High academy:the truth untold Chapter 8: Chapter 8. Pleasure and mistake


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*Warning:Suggestive scenes ahead. Explicit R18+ content. Read at your own risk. *

Roselia entered the door like a bolt from the blue. Her senses immediately froze looking at the two girls in her room.

One girl among them had a weird expression, a combination of pure ecstasy and maybe a lot of lust, seemingly not cared about what's happening as she was indulging in her pleasure, while 'I am annoyed and embarassed' was clearly written on another girl's face for sudden intrusion.

Not only did Roselia went paralyzed with shock, both the girls too stopped what they were doing with each other. They were using a double penetration dildo trying to pleasure each other while tongues clashing trying to dominate one another, hands roaming all over their bodies when she came in. The moment was very intense and too intimate of intrusion which got broke by Roselia.

Roselia's brain stopped functioning for sometime, trying to understand the situation. She didn't know how to react witnessing this X-rated scene and here, talk was basically out of option for her. She gulped down a large amount of saliva that piled up in her mouth to wet her dry throat. Her body was burning up as she stood their awkwardly, not sure what to do anymore.

Among the three, Roselia was the first to react, here brain fretted over how to respond to this scene. After one minute, with great thought she decided to place her luggage in the room and immediately scoot out not wanting to interrupt their intense session anymore.

They were making out, having fun with each other and Roselia barged in like a moment destructor. She was expecting so many things to witness at HIGH Academy but, this definitely wasnt in her list. She felt conflicted right now. She began scolding herself for not knocking on the door and them for not locking the door. Which means both sides were at the mistake.

The girl who got annoyed was the one to react, noticing the intruder to flee away from the scene,she called Roselia, "Hey!!!"


the sound echoed in the room as the dildo was forced out of her body due to her sudden movements to get onto her feet, making her p*ssy drip with her juices. It was so erotic for Roselia's eyes. It was super awkward and she was sure her face was red by now. However, she managed to take her steps.

Roselia didn't want to hear her out. She thought, it's ok for them to use her room for sometime. After all, the whole room doesn't belong to her and she need to share it. Who knows, might be one among those two girls may be her roommate as well. She didn't want to create any more negative impression on her as the first impression was already bad enough.

As she thought, she placed her luggage on a side to the door and turned around to leave. She swiftly moved out. As she turned around to close the door, her hand was grabbed roughyly by the girl and she almost flew inside by the effect.

Roselia was once again taken away by surprise and let out an embarrassing squeak. The girl stood naked, her big melon boobs dangling because of the sheer threshold she used to pull Roselia. She had a sunflower blonde hair, her body formed curves at all right places showing her perfect figure, she got a mole on her upper lip which intoxicated others seductively. However her face was very common yet her exquisite features are what that made her special. Surely, she was older than Roselia. Probably in her final year in the academy.

Her baby pink lips, now red and still wet from the mouth battle she had earlier. She looked so seductive with hickeys all over her nape, collarbone and chest. Her eyes burning with passion and lust. Something radiated from within her, that rendered her irresistible to both genders. Truly, she was ordinary, but she was stunning in her own way with the common face of hers, maybe it was her mole which is giving a shine to her. 

This made Roselia feel inferior and self concious with that underaged body of hers. Roselia just hit puberty and her body was still in the developing stage. She was no comparison to the girl who dragged her, in means of body. However, when one compares beauty, Roselia surely stands top with her jade shining face.

Snapping Roselia's trance, "why are you leaving your luggage here? ", the girl asked perplexed. It was their room, they were having their momeny and out of nowhere, someone barged into their room without asking their permission, even refused to talk when she spoke first and on top of that the intruder even left her luggage in their room.

'What? Is it a public room to come and go anytime they want? ',the girl thought internally.

Roselia too felt puzzled when the other girl asked her, 'why are you leaving your luggage here', Of course, why would she leave her luggage if it wasnt her room?

She unbinded her hand from the girls grasp, a smile plastered on her face to hide her bafflement as she spoke, "This is my room. Obviously, I need to stow my luggage here. "

The girl chuckled, a short laugh no more than 5 seconds, before the smile dissapeared. Both Roselia and the girl heard a moan from their behind.

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