Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Chapter 14: This is called suicide


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In the last five hours, Huang Qiuyan has crossed the mountains and reached a city. It's not her luck that she hasn't come across any vampire zombie. Her pursuers have attracted all the vampire zombies to them because of their scents.

It's night time. Under the streetlights, the vampire zombies are out and wandering. She can't see any human. She can't smell any human either.

Huang Qiuyan wants to become stronger. She wants to raise her rank. Whether she is a vampire zombie or a zombie vampire, it is all the same to her. She is alive. That what is most important to her. She doesn't understand much. She doesn't care.

The system has told her earlier that she knows that she can attract good men if she becomes stronger. Her mother has always told her that men do not like stronger women and a woman's virtue is ignorance.

Now, it's the apocalypse. She doubts that any of her mother's teaching would work now. Time has changed. It is the stronger woman's time now. She has always believed that it is wise to change with time. She will become stronger and become a popular woman in multiple worlds.

A vampire has a long life. A zombie also has a long life until they decay or lose their brains? She sniffs herself. She is not decaying. She is sure that her brain is inside her skull. So, she is going to live a long life. She probably won't grow old either. It only makes sense that she looks for a man to spend her ever after.

The system has been hearing her thoughts and wondering why did he ever tell her that he would look for a husband. It regrets deeply. It wanted her to be motivated and become stronger. But, his host is too motivated. It is scaring him. Judging from her thoughts, she is likely to make foolish decisions.

The system cautiously emerges in her mind. He doesn't want to startle her. They are close to a place where the vampire zombies are wandering aimlessly. A single noise can draw their attention to his host.

[System: Dear Host, you should hide.]

[Host: I have to become stronger. How do I become stronger?]

[System: Dear Host, you need to drink blood and fight to become strong. Going into a city of vampire zombies alone is foolish. We should take a small step at one time.]

[Host: I didn't find any vampire zombie while I was coming here. How do I fight one when I can't find one?]

[System: Dear Host, that is your luck. This is called suicide. Slowly, go back to the forest and don't make a single noise.]

She doesn't move back. She observes the vampire zombies. What is the difference between them and her? She still has her mind intact. They don't?

[System: Dear Host, you are the only hybrid who can think rationally. Your heart is still beating. If I wasn't inside your body at that time, you would have become like them. From what I have observed, these vampire zombies have the traits of both creatures. They are madly attracted to blood whether it is a vampire or a human. They don't attack each other unless it is for food. They are allergic to sunlight for now, but I think that it is temporary. These vampire zombies will become stronger with more blood they consume. Things might change when they become stronger.]

[Host: If they have the traits of both creatures, it means that they are mindless like the zombies and they drink blood like the vampires. What about their weaknesses?]

[System: Dear Host, they cannot be killed by physical weapons. They become like this because of the celestial events. The strange celestial events might have created the imbalance in converts' bodies. When the converts became mad, they bit the humans and the virus was spread. Even if you decapitate them or hit their hearts or brains, they won't die.]

[Host: You are kidding me, right? They must have some weaknesses. At this rate, this world will become the home of these creatures. ]

[System: Dear Host, I need time to study. Right now, please get away from this place. My radar is picking up the purebloods. They will arrive here in fifteen minutes.]

Huang Qiuyan crawls away from the spot. She doesn't make any noise. When she has moved far away, she stands up and dashes in the opposite direction. She will visit her family first. The system has told her that she can reach by morning if she runs for all night. She will do that.

On the other hand, her pursuers manage to arrive at the city's border after running for hours and fighting the damned crazy creatures. They do not enter the city straight away. They can sense those crazy creatures roaming the city.

Aiken, the right hand of Fu Sheng, sighs and says, "She went into the city. We have to go in."

Kyln, the youngest pureblooded vampire who is playboy whose ex-girlfriend (a converted vampire) has literally gone mad, wraps his arms around himself and shudder in fear. "Can't we not go? I got bite marks from those things. It's not a scar that I want to show to a woman."

Lei, the short-tempered and grumpy one, grimaces in the direction of the city. "You are worried about women at this time?"

Noah, the one who likes to drink blood group B-negative, grits his teeth in anger. "That woman is crazy to go there."

Izo, the one who is kind and patient, and despises romantic stuff, smiles softly. "Noah, she is our Lord's true mate. You shouldn't call her crazy."

Han, the quiet one, says in a low voice. "This might a trap"

Jin, the one who is looking for his true love (mate), says with a worried tone, "What if she gets hurt? If she dies, our Lord will never get another mate."

Kai, the one who just want to sleep and has an easygoing personality, yawns loudly. "Are we going or not? Aish! I want to sleep. My body hurts from running for so long."

The eight vampires start to argue. No ultimatum is reached until Fu Sheng's urgent call comes to their blood. They feel the urge to return to the castle immediately. The eight vampires sigh in relief. They run at the highest speed to reach the castle.

Fu Sheng is waiting with a grave expression. Fu Mian is sitting beside him with a smug look. The eight vampires have a bad feeling. What did the princess do this time?

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