High academy:the truth untold Chapter 13: Chapter 13. Split personality and amused


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Islinda looked at her with a baffled face. She seemed astonished but gathered herself quick enough to explain.

At first, she contemplated whether to tell it or not. However, she came to a conclusion that Roselia will eventually end up knowing it. So, she decided to say it herself.

"It's like a legacy. It's a given thing that if one of your parents studied here previously, then you too can enroll here. "

Now it's Roselia's turn to throw perplexed gaze upon Islinda. All her mind muddled listening to Islinda. She wanted to ask, "If that's how it is, then why do they conduct test. " However, she couldn't bring herself to ask the question nor want to hear the answer which might stuck like a lightening to her. It's her first day and she doesn't really want to get involve to know the mystery of HIGH Academy.

Yes, from the start, HIGH Academy is a puzzle to solve. Even though, HIGH Academy is one on top with respect to other High schools, the whole world doesn't know much about it. Even the worldwide popular search engine google doesn't give much information out on HIGH Academy. The existence of the Academy itself is a riddle to solve. And the weird thing is, it was constructed in the middle of the dense forest of Alight city out of everywhere.

Islinda understood what might be going in Roselia's mind, cutting her train of thoughts, Islinda spoke casually, "In my case, both my parents studied here. You know, that was love at first sight for my dad... '' Islinda said remembering her parents love story, after a brief pause, she continued, " Unlike me, my elder brother and sister took part in the test. I didn't really want to join here. Rules here suck and my all siblings are here, which does nothing good but cut off my freedom and restricts me. However, with my parents insistence I had no choice but to study here. "

Roselia didn't expect to know the start of Islinda parent's love story. Still, she felt that was so sweet and liked it. But the irony is, she doesn't believe in the concept of love at first sight. To be precise, she just think all that stuff was ridiculous. It's not that she doesn't believe in love. Clearly, it was one of those sweet dreams of her to fall in love and marry that person. However, she was surely out of the concept of love at first sight.

''I mean, without knowing anything about a person, how can one fall for them? Thats really impossible,'' Thats how she thinks. Even in love, she wish to see practicality not knowing love is something which just happens unknowingly. It doesn't appear on command. It doesn't let you fall for whomever you'd like to. It just happens without you knowing about it.

"Because you are my friend, I would like to give you a piece of advice earlier, " Islinda's voice coated in frost came from Roselia's behind all of a sudden.

Roselia didn't know when Islinda got up from the bed and approched her from behind. Her sudden movements made Roselia to shudder in fear. 'That was scary, ' she muttered in her heart taken aback. Islinda's voice too changed in the split of a second. She was fast and one can point a drastic change in her behavior all of a sudden.

Her voice no less than any less sweet than before, her face serious all of a sudden, she whispered in Roselia's ears, "HIGH Academy is not how you or to the point, how most of the world sees it. It's a house of many secrets. Don't mistake it for other high schools. You better stay out of Academy's matters. Just mind your business, study hard, then get the degree they offer you. That way,everything will be fine and your life goes normal. "

Islinda's tone changed into a mild one as she spoke her last sentence. However, she emphasized each and every word loudly, trying to inscribe those words in Roselia's brain.

Roselia was too shocked to response anything, "Does she have a split personality. Within an hour, she showed me many shades of emotions. One second she behaves casual and the other minute getting sad at once. One moment she looks fine, happy and the other moment she becomes scary... "

The thought of Islinda having a split personality came a huge shock to Roselia. It would be terrible if that's the case. She shook her head, dismissing her odd thoughts.

Trying to get fill the awkward air, ''Wow! You act so fine. I felt that was all real for a second. " She chuckled awkwardly.

Islinda too joined Rosalia's awkward chuckles to ease the tension in the air, but didn't really laugh for much time.

Walking near her desk, she took a stack of papers, tugged them in Roselia's hands, in the same casual tone just like in the start, "You better read them all before classes start", her face stern, which said Roselia has no other way than to read it herself.

Pouting a little, " Did you already read the rules? ", she enquired. On instinct, she could tell Islinda already knew how it works here.

Island's brows quivered a little, pursing her lips, " How should I put it... Basically, I'm rasied listening to those rules. "

"Oh", Roselia answered briefly. 'Looks like her parents are deemed to send her here', she thought internally.

While she was thinking that, she remembered something else, " Does the school really provide all the dresses? " Her tone filled with surprise. Indeed, not every school provide clothes for the students to wear, full scholarship, supply free materials like books, pens and all other stuff. Of course, full scholarship is for top 100 ranked people only.

Islinda nodded her head bemused.

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