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Islinda confirmed that Roselia knew nothing about this Academy. So she patiently replied, "Once check the wardrobe Rosie.." Just then, Islinda seemed to have remembered something, " You have no problem me calling Rosie right? "

Well, that wasn't a question, though. She herself declared she can call whatever name she wants to use for Roselia. Not having any option, Roselia just nodded her head.

Even so, she felt happy. She liked Islinda on her very first day. Except her childhood friend, who helped Roselia to escape from that hell of a house, she never really had been close with others.

Of course, she never got a chance to make friends, as most of them avoided her for the goodness sake of Sophia and her friends. After all, Sophia is the class monitor and they don't want to get on her bad side by helping some weak girl who can't even protect herself nor raise her voice to defend herself. Because, if they help her, then they can't receive help from Sophia in skipping classes or in receiving other benefits. And on top of that, Sophia is Roselia's sister which involved lots of complications. So, they all just stayed mute even when they saw Sophia bullying Roselia.

While Sophia felt an inferior complexity towards Roselia, which resulted her wild behavior on her sister.

So when Islinda called Roselia by nickname, it made her feel very happy. It made her think she too can make good friends here and lead a happy life unlike before. She thought, for the first time, she can find someone close to her by heart in this academy.

Curious, she soon opened the wardrobe, her eyes took in the filled wardrobe. Many dresses were neatly folded and kept in their respective places. Her eyes first landed on the neatly ironed shirts, she took a shirt out, unfolded it.

It was a light cream coloured shirt with the HIGH Academy crest above the heart. Beside the shirt, there were two different coloured skirts. One was grey in colour and the other was navy blue perfectly complementing the shirt colour.

Roselia noticed that was totally a pair of 4 pieces of school uniform. Her eyes shifted to the other rack in the wardrobe. Four sleeveless jackets with the crest were filled in the next rack, two in navy blue and the other two in grey, suiting the skirts.

Then she lowered her line of sight to see casual wear. T-shirts, shirts, stylish, yet decent tops, skirts, shorts, pants, Sweaters to accompany the cool breeze with different colours were displayed in the wardrobe.

Sure, it was colourful to the eyes. Her eyes landed on the final rack. It was filled with same cream coloured t-shirts and the navy and grey colours sweat pants. However, the common thing on all those dresses was, they all had an HIGH Academy crest on them, above the heart.

"Might be... These are used in sports period and during workout, " Thinking that Roselia turned to face Islinda.

That's when she actually realized, the pair of dress which Roselia passed to Islinda earlier also had an crest indicating HIGH academy.

"Should I also change into these clothes", Roselia asked Islinda pointing at the clothes inside the wardrobe.

" Yeah... You better hurry. It's already 11:32. Lunch starts at 12 and HIGH academy is strict about mealtimes," She replied hastily as her line of sight shifted onto the clock on the huge cream coloured wall.

Her mind was only on the food, she heard from her brother and parents that the food cooked in here is super delicious. So she can't wait to taste it. If one has to be precise, she is being very curious to taste that tasty food which everyone in her family mentioned.

Listening to Islinda, Roselia simply nodded her head and headed inside the bathroom.

Having a fresh warm bath, she came back dressing in HIGH academy clothes. She really couldn't believe that she really ended up in this academy. Everything was like a dream, like a sweet dream to her.

Caressing the soft fine clothes, her hands brushed the crest, a smile dancing on her thin pink lips. The clothes seemed perfect, exactly fit her small frame, which made her think they were specifically made according to her sizes. The skirt reached just above her knee which is decent enough for everyone, who wore it and who saw it. But, she doesn't remember giving the HIGH academy people her sizes.

"Everything here is mysterious", thinking that, she once more took an overall look of her in the mirror.

Feeling satisfied she immediately came out only to watch Islinda taking an afternoon nap weakly. It's the jet lag making her sleepy all the way. After the long flight she began to fall asleep on any surface that seemed slightest comfortable. She really wants to take a long break and sleep heartfully. But, she even need to fill her tummy. Immediately, after taking a power nap of 15 minutes, she woke up from her sleep, still feeling drowsy.

She was greeted by Roselia who was seriously studying her. "What? Am I too good to take away your gaze from me. " Following it she gave a wink to Roselia, her voice hoarse from the sleep.

Roselia 'tsked' at her, "Narcissistic", she counter backed shortly.

Turning around towards the door, " Didn't you say HIGH academy is strict about mealtimes? "

She too felt very hungry when Islinda mentioned about lunch. When she heard food, that's when she recalled she didn't had anything for breakfast. Of course, she couldn't find time to eat, because of her parents resulting her to skip her breakfast for the sake of them who came knocking at the door of her childhood friend's house who helped to provide her a shelter.

Both of them made their way out together whole way chattering with each other.

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