Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Chapter 36: Little Princess' Mother


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Somewhere far away, a beautiful woman is sleeping beneath a tree after some interesting exercise.

Even before she could wake up, the system in her mind is screaming loudly.

[System: Dear Host! How long do you want to sleep?]

Huang Qiuyan's eyes flutter softly. She doesn't want to get up. She rolls on her left side and covers her head with her arms.

[System: Dear Host, you have had enough rest. You don't need to sleep much. Get up.]

[Host: Stop nagging me like my mother.]

The system is in a bad mood. He is also finding this bond really irritating. The more they do it, the stronger this bond is getting between them. Since Huang Qiuyan's is weak, Fu Sheng's will and desires nearly control his host. He doesn't mind going away when they are doing it since it is the matter of his host's privacy, but being controlled by the bond is no longer in his host's benefits if he is also blocked in her mind. His host's survival is his ultimate goal.

Unless the host becomes stronger, the bond will only tilt toward Fu Sheng. It's better if she removes this bond and finds another husband.

[System: Dear Host, do you know what you are being watched by two big disturbing eyes right now?]

He means it literally. There are two giants eyes on the tree watching his host without blinking once. Even as a system, he is not used to being watched like that.

Huang Qiuyan jumps up. Now, she's also sensing like she's being watched. She looks around with fear.

"Hello." Creepy Eyes greets the queen of the vampires with a sweet voice. "Little Princess' Mother."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Huang Qiuyan's heart nearly leaps out of her body. "MONSTER!"

It's not a monster, but close enough. Her poor heart is not ready to take what she's seeing. Two eyes. Nothing else. The eyes are penetrating and blood-curling. She shakes violently, thinking that she needs to run. This ugly creature will kill her with fright.

The creepy eyes sigh. She has that effect. There is rarely anyone who do not react like this. She misses a certain someone who called her 'pretty' once. That was a long time ago.

"Little Princess' Mother, do not be scared of me. I am Little Princess' friend. My first name is Pretty and my last name is Eyes."

It talks too. Huang Qiuyan realizes just now.

"I came to find the king. I saw him leaving to save the princess. You were alone. So, I thought that I should watch over you. You are precious to our princess," Creepy Eyes informs her of her good intentions. If this woman tells Fu Mian that she's scared of her, Fu Mian might ask her to keep her eyes shut forever. Then, how will she look at those sexy purebloods? Her life only has one goal - to be surrounded by handsome men.

[System: Dear Host, there is no news of Fu Mian on the inter-D web yet. Do you want to gain some points by selling this information? You should ask this sentient creature to tell you the details.]

[Host: Are you insane? A little child is in trouble and you want to make points? Shut up if you don't want to be uninstalled.]

[System: Dear Host, while her father is beneficial for you, she's your mortal enemy. I will never accept her as your daughter.]

[Host: Who is asking you to accept? How did she become my daughter? I am not marrying Fu Sheng. There must be a misunderstanding.]

[System: Dear Host, I support your decision. Let's find a way to break the bond and find a new husband.]

Huang Qiuyan is surprised to hear that. How did the system change his mind suddenly? Did something happen? Though the sex with Fu Sheng is good, she doesn't like Fu Sheng. Her first most basic requirement is that the man has to be decent and a human without a criminal record. She doubts that Fu Sheng hasn't committed crimes. He is always doing whatever he wants. He seduces her. He takes advantage of the bond. He makes her moan for...

He's unacceptable. She won't be controlled by anyone or anything anymore. Fu Sheng is blacklisted from her potential husband list.

"What happened to Fu Mian?" She asks Creepy Eyes.

"Princess' Mother, the princess was attacked by a vampire hunter. I checked the situation in a blink. She's been abducted and taken to the hunter HQ." Creepy Eyes is really worried about Fu Mian. She can't do much because she's powerless in the mortal world. At best, she can only give frights to some people. But, hunters aren't someone who can be frightened easily. "The king is preparing to go on a war with the hunters."

"War?" Huang Qiuyan is taken back. Her brother is also involved with the hunters because of his wife. What happened to them now? If a war happens, will her brother get hurt? What will happen to Fu Mian? She likes that little girl even if the girl calls her ugly. If something goes wrong, Fu Sheng might die too. Can this war be prevented?

The system sighs. [Dear Host, don't even think about it.]

[Host: Hey, my brother might die. Fu Mian might die. Even I might die.]

[System: Dear Host, I agree. But, can you stop this alone with your ability?]

[Host: There must be some way.]

[System: Dear Host, you are lucky to have me. I also don't want you to die because of a bond. I don't trust that king anymore. Let's save Fu Mian and prevent the war first. We will ask that king to deliver some of his blood as ransom and...]

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[Host: Just tell me how to save her.]

Creepy Eyes squints at her. Why the princess' mother is standing there in a daze? She seems to be mumbling, but Creepy can't hear it.

"Creepy Eyes!" Huang Qiuyan says suddenly, "Let's save Fu Mian."

"My name is Pretty." Creepy is mad, but she doesn't show it. "It's not a good idea for you to go there."

Huang Qiuyan isn't listening. She is already flitting in the direction of the vampire hunter HQ.

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