I Accidentally Conquered His Heart Chapter 1: Born


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On a chilly Winter evening, the sound of a baby's cry resounded through the general's manor. The general's wife, Madam Lu, had her second baby. It was a beautiful girl. Skin as smooth as jade, and beautiful pink eyes that seem like the stars in the night sky.

Surprisingly, when the baby came out, she didn't cry, she laughed delightfully. Giggling towards her mother.

Madam Lu smiled at her daughter, laughing.

"MOM!! MOM!!! Is my sister here yet??" Lu Longwei, Madam Lu's son asked. He was just a 3 year old boy who didn't understand anything yet.

Madam Lu, laughingly said, "Yes, yes, now come and greet your sister."

Lu Longwei and General Lu both came in with smile's plastered on their faces. Lu Longwei happily skipped into the room with General Lu following.

Lu Longwei peered at his newborn sister and stared at her unblinking.

"Mom, she's very... pretty." Lu Longwei quietly mumbled. "She looks like you."

Madam Lu was naturally a beautiful lady. She came from a faraway place. Although she was almost 30 years old, she still look like a teenager. She had jade like skin, think blond hair that glistened in the sunlight, and bright pink eyes. Even though she just had a baby, she was still filled with elegance.

The little girl in Madam Lu's arms gently cooed. Everyone, including the servants and wet nurses, looked at the girl filled with charm. Without thinking about anything, she drowsily closed her eyes. Just that simple action caused everyone to stare at the girl with tenderness overflowing from their eyes.

"Let's don't disturb her, she's sleeping. You guys can look at her later." Madam Lu softly whispered to everyone, and fell asleep with her baby in her arms.
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