High academy:the truth untold Chapter 7: Chapter 7. Inhuman strength and stamina


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Roselia instantly fled away from the scene along with her two heavy bags and a backpack. Short gasps left her mouth, greedily taking in air. That was intense.

Hastening hurriedly for some distance, she took a brief halt to make sure that she couldn't see him anymore and let out a sigh of relief.

"Pervert", she cursed him again, made her pace towards the dormitory. All the while thinking about the incident. She had a lot of expectations about the academy. She didn't know about this. It was.....weird. Absurd, really. Chills ran down her body and she shivered slightly. She huffed out a breath and continued her quest for her dorm room.

She walked for some time where she saw an direction indicating board, showing to her right.

After walking for nearly 8 minutes finally she began to see a large building. It's unlike the entrance of the HIGH academy. This building looked quite normal. However, here everything is unique and good in their own way. It seem like it was high tech. Rather than the old and history in this place, this building seemed good. She smiled up at the a wait in future for her and she can't help the smile the grew even wider.

The dormitory is a confusingly circular construction which had the similar stone arches entry like the academy entrance hall. After all, it belonged to HIGH Academy. She silently chuckled to herself and let her eyes wander off on the building. The whole building has a light cream texture. As she went inside, her mouth hung open in awe.

She didn't expect to see another building inside the dorms. The dorms were constructed in a circular structure and inside, the space got filled with another construction. It was like concentric circles. On around the other.

Her curiosity wanted her to check what could be that building, however her brain told she need to go, find her room and should rest for sometime. After all, the whole morning, she had to run away from her adoptive parent's to reach HIGH academy. It's not an easy journey for her to reach this place and once she set her foot here, there's no way her parents can force her to come back or take her away.

As she entered the stone arch, she saw two sides of stairs. One indicated for boys and the other stairs was for girls.

The girls rooms were located on the left side of the stone arch. She was little shocked as she didnt expect this kind of construction. Then again, she didn't really expect for both boys and girls to stay connected within the same building.

Well, not really connected to say. The construction was like this, exactly at the middle of the construction,both the dorms got divided making them two semi circles of construction which was very unique and weird to say.

However, one could tell the space was only given on name sake and didn't really create a seperate barrier between both the genders rooms.

Whatever, she shrugged off her thoughts and continued her journey to her room with heavy bags.

She turned to left side and saw a big stairs trailing up. She felt like there was no end to the stairs, as she could figure there were many floors, one after another.

It was a grey stone staircase with an stainless steel railing. She took her course sheet and checked her room. She started moving along the stairs while dragging her two big trolley bags.

As she climbed stairs she felt her luggage was too much to carry and already lost all the strength. She then realized she didn't fill her tummy the whole morning trying to play hide and seek with her parents.She didn't even climb one floor and hated her motion and pace. She could see she was blocking the path of others from the corner of her eyes.

She needed to work on her stamina and exercise more. But, most importantly, eat more. She always ate less than her appetite, as her parents always say she was already growing like a pig. And when they found her eating, they would start cursing her to no end. Lately, though she has been always hungry. Like literally. She felt like she can devour a whole buffet for the people.

She shook her head helplessly and was about to move quickly, just as she took few steps, another girl, similar in age with Roselia grabbed the bags from her, lifted them high aloft in the air and went on.

It's not that the staircase was of less width, four people can easily go at once. But, it was Roselia who occupied a lot of space with her luggage and walked straight in between the trailing not allowing enough space for others to walk.

Roselia still remainded in her stupefied state seeing the another girl's inhuman strength. She lifted the heavy bags as if they were nothing but as light as a feather. And here she was, not able to climb stairs up to first floor. Suddenly, she felt self conscious.

After reaching first floor, the unknown girl placed her luggage on ground, on a side in the corridor and stood their, tapping her leg to the ground, waiting for Roselia, so that she can take care of- more like drag them- towards her own room.

Pushing away her self torturous talk awayto the back of mind, soon, Roselia approached her. That talk can wait, till she was alone to drown in self pity.

"You were blocking the way", the girl spoke indifferently with an expressionless face.

