Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Chapter 13: If she looks at someone else, I will destroy that man


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Little Chubby Bun is sitting on her bed and staring at the pink wall with a little frown on her head. Her nanny isn't telling her anything. Her daddy is busy. The eight other uncles are nowhere to be seen.

Nobody is telling her where did her ugly aunty disappear to. She heard a lot of noise earlier. Now, there is nothing. What happened?

A pair of ugly purple eyes appear on the wall and stares back at Fu Mian. Fu Mian doesn't react. She crosses her arms and tilts her head slightly, waiting for that creature to speak.

"YOUNG MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Its voice is squeaky and high. "I HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!"

It's a secret from everyone. Actually, Little Mian has found these creepy eyes stalking her father and uncles. These creepy eyes watch them everywhere and enjoy their beauties. When Little Mian found it, the creature pleaded her not to tell. Little Mian decided to use this creature as her playmate and her spy.

"I have been waiting, Pretty." Little Mian stands up. Though Little Mian doesn't think that the name suits those eyes, she still decides to go along with the name. "Where is that ugly aunty?"

"She ran away." Creepy eyes blink thrice. "Princess, she is your mom."

Little Mian sits down on her bed in shock. "She is my mom?"

"I heard that she is your father's true mate." Its pupils move from right to left. "It means that your father has to marry her. She is the only one for him. If she is gone, your father will never be happy again."

Little Mian's mouth becomes wide and round. She thinks about the ugly woman again. At first, she has some bad impressions because that woman isn't clean. But, that woman didn't hesitate to save her from that crazy vampire. She didn't try to bite her or hurt her. She has taken care of her.

Little Mian has always wanted a mom. In school, all the kids have a mom and a dad. She only has a dad and eight uncles. If she has a mom too, her family will be complete. The ugly aunty isn't unsuitable to become her mom.

This is the first time too. If that aunty can make her father happy, she is even better as her mom.

She approves of that aunty with her whole heart. From now on, she won't call her 'Ugly Aunty'. Besides, that aunty has clear and dazzling eyes. If she cleans herself, she won't be ugly. Little Mian will help her become clean again. Then, she will become the best mom.

"Pretty, where is my mom?" Little Mian asks with excitement.

Huang Qiuyan has no idea that she has been promoted from ugly aunty to someone's mom.

"About that..." Creepy eyes look sideways. "She ran away."

"What?" Little Mian lowers her head. Her eyes become misty. She just found about her mom. "My mom ran away. Why?"

"Princess, the king and the others think that she is an assassin. But, I heard her speaking to herself and cursing your father. She said that she isn't an assassin. The king never believed her. She is running back to her home and talking about finding a husband."

Creepy eyes have seen Huang Qiuyan running through the mountains in full speed. At a considerable distance, it has seen the other eight vampires having a hard time pursuing Huang Qiuyan. In his room, Fu Sheng is pacing restlessly. Now, the little princess looks like she is going to cry.

"She won't marry my daddy." Little Mian's dreams of showing off her mom to her classmates are on the verge of breaking. "If she doesn't marry my daddy, then she won't become my mom."

"Princess..." Creepy Eyes really thinks of this little girl as her friend. "There is a way."

"What is it?" Little Mian cleans her face. "I only want her as my mom."

"You can ask your father." Creepy Eyes has a focused gaze on Fu Mian. "To convince him, you must follow my instructions."

Fu Sheng glances at his finger again. The wound is not gone yet. His heart is restless. In truth, he only remembers her bright and clear eyes. Her soft lips. Her foot... His dignity in front of his people is turned to ashes. He fumes when he remembers her last action. That woman is bold. He is going to kill her.

Even before there is a knock, he knows that it's Little Mian. The one person he loves the most in this world is his daughter, Fu Mian. He opens the door and lets her in. She looks up at him with her red swollen eyes. "Daddy."

"Mian-er, are you hurt?" He checks on her. His little princess is human. She is fragile. She easily gets hurt and becomes sick. Though he has been feeding her his blood, she is still fragile as a glass. "Tell Daddy where you are hurt."

"Daddy." She holds his hands. "I want a mommy."

"..." Fu Sheng has never ever heard of these words before. He blankly stares at her, trying to understand the meaning of her words. "Mommy?"

"That aunty..." She sniffles and looks at him with eyes full of waters. "I want that aunty as my mommy."

"That cannot happen," Fu Sheng tells her in a low voice. "That woman cannot become your mother. She is not good enough to become your mother. She is an assassin. She doesn't have any virtue. She is shameless-"

Before he could finish his words, Fu Mian rolls on the cold floor and whines in the most annoying shrilly voice to Fu Sheng.

"I want her as my mommy. I want her as my mommy. I want her as my mommy."

"Mian-er!" Fu Sheng has never seen her like that. "Get up. You will get cold."

"I won't get up until you promise me that she will become my mom." Fu Mian knows that Fu Sheng will not use his strength against her. He is afraid to hurt her.

"No." Fu Sheng has never gotten mad at his daughter. He has never scolded or glared at her. He didn't do it this time either. He tries to pick her up gently, but she clutches on the foot of the beg. Fu Sheng breaks the foot of the bed and picks her up in his arms.

"Daddy, it's unfair." She looks at him sadly. Why is her daddy so strong? Creepy Eyes' trick didn't work. "That aunty will marry someone else if you don't marry her. I want her as my mother."

"Marry someone else?" Fu Sheng frowns. "She can't marry someone else."

"Why can't she?" Fu Mian asks in confusion. "If you and that aunty don't get married, then someone else will marry her."

"That woman can only marry me." Fu Sheng snorts. "She is my true mate. If she looks at someone else, I will destroy that man."

Fu Mian smiles when she hears his words. "Daddy, you should bring her here and marry her. Then, she can't look at anyone else. She will only look at you and me."

"You are right." Fu Sheng doesn't notice that his words are contradicting his earlier words. "That woman is quite shameless. She can't be let loose. I should go by myself to find her."

Fu Mian nods. It is working. Her father has agreed to marry that aunty. She will have a mom soon.

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