High academy:the truth untold Chapter 1: Chapter 1. Chase down and change?


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Huff~ Huff~

What is this?

What's going on in my life?

Why am I being chased down?


who are they?

Are they really vampires?


They will definitely hunt me down.

Someone please help!!

But I know, there's no one to save me.


My limbs are giving in, I can't run anymore.

Is this how i am going to die?

But, I didn't yet. Find answers to my questions. I need to find them, my birth parents, I need my answers from them. Why would they abandon me? What did I even do wrong for them to leave me?

If they really wanted to abandon me, then why did they gave many assets to those money swindlers and asked them take good care of me.


What I wanted was a normal familial love just like others.

I want to feel the love by my parents. A carefree childhood, where I don't have to worry about not getting food or get insulted by the people living in the house. To play with my siblings, not to get beat by the excuse of play.

But, I live in a total one - eighty opposite universe. The reality.

Those adoptive 'parents' of mine are only after my money, made me do all household chores, not to mention, the word love they even started to harass me after I refused to give them my assets. On top of that, I became a constant punching bag for my sister and a source of entertainment for her friends.

From where did it go wrong? I chuckled at my thought. Nothing was actually right from the start. My life was fucked at the moment, my parents abandoned me with some kind of pathetic excuse.

Finally, aftet many many years of hell, I found the courage to run away from that hell everyone said my home. But, you see bad luck seemed to be glued to me. I am being hunted down by vampires. It wasnt what i was expecting. Why doesn't the universe just take a break from me? Why do I have to encounter these vampires?

The bare branches spiked into the sky, showing no sign of life to be found anywhere. It was so dark, but thanks to the full moon which is showing me the way.

Those vampires are jumping from tree to tree, from branch to branch making me think I could get caught any moment if I stop running.

Maybe because of their super strength or what, the branches of the trees are falling off with their every jump off them.

Their smug smiles which are echoed in this silent and dark forests telling me to run, run....

But where should I run to?

Amidst all this chaos, the starry sky above me was so beautiful.

The twinkling stars beyond the dark sky gave a hint of hope. It was like a promise of life in the darkness, a sense of warmth springing from the cold. But, there was nothing I could relate to my thoughts.

Is this how one feel at the brink of their death?

Perhaps, I should have been strong enough to save myself.

Only perhaps I could turn into a wild beast that could relentlessly and ruthlessly kill those after me.

At the thought of me being both helpless and hopeless made my blood boil with rage. I desperately wanted to rip their hearts out of their bodies. I just want to scratch those smug smiles from their faces.

I could feel there is a sudden rise in my body temperature and my body started to shake because of rage that's exploding in my body. It was like my body was turning AND twisting from inside.My breathing became more shallow and irregular. All I could think of was blood and could only see red.

Awwo~ Awooo~

Just like that howls started to fill the silent dark forest.


I could feel my entire form is changing on an atomic level, my bones are breaking, changing shape, mending, while my muscles are tearing. It's like I am reforming into a new being.

My skin started to burn and stretching to take on a new shape.I could feel hair starting to grow all-over my body.

But, I am more comfortable this way even though my body is aching all over, my bones are snapping but my instincts tell that is correct. This was it. This is my original form.I am transforming into the 'real me' for the first time. That's what my inner self told me. I could sense my inner self burst into freedom which, I didnt know I wanted to feel.

The first thing I observed was the change in my temperature. My atoms began to vibrate and rub against each other, creating friction in my body, which is generating a lot of heat.

I started to sweat profusely in a very short amount of time, and my skin felt like burning on the fire. Probably this is what they call 'on fire'.Collecting air in my lungs became more and more difficult during this time.

The pain was really a lot. My bones seem to break. All of them, very quickly,one after another, and they are beginning to change shape. The change seem to started from the core of my body,then spread to my torso and then started to spread in all directions.

My muscles were tearing and mending with the shape of my bones, and my skin is stretching during this whole process. My spine started to bend and just like this my body transformed into a wild beast in the blink of an eye. I can feel my body has transformed completely.

My body is beginning to settle into it's new form and return to a more natural state. My body temperature seemed to reach back to normal again but the painstaking process made me to howl out of my lungs.


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