'Too robotic', Roselia spoke under her breath, but she didn't want to leave the chance of receiving help from her. Because, Roselia felt, since she already helped once, then there shouldn't be any problem for helping another time right?

Well, that's how human nature makes them think like.

After witnessing the girl's super ability to lift anything, Roselia didn't want to push her thoughts and pride aside and determined to seek for help. After all, it won't be any task for her to take her whole luggage to the room. And moreover, they can be friends with each other. She could tell the girl was also new so, she might be lonely too. Though, she spoke indifferently, she seemed good, seeing the fact she helped her.

If not for the girl, she decided to keep her half luggage in the corridor and search the room while carrying another half.

Roselia simply nodded her head as if acknowledging what the girl told was right.

"Uh... Can I know your name?" She trailed off squinting her eyes at the girl. Then she realized and stumbled upon her words "I'm Roselia, by the way." she managed out. The girl didnt speak anything and she observed her clearly taking her features in. She had black hair, close to midnight black, which fell in waves up to her mid back. Her eyes were googly and were dark shade of black as well. Her lips a pretty shade of baby pink. She was beautiful. Roselia was snapped out of it when she spoke out. "Vivian"

Vivian smiled lightly at her bewildered expression and took her leave. Not even before she took two steps of stairs she heard Roselia speak, "Can you please help to carry my luggage?".

Vivian swiftly turned around and saw Roselia to ask for help with puppy eyes. Her hazel coloured eyes were almost shining bright. She looked so cute, Vivian was sure no one could refuse her. However, Vivian is not the one to play cute with. She helped her before only because, Roselia was delaying her time to go to dorm.

She too was carrying a bag along with her which would be heavy, if the luggage got lifted by any average strength lady like Roselia, however, for her that's not the case. Of course, it was heavy, but not too much that she needed to get worked up like Roselia.

"If I carry yours, then who will carry mine? ", her eyebrows raised in a question manner as her gaze shifted to her bag, showing it to Roselia.

Till Vivian showed it herself, Roselia didn't see any bag. Obviously she couldn't see, as her all concentration was on the girl before her instead on what was in her hands. She still felt conflicted seeing her inhuman strength.

Roselia felt a little disappointed when she got declined. As a result, she unknowingly pouted her lips showing her displease.

Vivian saw her reaction and felt she was so cute. It's really isn't hard for her to carry one bag at the least, afterall, she carried both the bags before. So she decided to help her.

Not saying any word she took one bag from her, immediately took her flight of steps. Roselia didn't expect it, however she reacted very soon enough and trailed after Vivian.

As Vivian complied to her, a broad smile appeared on Roselia's beautiful face.

"Did you bring your whole house into this bag? ", Vivian asked jovially, as she felt the bag was heavy. However, she managed to not to show that in neither in her face nor in her voice.

" Well, sort of", Roselia chuckled in response, not knowing how to respond. She really doesn't know how to get along with people easily.

"You don't have to bring much dresses as the school provides it for you", Vivan told feeling like telling.

As she expected, Roselia didi know about that. Roselia searched about HIGH academy in search engine. However, she didn't get much information there. So she didn't know about it.

"Ho... ", she briefly replied and continued the walk.

Soon, carrying the luggage with two people, both of them reached 6th floor.

" So... What was your room number? ", Vivian enquired as she already reached her floor.

Roselia clumsily opened the sheet and saw it was 906.

" It was 906", she replied hastily.

"That's ninth floor. I already reached mine. So... ", Vivian hesitated a little before completing her sentence

Roselia knew what she want to say, " It's ok. I can go on my own. Thank you for the help", she smiled brightly as she bid her good bye.

Roselia already asked too much from her, she can't burden her anymore right? As thinking that she made her move.

She soon reached ninth floor dragging her luggage the whole. Finally reaching to the ninth floor, she took the left turn thinking her room might be close to it. She marched forward hoping to see the room number any time.

As she expected, her room was right next to the stairs. It was the third from stairway. She happily advanced towards the room. As she held onto the latch to open the door, she noticed the door was already open.

She pushed the door to get in. Her sudden movements stopped abruptly looking inside the room. Her eyes opened wide in amusement. She couldn't believe what she was thinking.

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