His Dream ★ My Nightmare Chapter 28: SUCCESS


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Location: Polýtimos Palace

Aurum forest , Arcadia kingdom

Date: 3078.20.12

Time: 14:00

"So your telling me she is making a portable barrier that is not visible for battle." krásná glares at me as he stops from pacing.

"Yes. She told me that I should have thought of it since the beginning but and when I didn't give her an explanation she just looked at me if I was slow and went straight to the research room." her nonexistent commen sense will defiantly provide great advances in both technology, science and magic.

"I wonder how will Nathaniel will react? He is always trying to find ways to fight more effectively with the enemy." krásná always gets straight to the heart of the matter.

"If she is successful in creating this, than it will spark a new area of military combat fighting." I look forward to her success. "But even if she succeeds not every soldiers will be able to use such a berrier." we leave his office and head to the rose garden where we see that Nathaniel was staring at a single white rose with a forlorn expression.



"What's happening!" Raven and Alexander shout out as they make their way towards us.


We can see black smoke coming from the Luna's research building. Suddenly a small siluate can be seen flying out of the smoke followed by three large siluates, abvously it's Luna been followed by Myst, Lucifer and Luka.

"What are they doing!" Krásná quickly flies towards them and all of us follow suite.

"It looks like it's a great success. YES!" Luna begins to celebrate as we reach them.

"Vesmír you're here. I have excellent news for you, I have succeeded in creating the barrier which can stand against any type of attack and as well fire back and of course you can move around and even fly." she begins to explain to me about how the barrier works and how it can both defend and attack against any type of magic or normal attack.

"First I thought about how each individual within the military can deploy this barrier but then I thought about the amount of magic it would consume if it's always deployed. That wouldn't be very efficient and would hinder the soldiers a great deal, so I made a device witch can take in the energy around us and convert it into magical energy which can power the barrier and keep it functioning at all times." she shows me a small red star hanging from her ear.

"Of course this device can be turned to any type of accessory." she shows how the small red star raps a thin golden chain around her rist and becomes a bracelet and how it becomes a ring, necklace, headband, scarf and so on.

"It can also be implanted within the skin if that's more convenient. The red star can also be made invisible if the wearer wants to, the barrier is automatically made invisible when it's activated but it can be made visible if the administrator allows it." she hasn't even noticed the others around her as she continues to explain how this small red star functions.

"Of course if a soldier is captured it would analys the situation. If the soldier is a spy it will self destruct killing everyone around it and send information on the location and any other useful information gathered. The same goes for an allied soldier but it would only teleport the soldier to one of our nearest military camp and not self destruct." then she seems to realize something, you finally remembered those around you.

"You can also make yourself nvisble." or not, Luna pay more attention to your surroundings.

"I shall demonstrate." as she said that, she's gone, even her presence can not be senses it's as if she doesn't exist.

"So what do you think?" she reappears standing beside Nathaniel. "Will this help you during battles?"

"..!!!" seems like even he didn't sense her. To be able to get so close to him without him noticing it means this device will become our most protect secret weapon.

"I have something to say!" Nathaniel suddenly announces

"What is it son?" he probably wants to place an order of this small red star asap.

"Luna Rose will you grant me the honor of becoming mine for all of eternity?" he bows his head and presents our royal family seal to her.


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