His Genius Wife is a Superstar Chapter 203: Kids These Days


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Everyone was already settled in the living area when Jin Liwei regained his senses and followed them. He watched how his family interacted with his baby girl from a distance. He could see that they absolutely adored her. His mother was stuck to her like glue, sitting beside her and even holding her hands.

Iris caught sight of Jin Liwei. She tilted her head to the side and smiled mischievously.

The others saw her expression. They followed her sight and saw Jin Liwei.

"What are you doing standing there all alone?! Are you a ghost?! Come here, boy!" Grandpa Lu sounded like he was in a bad temper. It didn't help that Grandma Li was giving him a triumphant smile like she defeated him in some kind of a contest.

Jin Liwei moved and headed towards his baby girl. She and his mother scooted over to give space for him on the sofa. When he sat down, his arm snaked around her waist pulling her closer to his body. His eyes never left hers. They stared at each other, oblivious to his family watching them.

When Jin Liwei's face started inching closer to Iris' face, Grandpa Lu couldn't bear it anymore. "Control yourself, you lusty boy! Is that how you behave in front of your elders?!"

"Who are you calling lusty? That's my grandson, you noisy baboon!" Grandma Li snapped at Grandpa Lu. Then she turned to Jin Liwei. "Liwei my dear, how about you…Liwei?"

Grandpa Lu: "Hah! Look at him! This is the result of not having girlfriend and being celibate for thirty-one years! When he finally gets a girlfriend, his brain is completely filled with nothing but sperm!"

"You are so gross," Grandma Li told him in a disgusted tone.

Although Iris was also caught up in desire, she was still able to hear the two elders' squabble unlike Liwei who was already far gone. Her neck and face heated up. Jin Liwei looked like he still wanted to kiss her in front of everyone, so she grabbed his face and turned it forward to the direction of the elders.

Jin Liwei frowned. "Baby, what—"

Then he finally noticed his family looking at him. He actually forgot where they were! His baby girl was just too beautiful that everything around him just faded away, leaving nothing but her in his consciousness. He cleared his throat and straightened on his seat but still didn't release his baby girl's waist.

Iris sighed in relief. She glanced at the two elders. Grandma Li was looking at them in amusement, while Grandpa Lu looked displeased. Then she glanced at Huang Yuyan beside her who was also blushing like her.

"How about you tell us how the two of you met?" Grandma Li asked to make conversation.

Iris recounted exactly how she and Jin Liwei met at the hotel lobby. Grandpa Lu and Grandma Li didn't bat their eyes about the part of her knowing the criminal activities of a Russian company called Galaktika. After all, she was a Cross Academy student. She was currently studying Foreign Languages, so it wasn't surprising that she knew Russian.

Grandpa Lu was also aware that she was a hacker, so he figured that she became aware of Galaktika through hacking. It seemed that Grandma Li also already knew about it based on her expression. It was only Huang Yuyan who looked confused, but she just accepted the story as it was.

"Liwei was very rude and arrogant. I really didn't like him. At one point, I almost hated him," Iris continued.

Jin Liwei scowled when he heard her.

"But he repeatedly seduced me and I discovered that I also feel attracted to him. Now I like him very much."

His scowl instantly transformed into a delighted expression. Without thinking, he was already kissing her lips right in front of everybody.

"Oh!" Huang Yuyan exclaimed. Sitting beside them, she had a direct view of their kissing scene.

"See? I told you! Your grandson has sperm brain!" Grandpa Lu told his friend in a booming voice while pointing at the kissing couple.

Grandma Li's mouth twitched, not knowing what to say. She also couldn't believe that her usually indifferent and well-behaved grandson was acting like a teenage boy who couldn't keep his hands away from his first girlfriend.

"Liwei!" Iris firmly pushed Jin Liwei away, her face and neck turning even more crimson. "We're in front of your family!"

"Hm?" It took a few moments for Jin Liwei to get a hold of himself. He just lost it when his baby girl said she liked him very much in front of his family. Happiness filled his heart.

"Can you behave? This is embarrassing," Iris whispered to him.

He chuckled. "Okay, baby. Sorry." Well, he wasn't really sorry but he wouldn't let her know that. Why would he ever feel sorry when kissing her? Never.

"Xiulan my girl, if this boy is too much for you to handle, you can always tell me and Grandpa will give him a good spanking!"

Iris burst into a fit of giggles. The image of Grandpa Lu spanking Jin Liwei who was taller than him was just too funny. "Thank you, Grandpa, but I'm alright. I think I can handle Liwei by myself."

"Oh?" Jin Liwei raised an eyebrow at her and smirked. "Really? You can handle me?"

Feeling challenged, she raised her chin. "Of course."

"Alright, you two! Stop flirting!" Grandpa Lu scolded them. "Hai! Kids these days! They don't have any sense of propriety anymore!"

"Oh, be quiet," Grandma Li told him. "They're not doing anything immoral."


"Why don't you just be happy for the two of them?"

Grandpa Lu sulked. "I am! Liwei boy is also my grandson, you know, so I'm happy! But I was hoping to pair up Xiulan with my Haohao so—"

"Absolutely not!" Jin Liwei's voice was cold. "Grandpa Lu, Xiulan is mine. Besides, Zihao and I are brothers. He would never dare steal my woman from me."
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