His Dream ★ My Nightmare Chapter 27: BATTLEFIELD TO PLAYGROUND


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Location: Polýtimos Palace

Aurum forest , Arcadia kingdom

Date: 3078.20.12

Time: 09:00

"What did you just say?!" Vesmír looks at me as if I've grown three heads. His teaching me how to cast magic while under pressure. Very understandable, one should always be focus during combat.

"Why don't you just cast a multipurpose barrier around you?" I've read all the books about magic but since most knowledge about powerful military spells are kept secret and not written down Myst wasn't able to get that information.

Maybe I should ask Jádro. His the god and king of dragons after all.

"Can you tell me what is considered a powerful barrier used during combat?" I can hear you muttering to yourself. Lack of common sense you say, I'm only one month old do expect me to know everything about this place in that amount of time? In your dreams!

Luna is working so hard to be able to attend the academy. Since many individuals who live an enormous amount of time and some gods and goddesses wished to attend the academy, the age restrictions where lifted but to think that she would use it to attend school early.

"Casting a powerful barrier consist of multiple layers of barriers connected with each other. Each layer is fortified to defend against any attack." I show her how to construct each layer and how to connect them to make one compact layered barrier.

"But that's not one barrier, it's only multiple barriers stacked on top each other. It takes up to much much time to construct them and I can see there are weaknesses in the links and..." she stops talking and looks at me within the barriers.

"You can see the weakness of the links?" she only nods, this weaknesses are small but they can't be avoided. Only gods, goddesses and dragons can erect a natural barrier around their bodies so other races need to construct this barrier.

"Can you move around and can you make it invisible?" she stares closely at me. What is she thinking about.

"No. Why would you need to make it invisible and the barrier is only erected when there are large scale attacks so no need to make it portable." when been attacked by powerful spells by the dark dimensions military our soldiers need to be careful not to be consumed by their darkness.

"That's so wasteful. You guys probably look stupid standing there with only your d*cks in your hand. The enemy is probably laughing at you." to hear such a cute child say such words is shocking.

"I'll make a portable invisible barrier with all the specs needed for battle." she looks very determined. If she is successful, that will change everything.

The battlefield will be our playground!!!

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