Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Chapter 34: Have to make you stronger as my queen


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Klyn sneaks out of the castle with Fu Mian on her face. He floats down to the lake. He isn't good at flying yet. Then, he uses a second spell to walk on the water toward the shore. When he reaches the shore, he puts her down on the ground. Fu Mian looks up at him curiously.

"Fu Mian, I am going to check if the spell that put on you is working well outside the castle." Klyn is sure that location won't affect the spell, but he wants to be 100% sure. The spell is supposed to hide her scent. Fu Mian's scent can make any vampire lose control. The purebloods in the castle are used to it and have learned to control themselves. It's not the same for converts.

"Sure, Uncle Klyn." Fu Mian gives him a subtle nod. She trusts her all 8 uncles.

Klyn rechecks the state of the spell. So far, it's good. He releases his breath. Fu Mian peeks at Creepy Eyes hiding from Klyn's view. Creepy Eyes blink at her. Fu Mian nods back, understanding the signal. Her mother must have gone in that direction.

"There." She points toward the woods. "Uncle Klyn, I know where she is."

"How do you know?" He asks her doubtfully. He can't sense Huang Qiuyan's presence in that direction at all. Maybe she's too far away.

"I know. Trust me, Uncle." She assures him. "She and I have a special connection."

He raises his brow, but says nothing. Fu Sheng has fed his blood to her. So, the princess might have heightened senses. He carries her on his back and runs into that direction.

After half an hour, they have come quite deeper into the woods. Just when he senses a presence in the wood, an arrow runs past only a few cms from Klyn's cheek. A trail of blood drops down on his pale cheek.

"S#!T! How come they are here?" He grabs Fu Mian and looks up at the distant castle surrounded by fog. "I have to get there before it's too late."

Fu Mian screams when another arrow dig into his shoulder. The exucricating pain nearly makes him drop Fu Mian. Clenching his teeth, he holds her tighter. His blood soaks his shirt. He grabs the arrow on his back and pulls it out. The skin on his shoulder and hand turn black as coal. He needs to protect Fu Mian. The pain makes his vision go blurry. He screams and calls for his brother. "Save Fu Mian."

Someone will hear him. He's sure that someone will sense his call.

"I was wondering how to get her. You made my job easy." A man emerges out of the woods with a sly smile on his lips.

"Victor." Klyn spits his name out. "Leave Fu Mian alone."

Fu Mian is terrified of vampire hunters. She clutches on Klyn's clothes. "Save me, Uncle. He will take me again and hurt me."

Victor rolls his eyes. The girl is overreacting. They have only made small cuts on the girl when they took her last time to check whether she can really turn vampires into ashes. "Don't be afraid of us. We won't hurt you much this time. If your blood is also ineffective, we will let you go. It's a promise."

Her face becomes paler. She glances at Creepy Eyes. It disappears after a blink. Klyn feels it. His brothers are coming. He needs to hold it until they arrive. Klyn swallows and summons lightening around him, making a barrier between him and Victor.

"Pureblood or convert, you are abdominations." Victor sighs. "How long are you going to fight me? I will let you go if you handover the girl."

"No." Klyn tries to stand up, but his feet fail. His restoration is weaken due to the enchanted wood's poison. He glances at Fu Mian. "Fu Mian, I won't let anything happen to you."


Fu Sheng sighs when he looks at her unconscious face that is still flushed. The marks of their reunion on her exquisite body are vanishing one by one. Only one mark is left her white smooth neck - the mark of their first mating.

He chuckles, thinking how she complained about treating her as a sex doll. It's amusing how she glared at her each time he called her that. He wonders if he should call her that until she learns to call herself as his mate and his queen. The woman needs to accept what she feels for him.

"Saying that I treat you as a sex doll when you enjoy it too, you are quite cunning, my queen." He carries her in his arms to the nearby lake. "I wonder if a king would bother taking care of his sex doll when she's asleep without any care. You are also too weak as a sex doll. So, I have to make you stronger as my queen."

If Huang Qiuyan could hear how he was complaining about her low stamina in bed, she would have probably slapped him and ran away again. That reason would have added to all the reasons why he was bad for her.

Alas! She's deep in sleep.

He washes her in the cold water carefully, afraid that he would wake her if he uses too much force. His worries are for naught. Huang Qiuyan is asleep like there is no tomorrow. Seeing that her clothes are again ripped apart by him, he wraps his shirt on her body. He has to admit that she looks better in his clothes. He wouldn't mind if she wears his clothes and waits for him in his bedroom wearing on his shirt every night.

He pinches her chin. It would be rare if a vampire doesn't have a stubborn flare in their personality. He can feel that she hasn't completely surrendered to him despite the bond between them. But, he finds it rather intriguing. To talk back to him while fighting her fear, the woman is born to be a queen. He's waiting for her to reveal all of her hidden sides.

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Not being able to resist, he licks her soft lips. She responds to him with a sigh. He looks down at his woman with ravenous eyes. "Huang Qiuyan, it is the beginning of our eternity. So, you better accept me soon."

Fu Sheng is about to steal another kiss when he hears a distant desperate call for help in his mind.

[Save Fu Mian.]

He lays Huang Qiuyan on the ground and makes a quick barrier around her to protect and hide her from other predators. "Huang Qiuyan, I will be back soon. Don't dare to move from this spot."

He doesn't wait for a second. He sprints in the direction of the call. He has to save Fu Mian from danger first.

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