His Dream ★ My Nightmare Chapter 29: YOU DARE!?


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Location: Polýtimos Palace

Aurum forest , Arcadia kingdom

Date: 3078.20.12

Time: 16:00

Nathaniel just propose to me. What do I do!? Okay calm down.

Oh my god I'm freaking out!! What do I say? Of course I will not reject him, he has such a gentle heart it'll be like kicking a kitten.

Luna might think this way about Nathaniel Blackstone but he is known to be ruthless, sadistic and cold-blooded during battle and within the Academy. He is as powerful as Knight and his father, the god of war, death and distribution.

She knows of this titles but didn't want to hear the information of his personal life from Myst, as she wishes to draw her own conclusion on the personalities of each of her family members and yes even knight is seen as part as her family, although an annoying one.

[Myst, What are the marriage customs here?] I better get some information before I make my decision on this matter.

[Both men and women of all races can have multiple partners. It's mostly practiced by gods, goddesses and most of the magical races. Some humans also part take in this custom but most have only one partner.]

Vesmír POV

It looks like Nathaniel has more courage than Knight or is more foolish as he didn't even consult with Krásná about this it seems. But it is a nice surprise as I got to see krásná's shocked face. Well I am sure my face was the same.

And where is knight? I don't think he wanted to share Luna with anyone else even his own brother.

I look towards Luna and it looks like she was completely taken by surprise as she has a blank expression.

"I would.." she was cut off by a loud sound and that sound being knight appearing right beside Nathaniel and punching him, making a loud *BANG.

"Nathaniel you dare take something that is mine!!" it seems that knight has completely lost it. O look towards Luna to see if she is alright. She seems relieved as she holds our original family crest witch is a black rose sitting on six gold leaves that is made of all soft crystal and makes it look real. It is more fragile than normal crystal so it's harder to make anything out of it.

A drop from the sky will completely shatter it. I also feel relieved as it takes years to make one and the god who is able to use such fragile material is a pain to deal with so this makes me more relieved.

"Look Knight, you should really calm yourself as this is not your domain." Nathaniel looks towards Luna. Son you should know that you should never tell an angry person to calm down it's even worse when your not even looking at them.

"You should learn to keep your hands off my property." Knight looks at Luna "Luna is my property."


I look at where Luna is standing as I heard something break. She looks to fine, our crest looks intact also. Where did that sound come from.

"What did you just say? Your property, that I'm yours? Knight Blackstone you really have a death wish."

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