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Klyn doesn't have the time to regret his actions. He is the youngest one, but that doesn't mean that he can't hold a vampire hunter for a while. The wound from the enchanted arrow is burning him. He's lucky that the arrow missed his heart. Nevertheless, he's weakening. The barrier around them is also weakening with his strength

He needs blood.

Fu Mian puts her hands inside the pockets of her coat and takes out the candies that her father gave her for emergencies. She tears open the wrapper and shoves one into Klyn's mouth. He looks at her gently, appreciating her small efforts. However, his need is a lot more than these candies could provide.

"Princess, keep a distance from me," He says to her, trying his best to keep his voice soft. He doesn't want to scare her. Fu Mian nods understandably and steps away to keep a distance. She peers at Victor who looking at them with a calm expression. She's scared of being caught by the hunters again. Hunters are worse than rogue vampires.

"If you hand her over like a nice little boy, I won't kill you." Victor only has to wait before the barrier could diminish. But, he doesn't have that much time. If all the vampires come here, he is sure that he can't fight them.

"I would rather die." Klyn nearly curses the man. "The world is going crazy. Why are you still after an innocent being?"

"We are after her because the world is going crazy." Victor sighs and summons another enchanted wooden arrow. It might not penetrate the barrier, but it can weaken it. Since the vampire is on the verge of passing out, shooting the barrier will make it faster. "We have to find a way to kill them. Besides, that girl belongs to the hunters."

"I don't belong to hunters." Fu Mian yells, "I am my father's daughter."

For someone who is barely five, her actions seem like she's an adult. Victor ignores her and shoots the barrier repetitively. Klyn feels his strength diminishing as he does his best to keep the barrier strong. His sight is going blurry. He screams for help again while trying to maintain the barrier.

Fu Mian screams and closes her eyes in fear when the barrier breaks and Klyn's unconscious body drops to the ground. She tries to shake him awake when she sees Victor walking toward her.

"Uncle, he's coming." She clutches his clothes with her small hands. Terror fills her eyes. "They will take me away. Wake up, Uncle Klyn. They will hurt me."

Victor grabs by the scruff of her neck and pulls her away from Klyn. "You and I need to have some talk, Little Girl."

"Let me go, bad hunter." Big drops of tears roll out on her pale cheeks. "Don't take me with you. My father will kill all of you if you take me."

He shows a sinister smile. "I will be waiting for him."


Aiken glances at Klyn's body. The wounds are black. His blood is drying up. Though he needs human blood now, Aiken bites into his wrist and drops some blood in his mouth. Klyn's eyes flutter, but he doesn't get up. Being the youngest and weakest among them, he did his best while holding up against a high-rank vampire hunter.

"They must have taken her away again." There is no Fu Mian's scent, but it could have been hidden by Klyn's spell. Her shoe is lying near Klyn's body. The boy is good at some notorious spells. If he had concentrated on some better defensive spells, he might have done better. This is the second time that Fu Mian is taken away by the hunters. The last time, they found her with their King's mate. What will happen to her now?

"What happened here?" Fu Sheng arrives at that moment. He glances at Klyn once, understanding the situation. There is a human's scent here. Fu Mian's scent is missing, but he notices her shoe. His silence stops everyone's heart. They know it. Fu Sheng's silence is worse than his rage. "Kai, take Klyn back to the castle. Take care of him until he wakes up. Then, send him to that place. If there is a delay, you will also follow him."

The seven vampires swallow when they hear of 'that place'. It's a hell for the purebloods. One couldn't die, but one couldn't live either. The torment makes one wishing to die every day.

Kai bows to him once before darting away with Klyn's body.

"His majesty." Aiken is afraid, but he's the second oldest. "About the princess..."

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"Follow this human's scent." Fu Sheng stares at him with unfathomable darkness in his eyes. Aiken is sure that they are also going to get punished. "We will start a war if we must."

He's been busy chasing Huang Qiuyan. The war with the vampire hunter has been long due since they took Fu Mian for the first time. The vampire hunters must be eradicated once for all.

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