His Genius Wife is a Superstar Chapter 204: Passionate Lover


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The atmosphere became uncomfortable. Jin Liwei looked cold as always, but everyone in the room was familiar with him. They knew that he was seething underneath his cold demeanour.

Grandpa Lu realized that he went a little too far this time. He loved Jin Liwei and considered him as a grandson. However, he still couldn't help but prioritize his own flesh and blood grandson, Lu Zihao.

Iris was just too beautiful and brilliant that he wanted her for his own grandson. He inwardly hoped that the children she birthed would bear the name Lu, not Jin. But Jin Liwei's words reminded him that the two boys were best friends and brothers. Stealing the woman of one's brother was a grave sin.

Realizing his selfishness and unfairness to Jin Liwei, Grandpa Lu felt ashamed of himself. He sighed.

"Sorry, my boy. Grandpa was just too caught up in his emotions. Don't worry, I will erase this kind of thoughts from now on and support your relationship with Xiulan. You're all my grandchildren. I want you all to be happy."

Jin Liwei still felt provoked but since this was Grandpa Lu, he forced himself to nod. He knew that the elder didn't mean any harm.

Grandpa Lu cleared his throat. "I hope that you and Haohao will forever treat each other as brothers like your grandfather and I. Haohao is returning to the country in a few days. He's not in the best of health, so he'll need you brothers."

"En." Jin Liwei nodded more readily this time.

Having been reminded of his Fifth Brother's health, the negative feelings inside Jin Liwei slowly faded away. Indeed, their brotherhood was forged by a strong bond of loyalty and trust throughout the years. It wasn't something that was easily broken.

The tense aura dissipated. Grandma Li and Huang Yuyan released sighs of relief. Both of them knew that Jin Liwei had an extremely serious personality. Once provoked, he could be ruthless when he decided to retaliate, even to his loved ones.

"Is Grandpa Lu's grandson your Fifth Brother, Liwei?" Iris asked.


"Oh. So he's coming back soon? Will I meet him?"

Jin Liwei observed her. "You want to meet him?"

"Of course. He's your brother. I already met Eldest Brother, Second Brother and Teacher Yu Mo. Your Fifth Brother is the only one I haven't met yet. You told me before that your brothers are my brothers too, so I want to meet him."

He didn't answer right away. He continued to look at her for a few moments. Finally, he told her, "Alright, baby. I'll introduce you when he's settled down after arriving. Let's give him a week or so to adjust from jet lag."


The conversation gradually moved to lighter and more pleasant topics.

Jin Liwei finally realized that the genius girl his grandmother was talking about when she phoned him before was his own baby girl. He also learned that Grandpa Lu was his baby girl's business mentor. Of course he was happy and proud of her, but there was a small part of him that wanted to be the one to guide her through the business world. However, he would never complain because he knew that Grandpa Lu was a business genius. There was no doubt that she got the best business mentor available in the country.

Later, they all ate a sumptuous dinner. It was extra special because of Iris and Jin Liwei's revelation of their relationship. Grandma Li and Huang Yuyan were delighted for them. The awkwardness between Jin Liwei and Grandpa Lu already disappeared as well. Everyone was in great spirits.

As they ate and chatted, the two elders and Huang Yuyan observed the couple. There were so many instances that they caught the two just staring into each other's eyes.

Jin Liwei also couldn't keep his hands to himself, constantly touching Iris. He would hold her hands, stroke her hair, touch her face, or nuzzle her shoulder. Although Iris didn't initiate any of their public displays of affection, she didn't reject him. In fact, she felt at ease and pleased with all his ministrations. Sometimes, as if she couldn't help herself, she would also respond with her own little touches.

There was a moment when Iris excused herself to go to the washroom, Jin Liwei also stood up with the intent of following her.

"I can go by myself," Iris told him.

"I'll go with you. You might get lost. This is a big house," he replied.

"I've been here before. I know where I'm going. I won't get lost. Stay here and chat with them, okay?"

"No, I also need to go."

"Oh. Okay, then."

When they were gone, the two elders and Huang Yuyan immediately talked about them.

"I never expected for my son to be like this," Huang Yuyan said. "I always thought that he'd be cool and detached like his personality when it comes to romance, but it appears that he's actually quite the passionate lover. I'm very surprised as his mother."

Grandma Li looked nostalgic. "He reminds me of his grandfather. They're very similar. You think at first that they're ice blocks but in reality, they're blazing hot volcanoes inside. The Jins have always been intense men. It's only Little Chonglin who's a bit of a wishy-washy. Well, it's true that he's intense when it comes to his career but as for the other aspects of his life? Hai."

"Mother, Chonglin has matured a lot in recent years…"

Huang Yuyan felt defensive for her youngest son. She felt that her mother-in-law was being too critical of the poor boy ever since he got engaged to Fan Luo. She couldn't understand why her mother-in-law didn't like his son's fiancée. Fan Luo was such a nice girl.

Grandpa Lu sensed that the two ladies were about to argue, so he deliberately butted in and sharply changed the topic. He made some jokes to make them laugh.

It was at this moment that Iris and Jin Liwei returned.

Iris looked a little flushed. Her lips were noticeably swollen. Beside her, Jin Liwei looked like a cat who ate the canary. He had a smug smile on his face, looking completely pleased with himself.

The three immediately figured out what the two had been doing while they were gone. However, they pretended not to notice, welcoming them back. Huang Yuyan couldn't stop herself from blushing, though.

Later that night, the pilot informed Jin Liwei that the windy condition worsened. It wasn't safe to fly. Iris and Jin Liwei were forced to sleep over.

Grandma Li instructed for two separate bedrooms to be prepared for Iris and Jin Liwei. However, one of her maids later informed her that Jin Liwei's bedroom was empty. It only meant one thing. He decided to sleep together in the same room with his girlfriend.

"Oh well. Maybe I'll have a great-grandchild sooner than I thought."

With a chuckle and a sigh, Grandma Li turned off the lights in her room and went to sleep, dreaming of her beloved husband.
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