Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Chapter 15: Our king needs to lose his virginity


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"Did you find her?" Fu Sheng inquires his eight minions. He could already surmise that they have failed. The eight vampires lower their heads with shame. They couldn't seize a female convert. How embarrassing! They are supposed to be dignified and powerful pure-blooded vampires.

Han: "She is way too fast."

Jin: "She ran into the city of mindless ones."

Noah: "She set the trap to capture us."

Izo: "She is impossible to catch."

Lei: "Her assassin skills are godly."

Kai: "My legs hurt from running non-stop."

Aiken "She is your mate, my king. We aren't powerful enough to capture her."

"My king, a crazy convert bit off the flesh from my butt." Klyn rubs his butt with great grievances. "It hurts. My future is ruined. How will I love a woman with a scarred butt."

All eyes turn at Klyn. He smiles rigidly and attempts to reduce his presence.

"Uncle, do you need stitches?" Fu Mian asks with concern. "Do you need injections? Daddy made me get injections when I got bitten by a dog once."

"Mian-er, he doesn't need stitches or injections." Fu Sheng signals the maid to come. "He needs lessons. I have been going easy on him."

"Are they going to get punished?" Fu Mian doesn't leave with the maid. She clutches on his leg like a koala. "Daddy, what about mommy?"

'Mommy?' The words start ringing in the eight vampires head like a loud bell.

"I will bring her back here." Fu Sheng promises her. "She has a debt to pay."

"Can I come with you, Daddy?" She looks at him with her big round eyes. "I will be a good girl. I will not ask for food. I won't bother you."

"No." Fu Sheng's tone is stern. "You will slow me down. Your scent attracts the vampires."

"Daddy, I will wear a lot of perfume."

"That doesn't work."

"Daddy, please..."

"Do you want your mother to come back?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Wait here like a good girl." His words are final. Fu Mian nods slowly and leaves with the maid. The eight vampires figure out what is going on.

"As for you." Fu Sheng turns to the eight vampires. "Are you not ashamed of your incompetence?"

The eight vampires look down with shame. Losing to a convert? It is a black day for pure-blood vampires.

"All of you will stay here and guard Mian-er." Fu Sheng inserts his hands in his pocket and has a distant look in his eyes. "I will deal with her by myself."

"My King, is she going to be our queen?" Aiken asks in a passive voice. Fu Sheng hates the converts. How will he accept one as his queen?

"No." Fu Sheng's voice is firm. "She will come here because Mian-er wants her. I have no intention of making her into my queen."

"But..." She is your true mate. Can you really avoid her?

"My decision is final. I will never accept a converted female like her as my queen."

"My king, you can never touch any other woman than her." Aiken is worried about his king. He is more worried about himself. If Fu Sheng doesn't get married, how will he ever get married? The eight vampires are living a single life because their king refuses to take a woman.

"That's not a problem."

"My King, you need a queen."

"No, this king will rule alone forever." Fu Sheng glares at Aiken. "Do you not accept my decision?"

"No, no...I don't dare..." Aiken bends down on his knees. "I accept."

"Guard Mian-er. There shouldn't be any mistake."

Fu Sheng disappears from the view. The eight vampires take a deep breath of relief. No punishment this time.

"Looks like we will live single forever," Jin exclaims hopelessly.

"There are plenty of women to play with, Brother." Klyn grins at him. "You can stay single and mingle with women all the time."

"Where are women now?" Kai yawns. "Humans are turning into those crazy creatures. Converts turned into those crazy creatures. I don't mind being getting bitten in bed, but I don't want to become someone's food."

"It is not bad to live alone forever." Izo looks thoughtfully at Jin. "I don't mind living as a celibate."

"You mean, virgin. You don't mind living as a forever virgin." Klyn chuckles. "Is our king a virgin too?"

"Klyn, don't talk about him like that."

"Brother Aiken, it is really shameful if he is a virgin even after more than four thousand years," Klyn smirks at him. "I lost my virginity when I was -"

"We don't want to know." Noah rolls his eyes.

"I know that Brother Han was married once." Klyn isn't the one to let go. "Who else is virgin here other than brother Jin and our king?"

"I am not a virgin." Kai stretches his arms lazily. He adds, "It was a siren."

Klyn whistles. "I love those. They are quite energetic and openminded in bed."

"Brother Aiken, isn't it sad that our king will refuse his chance at true love?" Jin asks with a sad voice. "Shouldn't we do something about it?"

"He is headstrong." Aiken has watched Fu Sheng since his childhood. "I wonder if someone is capable enough to change his mind."

"Princess can change his mind," Lei mutters.

"What did you say?" Noah leans toward him. "You want the princess to help? She isn't old enough to understand the matters between a man and a woman. Our king has agreed to give her a mother. But, he won't accept that woman as his mate."

"Don't worry about that," Klyn smirks Noah and Lei. "I will take care of it. Our king needs to lose his virginity."

"Klyn, I don't know what you are planning to do, but..." Aiken is worried about their future. If they go along with Klyn plans, they are likely to get into trouble. "Don't play with our king. He will kill you if you make any mistake."

"I won't do anything." Klyn chuckles evilly. "I really won't do anything."

Aiken and the other vampire sigh. He is definitely going to do something.



How are you doing, readers? I guess, Klyn wants to be the one with cupid arrow.

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