His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling Chapter 144: Delectable...


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"Does the organization know the route that the Han Princess will take?" Yao Ying asked curiously. From their vast network, it should be easy for the organization to know this much.

"Yes... they will pass by Lin Zhou. Yao Ling, if you want to go with them, you have to learn riding horse. I can't prepare a carriage for you, because it will slow down the others," Wang Luo Hai said with a strict voice. He wanted Yao Ling to know that they were going on a mission, not for a sightseeing trip.

"Rest assured, Father! I know. I will learn to ride a horse from Yao Ying." After saying that, Yao Ling looked at Yao Ying with twinkling eyes. She was pleading for Yao Ying to agree.

With that cute pleading eyes, how could Yao Ying resist? "Yes, Father. I will teach her how."

Wang Luo Hai nodded in agreement. "Good! From here to Lin Zhou, it would probably take around four to five days. Prepare well for the journey. I will also give you enough money to spend on the journey."

"Thank you, Father!" Yao Ying thanked Wang Luo Hai for his generosity.

"Yao Ling, you should learn how to play qujin too. Your calligraphy is already quite good, so you have to pay more attention to learn to play qujin," Wang Luo Hai said. "I will call a master to teach you."

Yao Ling's eyes lit up! She always loves learning new things. She had planned to beg the matriarch to let her learn music when she had finished all of Zhang Mo Mo's lesson. Who knew that she would get the chance sooner? The great thing was she also got to learn from a master! "Thank you, Father!" Yao Ling couldn't count how many times she was thanking Wang Luo Hai, but he really deserved it. He was probably the kindest stepfather ever.

Wang Luo Hai looked at her helplessly. "You are indeed weird. I saw my friends' daughters were whining when they needed to attend lessons, but you seem to love it!"

Yao Ling grinned and explained how much she liked learning, making Wang Luo Hai shake his head weakly. He was planning to call an ordinary master, but because he saw her enthusiasm, he decided to find the best master for her. After the mission, if she wanted to continue learning, then she could. For the mission, he just wanted her to learn about the basic and make use of it when she met the Han Princess. He was pretty sure Yao Ling would be able to adjust to the situation and smartly use her new knowledge to befriend the Han Princess.

"Fine... Fine... you can go now. I still have a lot of things to do," Wang Luo Hai chased them away with a smile. He needed to help them prepare the shadow guards, money, and find the best qujin master.

When they were out of the Wang Luo Hai's study room, Yao Ling said excitedly to Yao Ying, "I can't wait to go with you. It will be a great adventure!" She always wanted to see new places and played around. Yao Ying grinned when he looked at his wife's happiness. "Yes... Yes... I know that you are so excited and want to go right away! Don't forget that this is not a sightseeing trip!" Yao Ying teased.

"I know!" Yao Ling pouted. "Don't put a damper on my spirit!"

Yao Ying laughed at her pouting face. "Okay... okay..." Suddenly, Yao Ying had an idea, "Do you want to follow me and meet with Lin Jian? So, we can discuss this matter?" He had a lot to talk about with Lin Jian and thought that it was probably a good idea to bring Yao Ling along. He didn't need to talk back and forth about this matter.

Yao Ling's pout turned into a smile. "Good idea! Where will we go? Hua lou?" Yao Ling asked excitedly.

"You are a woman. What do you want to do in a hua lou?!" Yao Ying asked skeptically. At first, he thought that Yao Ling was joking, but her excitement showed how much she was serious about it. Yao Ying started to feel a headache, knowing that he might not be able to hold his wife back.

"What? So, only you can go to the hua lou?" Yao Ling raised one of his eyebrows, challenging him whether he dared to say yes or not.

If she put it that way, how could he stop her from going? She could say that he must have something to hide, that's why he didn't allow her to go. Yao Ying could only helplessly said, "Of course not! But if you go there, it will ruin your reputation! You are a woman, Ling-er..."

"I can always use my male disguise along with Xiao Yu!" Yao Ling said excitedly. If she used male disguise, then no one would be able to recognize her! 'En... This is such a good idea!' Yao Ling thought to herself.

"But..." Yao Ying really felt that it wasn't appropriate!

Yao Ling glared at him and he could only give up. He knew how stubborn Yao Ling was! Probably if he brought her there, she would understand Mi Hui better. Of course, the Mi Hui in his mind was Mi Hui the organization. "Fine... Fine..." He could only compromise. "Feng, go and tell Lin Jian that I ask him out for a drink at the hua lou to discuss something important."

"Yes, Young Master," Feng quickly went out and did Yao Ying's order.

"Are you happy now?" Yao Ying asked dotingly.

"Of course!" Yao Ling quickly kissed Yao Ying's cheek. "Thank you, Husband." After thanking him, she pulled Xiao Yu to go with her and prepare themselves in their male get-up. Yao Ying who was left behind could only touch his cheek in surprise. "This little minx!" He muttered to himself, but he could not erase the smile on his lips.

Yao Ling indeed knew how to tame her husband! One kiss and he already smiled like a fool. Yao Ying sighed and shook his head in defeat. He went to their courtyard and wait for her while drinking a cup of tea. After Yao ling finished changing her clothes, they could go together.

What did take the woman so long? Yao Ying thought to himself. Even Feng had already gone back from Lin Fu for a little while and she wasn't ready yet. Feng told him that Lin Jian already gave him his agreement to go, so they could meet up at the hua lou right away. However, the woman still hadn't come out of the room yet. When Yao Ying started to get impatient and stand up to call her, he heard Yao Ling called him from behind.

"Ying... let's go!" Yao Ying turned around when he heard Yao Ling's voice. He was stunned at what he saw! Yao Ling wore one of his clothes leisurely, however this time... she had already altered the size previously so it fitted her perfectly. She chose light blue robe and somehow it made her look so feminine --- a flower boy, to be precise. Yao Ying didn't know whether to laugh or cry because even in her disguise, she still looked so beautiful and he could also feel his little Yao Ying start to get excited.

When he looked at her breasts, the meat buns were gone -- it seemed like she wrapped her own breasts to suppress her meat buns. She wore a belt around her waist and it accentuated her slimness. With this kind of get-up, would people believe that she was a man? Seeing Yao Ling in different get-up made him feel his throat dry. Did he have to endure this until night time? Damn! He cursed inside his mind. Why did she look so alluring even in male clothing? He never thought that there would be a day he became such a pervert!

Yao Ling who didn't know about her husband's perverted thought quickly ran to him and twirled her body around, showing off her disguise proudly. "What do you think?" She asked. It took her a long time to finish her disguise, so it should be fine, right? She should be looking manly enough!

"Delectable..." Yao Ying unconsciously said.

"Huh?" Yao Ling asked in confusion.
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