High academy:the truth untold Chapter 12: Chapter 12. Perfect and jealousy


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Roselia narrowed her eyes listening to her. However, before she could speak she heard Islinda's voice again.

Islinda realized her comment might be misunderstood, so she right away continued, " Don't get me wrong. It was really surprising to find you when I came out to get shampoo, " She rushed to explain.

Roselia chuckled seeing her getting so worked up, after 5 seconds, " It's ok. Even I didn't expect you to come out naked, "she mocked back.

" My bad, " She took a brief pause trying to find words to further continue the discussion, "I actually came here straight away from Hawaii to get enrolled along with my whole family. You know, it was a very long flight journey. As soon as I stepped inside the room, I emptied my bag, then immediately slipped into the bathroom. "

She stopped for few seconds, giving Roselia time to register her words.

She then continued, " After scrubbing my body, I realised it would be better to wash my hair too. So came out, thinking no one would be in the room except me. However,it turned out you were already in here. " She took a deep breath as she completed all that in one go.

Roselia stared at her in bewilderment. She was so fast, causing Roselia to enter into a trance. For a long while, she stood silent.

Pursing her lips, she slowly exclaimed, "That was so fast and far more descriptive. "

Roselia still remainded in shock witnessing how fast Islinda spoke. She never saw someone speak that faster.

If an average person spoke 300 words a minute, then it won't be a mere proclaim to say Islinda can speak nearly double the average stats with her speed, breaking the record.

When Islinda mentioned about family, Roselia's face instantly turned to gloomy black. More than anything, she wished to have a small, happy family.

In every aspect, she was far more good in comparison with her sister sophia. However, there is one such aspect which made Roselia envy upon Sophia.

No matter how her parents behave, they at least love their only daughter Sophia truly and always take care of her with great affection. Only she knows how much she envy Sophia for having such good parents. Of course, that 'good parents' appreciation is only applicable in case of Sophia, not for Roselia. Cause, when it comes to Roselia, they added her in the household name only because they could enjoy the benefits they get by taking her in.

Roselia remained indifferent but in a corner, where Islinda couldn't see, she clutched her hand hard, barely controlling herself from piercing her nails into her flesh.

Roselia was silent for sometime before continuing, "It's a good thing to know your whole family came to bid bye to you. " She spoke sincerely with a small smile dancing on her little pink lips.

Completely covered in clothes, Islinda casually strided towards the bed, laid down on the bed which was away from sunlight, her both hands behind her head, she quietly glanced at Roselia, "Do you mind it if I take this bed. I really don't like being in bright light early in the morning. "

She then meaningfully glanced towards the window. Following her line of sight, Roselia too turned to look at the window behind them.

Indeed it would be very bright, early in the morning without any curtains to block the rays of morning sun. Roselia like such bright places. So, she instantly nodded her head in agreement.

The side Islinda's bed was present is too dim exactly in contrast to Roselias's side. However, it's a win- win strategy for both. Islinda can choose to stay away from bright light and Roselia could start her morning by welcoming the sun.

"My parents didn't just come to get me enrolled. They even came to send off their wonderful another brilliant daughter and handsome son", Islinda remarked with a hint of dissatisfaction. Mockery was evident in his speech. Even so, Roselia is not the type to butt in their family matters.

Still, she pretty much understood that Islinda was not happy joining here. It can even be a case which is very usual in many families with lots of siblings. And it could be that, either Islinda always got compared with her siblings or she didn't really like the idea of studying in HIGH Academy. It can even be like this, that Islinda thinks her parents doesn't love her as much as they love her siblings.

"Oh!! So their are actually people who don't want to study in HIGH Academy too? ", Roselia muttered in her heart thinking that could be a possible reason for Islinda's discontent.

Till now, Roselia only encountered people who studied hard day and night just to pass on the entrance exam to get into the academy. Unexpectedly, here is someone who didn't want to. " She sure is an interesting character ", Roselia thought internally amid her reasoning. It piqued Rosalia's interest.

"So your brother and sister were studying in HIGH Academy...." She peeked at Islinda to check whether she is paying any heed to her words. Getting a confirmation, she continued her dialogue ,"Looks like your whole family is gifted to be as scholars for all of them to get ended up here, " She remarked as wanted to peek furthermore into the matter.

Islinda's face scrunched up, which was clearly evident as she didn't want to hide it from Roselia. Her expression closed up and with a tone without any warmth, she said, "Not really... ", she took a brief pause before admitting it genuinely, " I agree if it's the case of my brother and sister. Unfortunately, I am not one among those perfect students and children for my parents ", she asserted sarcastically, her tone getting hard with each word coming out of her mouth.

Looks like not only one, but all the assumptions made by Roselia in case of Islinda were true.

" Hey!!! Don't say that.... If that's how it is, you wouldn't have been here. "

According to what Roselia know, it was only people who were passed in the test can be a part of HIGH Academy. So she undoubtedly assumed Islinda took part in the test and got here on her own. Sadly, that wasn't the case here.

Islinda raised her head to glance at Roselia, "well... If you are mentioning about the test, then that wasn't how it was. " She exclaimed calmly, but never did she shift her gaze away from Roselia. Islinda understood Roselia didn't know about this fact, so she didn't want to miss any expression that comes out of her face by knowing it.

As expected, Roslia furrowed her brows, her gaze landing on Islinda questioningly, "Then how did you end up to study in HIGH Academy? "

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