff was anxiously checking Ann all over.

"Honey, stop it! What are you doing?" Ann wide-eyed looking at her husband acting uncannily.

Only after Jeff saw that she was exceptionally looking so elegant and stunning with the gown she has on, he then finally let out a sigh. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Jeff asked once more when he couldn't find anything wrong with Ann.

"We have a problem; look at this!" She stands facing her husband and not moving.

Jeff gaped at her and scratched his head. He couldn't figure out what she wants him to look at no matter how hard he attempts. "What do you want me to look at sweetheart? The dress? It's beautiful. Did M.C. created that one for you?"

Ann was swaying her head furiously. "No...No, no! That's not what I want you to see. Is this!" She then pointed to small circle bump presenting in front of her.

"What, that little tiny thing? That's nothing sweetie, and it looks like you just had your dinner and ate a little than normal. Hahaha!" Jeff was trying to lighten the mood and hope to make Ann feel at ease.

"It's barely visible, and one has to stare at your full figure to see the little bump. Why don't we try and find out? Let's experiment alright."

"What do you mean? How are we going to experiment?" Ann is now curious and wanted to find out, she needed to make sure or there would be no wedding in a couple of days.

Jeff embraces his wife first before suggesting coming down and showing to M.C. the dress while she's still wearing it. If M.C. said anything about her bump, then it means it's visible. As far as what he could see, there was nothing there yet; If not he would not make the suggestion.

The couple slowly descended the stair toward the parlor where M.C. was still busy trying out all the treats that the chef had specially made for him.

"Oh...So...Delicious, I'm in heaven" He was humming while putting treats after treats into his mouth. The Chef was standing watching him eat and waits for M.C. to praise his cooking.

"Chef, if you ever change your mind and looking for a better opportunity, why not come and work for me." M.C. jokingly told him.

Ann and Jeff were in time to hear what M.C. just offered Mr. Chef. The couple decided to eavesdrop and waited by the opening of the parlor. As soon as M.C. finished poaching their chef, Jeff and Ann made an entrance.

"Hmmm, the truth finally revealed, you didn't come here to greet us. Instead your here to snatch our chef. Hahaha! That would not do, our chef is one of a kind and a part of our family. It would take more than fame and fortune to take him away." Ann looks at the direction of Mr. Chef before continuing. "Am I right? or Am I right?" She asked him for assurance.

Mr. Chef proudly replies while his face was all red from blushing. "Yes, mam! You are right indeed!" Standing proudly while looking straight at M.C. to confirm Ann's statement. "I'm a part of this family and would not abandon for a little fame or fortune. If you'll excuse me, my domain is beckoning me." He proudly turned around and went back to the kitchen while grinning from ear to ear with happiness.

"Wow! Oh, wow! I knew it, and it was you when I was creating the gown. No one else could carry it so elegantly and exquisite. I hope you plan on wearing that for a dinner rehearsal?" M.C. excitedly asked

Jeff secretly smiled, from the way M.C. had spoken, it means that he did not see the small bump and it's an indication that it's not yet visible to the naked eye, unless they know she's pregnant. He let out a sigh of relief...

Ann felt relief as well, and she didn't want to have to change her wedding gown at the last minute, it's her dream wedding gown, and if she doesn't fit into it, there will be no wedding...
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